Beatrice Police Department

  • Agency: Beatrice Police Department
  • Address: 201 N 5th Street, Beatrice, 68310 NE
  • Chief: Bruce Lang (Chief of Police)
Phone: (402) 228-5243
Fax: (402) 228-3765

Beatrice Police Department is located at 201 N 5th Street, Beatrice, 68310 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Lang. The Beatrice Police Department phone number is (402) 228-5243.

Beatrice Police Department News

Have you ever heard the stories about fireman and policeman not getting along? Some think they’re better than others. Some think they’re the bigger hero. It’s a long running joke. At least most think it’s a joke, some just can’t handle the truth. Here’s a perfect example of how to play well with others. See how we can sit together at the kiddie table, share the crayons, and play nice. This is how life should be. Be a unicorn in a field of horses. Live your best life. Love your neighbor instead of complaining about their sprinkler getting water on your grass (yes people this happens)

Check it out...


Wow!! What an honor!

How do you make parking funny? We are about to find out,......or not. Places you can NOT park. -sidewalks -in front of driveways -in coffee shops (yep happened today, in Lincoln) -in banks (yep happened last week) -in insurance buildings (yep happened a few months ago) -in houses (yep happens) I'm not here to tell you what you already know, but please stop parking inside businesses (because you thought it was in reverse) This creates paperwork and there's nothing a cop hates more than paperwork, except stale donuts and cold coffee. This brings me to the place it appears many people do not know where you CAN NOT park... -IN ALLEYS Specifically, the alley in front of K&B Tobacco. We have received several complaints about patrons parking in the alley. As luck would have it they make signs that tell people this. I had the great pleasure (insert sarcasm) of contacting several people who parked in the alley today. I reminded everyone they CAN NOT park in the alley. But the reminders will soon turn into paperwork. No one wants that. We only want people to stop parking in the alley. Life is a one time option. Use it well.

Beatrice Police, Beatrice Police Explorers and McGruff the Crime Dog bearing the brisk winds and chilly temperatures to enjoy the annual Night of the Great Pumpkin! Excellent turnout, despite the cold.

Trail cams... they're good for catching deer, racoons, mountain lions, and the infamous chupacabra. Which one is this? Is this what the chupacabra looks like? Is that how they look in thier natural habatat? Hands in pockets, large bags, knock off camo hats? -spoken in crocodile hunter's voice.. slight whisper OR golf announcer Mr. Chupacabra we would like to talk to you, ask you about your early morning adventures. Were you on the prowl? Were you hunting for chupacabra food? Did you see anyone acting suspiciously? What do chupacabras eat anyway? Also the most important question here is, "Are jackalopes real?" And as always.. we just sit around with our feet up drinking coffee and eating powered donuts so we need you to do ALL our work for us, go way out on limb, send us a private message, with a name if you know who this is. We will then send you through 20 weeks of training, give you a gun, a baton, a taser, some bullets (some only get one, don't be that guy), a vest, and whistle then slap you on the back, kick your butt out the door, and say good luck buddy you're a cop now. It's gonna be easy peasy. Not saying he did anything wrong just saying we need to talk to him. LIke, really need to talk to him about how his knock off camo hat does not go with that bag, especially after Labor day. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself it's not worth the jail time.

Meet Trent! Today Trent and I had a guy’s lunch day and Trent decided to go to Godfathers Pizza because “they have a buffet”. And I have to tell you if Trent’s health is in direct correlation with his eating, Trent is one healthy dude. He put me to shame. But, we did have good conversation. Trent has two brothers, a sister, a dog name Seuss, a dog name Cookie and a cat named Aires. And these are not in order of importance according to Trent. Although Trent gets along with all of them, “most of the time.” One big thing I liked about Trent is that he loves baseball. Hates watching it but loves to play it. This tells me Trent is a good kid because I know he would rather steal second base than steal an automobile. Trent wants to be a pitcher someday. I believe he can do it if he continues to eat like he does. He is also looking forward to playing football. What position you ask? You guessed it, quarterback. Trent and I talked about the upcoming holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Trent is going to be a ninja for Halloween, but apparently the kid friendly kind because he said he is not carrying a sword with him. When asked what he wanted for Christmas his reply was “a lot!” Hey, me too!! Although I can do without the chapter books he wants. My reading days are over plus it is such a hassle trying to find my glasses. Well, after lunch Trent and I headed to the Police Department, took a little tour, messed around with the car sirens while disrupting middle school and took a few photos. Our lunch had to finally come to an end. Trent was given a special gift, just from me, and brought back to Paddock Lane School. Thanks for the fun time and lasting memories Trent. I hope your baseball career pans out. NOW PLAY BALL!!

