Morrisville Police Department

  • Agency: Morrisville Police Department
  • Address: 260 Town Hall Dr # C, Morrisville, 27560 NC
  • Chief: Ira Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 919-463-1600
Fax: 919.380.6717

Morrisville Police Department is located at 260 Town Hall Dr # C, Morrisville, 27560 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Ira Jones. The Morrisville Police Department phone number is 919-463-1600.

Morrisville Police Department News

Good evening Morrisville! We are almost done with the snow! Tomorrow’s temps are expected to be above freezing. But for now, please watch this helpful video, from Officer Bitting, detailing the dangers of melting snow and black ice on our roadways.

Good afternoon Morrisville! Wondering what to do with your unused medication? Drop it off at the Morrisville Police Department's Medicine Take Back event! The event will be held on Saturday, February 3 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Camden Westwood Apartments, located at 2100 Summit Ridge Loop. The event is open to the public. Can't make the event? Drop off your unused or expired medication at the Medicine Drop Box in the lobby of the Morrisville Police Department, located at 260 C Town Hall Drive. The box is available during normal business hours.

Good morning Morrisville! Here is a message from our Chief of Police: Morrisville residents, I want to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to each of you for making our jobs easier by staying home and enjoying the snow day with your family. Choosing to stay home not only keeps you safe but keeps our officers and fire fighters safer as well. Clearly, we received a bit more snow than anticipated. I also think most of us can agree that this weather is just plain rude. I want to commend our Public Works staff for sending regular updates and working through the last several days and nights to clear our town roadways. I reported to work at 7am this morning. The short drive from my home to work was full of slips and slides even though I was traveling well below the posted speed. I monitor several different neighborhood listserves and am already seeing the "How are the roads?" question. So this is what I will say.. The roads are a very icy. Morrisville Carpenter is icy and slick. Town Hall Drive is the same. On and off ramps to 540 and other major highways are slick. Remember, we will be below freezing today. Whatever melts from direct sun today will refreeze tonight. So, unless your job requires you to be at work, stay home! Believe me, there is nothing exciting to see on the roadways. As always, thank you for your support and be safe today. Chief Andrews

Good evening Morrisville! As night falls so will the temperature. Tomorrow’s road conditions are expected to the treacherous with bitter temps and black ice. Public Works crews are continuing to work around the clock plowing and sanding roadways in our Town. We ask that you move your vehicles into your driveways (if possible). This will help crews clear streets once they clear the main roadways. Morrisville Fire/Rescue Department and MPD are on regular shifts. Please continue to refrain from traveling on the roads tonight and tomorrow. To better aid you with obtaining weather information, we have provided the following links below to NCDOT as well as any relevant press releases from the NC Department of Public Safety. As always, please be safe and thank you for your support!

Good morning Morrisville! We hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Here is the latest update from our Public Works crew: The snow is expected to continue until 8pm tonight with the bulk occuring between 11am-3pm with a potential of 3 inches accumulation. The temperature isholding at 34 degrees and will drop to 32 degrees by 3pm. This means that roads will begin to freeze! By 5pm, the temperature is expected to drop to 30 degrees. Public Works will continue to sand and plow the roads today through Thursday. If you are at work, please use caution on your commute home. Feel free to send us your snow day pics with the hashtag #SnowDayInTheVille or just leave them in the comments section of this post. Stay safe!

Good evening Morrisville! As the winter weather approaches our area, we want to provide you with an update on our winter preparedness. Town staff met this morning to finalize our winter response for this upcoming event. Public Works staff have been working during the day today to prepare our roadways for the anticipated 3-5 inches of snow which is expected to begin falling at 4am tomorrow morning. The next Public Works shift will be coming in at 4am tomorrow morning to begin plowing and sanding the roadways. A second shift will respond at noon and work until midnight. The crews will continue to rotate shifts until Thursday evening. Plowing will occur on primary roadways first and then will shift into the side streets. Our Investigators and sworn Administrative staff will be prepared to answer calls to supplement regular patrol shifts as needed beginning tomorrow morning. We could potentially encounter icy conditions on Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon. Therefore, please stay home and enjoy the snow. Please feel free to share this with your neighbors!

The men and women of the Morrisville Police Department are sending our thoughts and prayers to the men and women of the York County Sheriff and Police Department (SC) for the complete recovery of 3 deputies and 1 K9 handler that were shot overnight while responding to a domestic call.

Good evening Morrisville! Today, our patrol officers spent some time in the school zone along Morrisville Parkway. In just over an hour, 8 motorists were stopped for speeds well over the posted school zone speed. We are urging everyone to slow down. We will enforce speed limits town wide especially in our school zones. Master Officer Strickland is seen here running a Lidar device.

