Waterloo Police Department

  • Agency: Waterloo Police Department
  • Address: 509 S Front St, Waterloo, 68069 NE
  • Chief: Tim Donahue (Chief of Police)
Phone: 402-779-4104
Fax: 402-779-3488

Waterloo Police Department is located at 509 S Front St, Waterloo, 68069 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Donahue. The Waterloo Police Department phone number is 402-779-4104.

Waterloo Police Department News

Recently we have had several serious calls that were not reported to 911 or even to our office. But instead calls the neighbor or friend who then called a friend or neighbor who happens to know one of the officers on facebook! While nearly an hour goes by while an in progress crime is being committed. failure to do so is irresponsible. We also receive messages from persons that live in neighboring jurisdictions that do not call the appropriate agency . Remember if you live in that City, call that City's Police Department or nine-one-one and those officers will be dispatched to you . If you need an officer contact 911. if you feel it is not an emergency and can wait for an officer to return your call, contact our office at 402-779-4104. Officers are on patrol and are dispatched through Douglas County 911. Do not be afraid to use this number. remember we can only keep the community safe with your help!

Happy and safe St Patrick's Day weekend to all!!

Please read this great posting attached below! it is especially true for drivers on Highway 275. many times officers are directing traffic and people do not heed warnings. It is getting much worse than it has ever been, police cruisers as well as fire apparatus have been trying to get through traffic using lights and sirens and the vehicles refuse to pull over! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1805111152854272&id=374634045901997

If you are traveling Highway 275 be extremely careful and drive slow the roads are extremely slick and visibility very poor.

A reminder, The Waterloo Police Department always has gun locks available, you can pick them up at our department or by calling us at 402-779-4104 .

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The Waterloo Nebraska police department is proud to present our new design graphics on our new Cruiser! The 2018 Chevy Tahoe will be assigned to night Patrol Officers Lamb and Chrisman. The cruiser is equipped with interior emergency lights. look for it on the streets near you!!

Good morning, recently there was some suspicious activity in a neighboring jurisdiction that was not reported to police, however made dozens of rounds on Facebook. It is very important to contact police as soon as you see this type of activity! please help us keep you safe! have a great weekend!


We have received some calls about snow being pushed in front of driveways please understand that this is a heavy wet snow it is very difficult to try and plow it so it leaves no residue at all in front of anybody's driveway but yet leaves it by the curb. maintenance has been out since 6 a.m. this morning plowing please be patient and understanding thanks for everyone's help through this! I know it is very frustrating!

A big thank you to those who Moved their vehicles off the streets so Public Works could get them cleaned ! the Village board did not declare a snow emergency so it was not necessary to have any Vehicles towed or cited thank you again for your fantastic cooperation!


There have already been numerous accidents due to weather and Slick conditions if you do not have to travel please stay home.

A reminder unless you have remote start, it is a great idea not to leave your keys in your car running unlocked, even if you think you'll just be a minute! Car thefts are up this time of year with the cold weather. Better be safe than sorry, and save some money!


Due to weather conditions the Waterloo village office is closed today.


Congratulations to Waterloo's own Lauren Polak who was hired by Columbus Police Department currently starting training at the at the Nebraska law Enforcement Training Center . good luck Lauren! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1771888136190012&id=168583143187194

The Waterloo Police Department thanks Roger and Kathy Cheros for the sweet treats over the holiday !! thank you for your continued support!!

Please be careful this morning there reports of icy roads expecially on overpasses and bridges take your time!

Please have a safe New Year's Eve and great New Year!


With this cold weather if you have any broken pipes and need Waterloo utilities please call people service at 888-861-1921 this number is for utilities up to your curb you are responsible for everything else in your yard and home. Thank you and keep warm! And as always if you have any neighbors that you are concerned about with this cold weather please contact us and we can check on them. also make sure to bring your pets in!