Get N Split has a new employee. I met her today when I went in for my daily water fix. Clearly she is happy with her new job. If she is yours or you know who she belongs to you can pick her up at work (get n split) until about 5pm. After that Officer Gill will be checking her into the Motel/Hotel for an overnight stay. She is too adorable to spend the night alone.

Lunch with a cop has come a long way. My weekend off started out by picking up Emmit & Ashlynn after school for our golf game. We had lots of laughs, grunts of frustration, and one hole in one. Just kidding. That did not happen. But no one threw a club or got hit by a golf ball. I jinxed myself on the last hole when I uttered the words “I haven’t lost a ball yet.” Oh well. One lost ball isn’t bad in my books when you haven’t golfed in two years. We had so much fun. Hugemungous thank you to Hidden Acres Golf Course for having us and making our day special.

Mystery Shopper Scam Tell your grandparents, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, heck even tell your dogs.... Time and time again we say. If it seems too good to be true. IT IS! If you get an email about being a Mystery Shopper. Don't do it. If you search out Mystery Shopper jobs on the Internet because you want to be a Mystery Shopper. Don't do it. Are there legitimate Myster Shoppers? Sure. But if you can't tell the difference, don't do it. If, FOR ANY REASON, someone sends you a check and wants you to cash it and then wire, moneygram, Western Union, or send part or all of the money somewhere, DON'T DO IT!!!!! I repeat....DO NOT DO IT! I don't care if it looks like a real check or it came in a very official looking Priority Mail envelope. Don't do it. Please do not fall victim to this, It isn't worth taking the chance of losing hundreds of dollars or maybe even thousands of dollars. Here is an example of what you may receive. The company name, the bank on the check, or the sender might be different, but at the end of the day it's all the same. It's someone's job to fool you into sending them money. You cash the check and send the money and a few days later your bank tells you the check is not real and you're out the money. Don't be a Nike slogan.

I had a great girls lunch date with Ashlynn. She is a girl after my own heart. We both love sushi and our morning coffee. Ashlynn told me she loves to play volleyball, softball, and soccer. She said her favorite class is PE, which makes total sense. Ashlynn told me she wanted to play golf but hasn’t been able to. Coincidently, I like to golf and haven’t been for far too long. I told Ashlynn I’m going to ask Mom if I can take her golfing some time. And if you remember from one of my previous lunch dates I had with Emmet who is an avid golfer I decided the 3 of us should go golfing. I told Ashlynn that Emmet could teach us a thing or two. So moms I will be giving you a call to see if we can make this work. Every time I take a child out to lunch I’m so impressed with how amazing our kids in this town are. I really do love spending this one-on-one time with them. Our goal from the beginning has always been that they hopefully take away something positive as well. Have a great day & Be the reason someone smiles today.

I’d like to say there’s a new Sheriff in town but actually Sheriff Cecil has been around for years. He’s known as Sheriff of Mosaic. Carries his own handcuffs and sports a bright gold badge everywhere he goes. He can even make a really cool shooting noise. I was thoroughly impressed. Toro wanted to meet this famous Sheriff so we went to pay him a visit. The whole town came out for some lights & sirens and pictures with Toro. In the Sheriff’s spare time he likes to watch football and go fishing. Cecil is know for his contagious smile and laugh. There were smiles all around yesterday. Thank you for having us. Toro enjoyed all the attention by everyone.

Found some Beatrice heroes today. These great guys saved Bailey, the little escape artist I’m holding, from the streets. I was able to return Bailey to her owner and everyone was happy. Well, except Bailey. She had the “I’m in trouble-stare at the ground-make puppy dog eyes” look when dad showed up. Bailey did get a ride in the cop car, in the cage, like the real cute criminal she is. She didn’t like it in the cage so she rode up front with me, on my lap, cause I’m a softy like that. Happy tail wagging endings.

Great evening

Thank you all for attending Community Connection and the pep rally last evening! It was a fun filled evening for everyone!