Imperial Police Department

  • Agency: Imperial Police Department
  • Address: 637 Broadway, Imperial, 69033 NE
  • Chief: Larry C Browning (Chief of Police)
Phone: 308-882-4400
Fax: 308-882-5679

Imperial Police Department is located at 637 Broadway, Imperial, 69033 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is Larry C Browning. The Imperial Police Department phone number is 308-882-4400.

Imperial Police Department News

A good reminder from Vet Services here in Imperial. Please keep your elderly neighbors in mind and check on them. If you have a concern about someone's wellbeing you can always call us and we will do a welfare check on that individual. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

Another round of rain wind and possible severe weather are in store for Imperial today. Please keep this in mind while making plans this afternoon. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer

As a reminder when the emergency siren goes off there are two different variations. Fire whistles have an "up and down" tone. A Tornado whistle has a continuous tone, signifying a Tornado warning. Fires tend to occur during severe weather caused by cloud to ground lightning strikes. Hope this clears up any confusion there might be. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer

There is a chance for severe weather this afternoon through the evening. Keep this in mind when making your outdoor plans. Have a safe weekend. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Thank you to the 48 Chase County School 2nd graders for allowing me to attempt to instill some bicycle safety in their minds. We always appreciate the chance to positively interact with youth. I also want to thank Chase County Schools including Mrs. Schuller, Mr. Bottom and all of the teachers, for providing their expertise and helping to make this program a success. Also a reminder that with the warmer weather you will start to see more bicycles and Motorcycles in and around town. Please take your time to look twice and be vigilant. Lastly a last reminder that the Drug take back event will be tomorrow April 28th, 2018 from 10am to Noon at the Imperial Police Department. Have a safe weekend. Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

Roads around Imperial and most of the State are still closed and covered with snow. Please keep this in mind when making travel plans. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

Roads around Imperial are either closed or rapidly deteriorating. Visibility is near zero in many locations. Please head warnings for not traveling. Since we are still without power please consider checking on your elderly neighbors. Please dial 511 for current road conditions and closures. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

An April blizzard is knocking on our door. Please consider cancelling or delaying any travel plans. White out conditions are likely, along with 6 to 8 inches of snow here in Imperial. Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

Issues that happen in large cities such as Lincoln, NE also plague small towns such as our own. Please take a moment and lock your vehicles and homes to prevent would-be thieves from having the opportunity to commit crimes in our community. -4724

Veterinary Services asked us to see if this dog belonged to anyone. Will be up for adoption if not claimed.

Please be aware that with Tax season in full swing. Tax Scams are also in full swing. Please remember the following: 1. The Internal Revenue Service will not contact you via phone. 2. The Internal Revenue Service will not ask for payment with gift cards (ie: Apple gift cards). 3. Most scams will threaten you with an arrest warrant being issued for you. 4. They will threaten legal action. 5. They will ask for your credit card/bank information. (Please do not give any information out over the phone.) No one is immune to these scams. Even one of our own Officer's have received a phone call, advising him that he would have a warrant issued for his arrest without immediate payment. If you feel like someone who has called you is attempting to scam or you have given information out, please contact the Imperial Police Department Have a great weekend, Sgt. Ostmeyer #4723

Imperial is in a Blizzard warning. We are currently looking at 8 to 11 inches of snow along with 45 mph winds. This will cause white out conditions, snow packed roads and significant drifting of snow. Travel during this storm is not advised. Please be safe out there. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Here is an update on the winter weather we are expecting this weekend. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Possible significant snowfall could accumulate around Imperial starting Saturday evening. If you are planning to travel, keep an eye on the weather. As snow accumulation and significant reductions in visibility are possible. Have a safe weekend. Sgt. Ostmeyer

We picked this dog up a few days ago on the north west side of town. If anyone knows who the owner is please contact Veterinary Services at 308.882.4838. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Keep an eye on road conditions through the evening and overnight hours. Roads in and around Imperial have a good possibility of deteriorating rapidly tonight. If you do have to travel make sure that you give yourself extra stopping distance and buckle up. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Here are the latest road conditions. If you are traveling give yourself plenty of time and buckle up. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Merry Christmas from the Imperial Police Department. There is a chance for additional snow this morning in Imperial. If you are traveling please take your time and buckle up. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. -Chief Wisnieski -Sgt. Ostmeyer -Ofc. Morales -Ofc. Rusk

Roads and sidewalks around Imperial have gotten very slick this morning. Please give yourself extra time to clear your windows and extra stopping distance while traveling, Stay safe. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Thank you to all who attended out Scam Presentation last night. Also a special thank you to Officer Rusk and Mr. Dittler for presenting. We hope that any of the information we went over will help prevent the effectiveness of the Scams. We look forward to having more informative presentations throughout next year. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Just a reminder of our Informative Scam Presentation, Tuesday night from 7:00-8:30 PM. See you there. Sgt. Ostmeyer

Free informative event. For questions please feel free to contact the Imperial Police Department at 308.882.4400 or message this page. Sgt. Ostmeyer

With the dry weather and high winds, there is an enhanced fire danger for Imperial and surrounding areas. Please by mindful of this as any outdoor burning is not recommended. Sgt. Ostmeyer