Good afternoon Morrisville! Please join us in congratulating Senior Officer Godwin and Master Officer Strickland on their graduation from the West Point Leadership Program hosted by Methodist University Center for Excellence in Justice Administration! The West Point Leadership Program is a rigorous 10 week course that examines leadership from 4 different perspectives: the individual, the group, the leader, and the organization. In addition, students visit the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and tour the site of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse where they learn more about leadership styles used by Major Nathanael Greene and Lord Charles Cornwallis. Officers that wish to attend this course must write a memo to the Chief of Police that detail how they (the applicant) will utilize the information learned to better their peers, themselves, the Morrisville Police Department and the Town of Morrisville. Congratulations Senior Officer Godwin and Master Officer Strickland on a job well done! PHOTO: From left to right, Captain Preddy, Master Officer Strickland, Dr. Bowman (instructor), Senior Officer Godwin, and Chief Andrews

We always seem to turn lemons into lemonade! Officer Bitting taking a moment to enjoy the snow with the kiddos!

From our Public Works staff: PW Crews are out this morning plowing and sanding main roads, intersections and hills, we will eventually be moving onto the roads thru neighborhoods, later this morning. There are large areas of the major roads that are in fairly good shape but there are other areas that are very icy making driving hazardous in places. Please use caution and reduce speeds. The parking lots at Town Hall & PSMS are icy, please be careful walking in them if you come in early.The good news is it is clear this morning and once the sun comes out we should get some thawing from the radiant heat.

Good morning Morrisville! Public Works staff began sanding roadways at 5am this morning. The major thoroughfares will be attended to first and then secondary streets. Please do not venture out today as the roadways are icy and driving is hazardous. Stay safe and warm!

Good evening Morrisville! By now you all have been made aware that Wake County Public Schools are closed tomorrow. The roadway and grassy surfaces are covered and the snow is still coming down. We are asking that everyone stay home and enjoy the snow tonight and tomorrow. Remember, temperatures will not rise much above freezing and any melting tomorrow will refreeze tomorrow night. If you must be out, exercise caution and be safe! Feel free to be our eyes and post your snow pictures in the comments..

Good afternoon Morrisville! As the temperature continues to fall, we want to provide you with a few cold weather safety tips from our friends at the Red Cross: * Wear layers, gloves, and hats! Layers of clothing help to keep you warm. Gloves and hats also prevent warmth from escaping through your extremities. * Bring your pets indoors! A natural fur coat does not ensure that they will endure the cold weather. *Remember the three feet rule. If you are using a space heater, place it on a level, hard surface and keep anything flammable at least three feet away – things such as paper, clothing, bedding, curtains or rugs. *Beware of ICE! Always exercise caution when driving or walking. Give yourself plenty of stopping room between you and the car in front of you. Our Public Works Director, Blake Mills, provided a brief update on the roadway preparations today. Public Works staff have been applying brine to roadways and parking lots. In addition, plows and sanders are on standby! We will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will post public safety related updates as needed. Please stay safe and warm!

Good morning Morrisville! Recently we have received messages in our direct message (FB messenger) reporting in progress suspicious activity or crime that has already occurred. While we love to hear from you, do not report via direct message. If you see something suspicious OR have been a victim of crime, dial 911. Facebook is not monitored at all times. Therefore, there can be a delay in reply and response. The non emergency number is 919-829-1911. Note: 919-463-1600 is an administrative number and not for reporting crimes or suspicious activity. Please share this with your neighbors. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Please share so that we can help our neighbors reunite Ms. Mann and Mr. Adams with their families.

From all of us to all of you...

Cocoa With a Cop: K9 Arko demo

Guess who turns 10 today? Bruno!!!!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Good evening Morrisville! We did it!! Christmas for our Morrisville family in need is nearly complete! Tomorrow, staff will deliver an abundance of clothing, toys, books, household items and gift cards. In addition, we were able to pay one of their utility bills. We are sending a heartfelt THANK YOU to our Morrisville family, Sams Club, Target, and Food Lion for helping us make this holiday a bit brighter for this very special family! Feel free to share this post with your neighbors! We are #MorrisvilleStrong! #OneCommunityOurCommunity #LiveConnectedLiveWell

Good evening Morrisville! On Monday, K9 Arko and our newest K9, Dylan, assisted in a seizure of 35 pounds of Marijuana. This seizure kept a significant amount of drugs out of our community! Job well done!!

Good evening Morrisville! One of our communities experienced a bold burglary yesterday. On Monday, December 18, 2017, between the hours of 1:30p - 3:30p, a home in the 100 block of Brentfield Loop was broken into. The three (3) Black male suspects made entry by forcibly kicking in the front door. Once inside, the suspects ransacked the house and left with several designer handbags and jewelry. The home was unoccupied. We obtained very good video and still photos. The video will be disseminated once we are able to compress it to a manageable size. Investigators and Officers conducted a canvas of the area today. We have increased patrols in Breckenridge. We do not believe this incident is related to the previous daytime break-ins. Please know that crime is not limited to any one area. We are asking that you be diligent in reporting suspicious activity to 911 directly then you can post on social media. We will keep you all posted on any developments.

Good morning Morrisville! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend! We want to say “Thank You” to those of you that have commented, liked, or shared our post on Friday about our local family in need. A very special “Thank You” to Julie Kimball Marshall and her family for kicking off our collection by dropping off some much needed clothes. Officer Pfeffer even gave them a tour of the PD and let the Marshall kids sit in his patrol car. We will continue to take donations from now until next Monday, December 18th at MPD (260 Town Hall Drive Suite C). If you are unable to come by our office, please feel free to leave your donation with any MPD Officer. Thanks again Morrisville!