Beatrice Police Department

  • Agency: Beatrice Police Department
  • Address: 201 N 5th Street, Beatrice, 68310 NE
  • Chief: Bruce Lang (Chief of Police)
Phone: (402) 228-5243
Fax: (402) 228-3765

Beatrice Police Department is located at 201 N 5th Street, Beatrice, 68310 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Lang. The Beatrice Police Department phone number is (402) 228-5243.

Beatrice Police Department News

We have expanded our K9 division to include an internship program to give other cute furry 4-legged animals an opportunity to gain knowledge and on the job experience. Our first applicant, Kurry, had an interview with Toro yesterday. As you can tell from Toro’s facial expression he is less than thrilled with this applicant. However, Toro feels everyone should be given the chance to be a K9 for a day no matter your breed. Toro was a great teacher and refrained from sitting on her, fetching her, or eating her. It takes all kinds to make this world go round. Be nice to each other even when they’re different. We need more of that.

Need a little help identifying this guy for us. I think we have a good idea but wanted some comfirmation. Why are we looking for him you ask? Well, it seems he left something in one of our local convenience stores. This "something" that he left, we unfortunately cannot return to him but we will give him something in exchange.

Girl Scout Troop 20819 stopped by the PD to say hi! Thanks for hanging out with Officer Moss. You really helped him forget about the crummy weather outside, if even for a brief moment, and brought a “spring” to his step. Thank you for your kind words.

Looking for information on local victim services? Contact the Beatrice Police Department at 402-223-4080 for more information.

Looks like Thirsty Thursday has turned into Wasted Wednesday around here. News flash: Changing the day does not change the outcome. But we are calling it Wasted Wednesday for a whole different reason. 1. Captain came out in the middle of night on his birthday. 2. The Sergeant had to run. 3. The rookie got punched in the face 4. The biggest cop we have tackled someone (OUCH) 5. Plus, hours of paperwork for multiple MIPs I'd like to give credit to the few who thought if they could guess Captain Lamkin's age they would get a free pass. Wrong! However, I'd like to give the most credit to our very own Sgt. Coon who has been a police officer for 21+ years. If you can't outrun him you should join the YMCA to work on your cardio. Although, we cited 28 subjects for MIP, a few did get away. To those few your friends that stayed behind to pay the piper were not too happy. If you're going to make bad decisions you should take the consequences with a Coke & a smile minus the rum! Lessons (hopefully) learned 1. Don't drink 2. Don't run 3. Don't punch police officers I've said it before and I will say it again. Nothing a cop hates more than paperwork...lots and lots of paperwork. This here is what 28 MIP's looks like.

Communities’ investment in crime victims expands opportunities for victims to disclose their victimization, connect with services, and receive the support they need. #NCVRW2018

The theme for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 2018 is “Expand the Circle: Reach All Victims,” which emphasizes the importance of inclusion in victim services. #NCVRW2018

911 lines are fixed and everything is good to go. Thanks for your assistance.

When victims feel understood and supported, they are more likely to seek services. Expand the Circle: Reach All Victims #NCVRW2018 ncvrw2018

Just a friendly reminder. Don’t let crazy Uncle Ted get ahold of your pictures.

Today marks the beginning of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. How do you plan to commemorate this week? Let us know! #NCVRW2018

So if April showers bring May flowers what does April snow bring? ... crazy Toros

Strange things are happening in Beatrice. It appears that cases of beer are showing up in people's yards. I know there are many of you who would find this to be a blessing, however if you are under 21 years old this might cause some problems. Specifically, earning yourself a citation from me. Pre-citation conversation: "Where did you get the alcohol?" "I found it in my yard." "Wow, you found two full cases of beer in your yard? Interesting." Note to minors: If you find alcohol it's best advised you don't keep it and drive it around town with expired plates. We here at the police department take minors with alcohol very seriously. The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Have a good day. Much love, Officer Gill

No, these are not Mystery Shoppers. It is, however, a mystery as to who they are. If you know, let us know, so we know, so we can tell them, so they know and that way we all know. Sound easy enough? Ready......Go!

I was honored to be a part of The fourth annual basketball game between the Beatrice Special Olympics team & The Beatrice Police Department.....even though I don't/won't play basketball. I believe I'm better behind the lens. -Officer Gill

Yes... we know, we know. We lost, again. We would like to thank the Special Olympics athletes for their participation, and extraordinary basketball playing. Thank you to the high school students who participated in pep-band, cheerleading and refereeing this event. We would also like to thank the community members who came out and supported this event, cheered on our athletes, and really made this a fun environment for all to enjoy.

Max & Toro Matrix Edition.

The first time I met Max he hid behind his mom and wouldn’t talk to me. I thought this was a good opportunity to ask Max to lunch. He said no. I wasn’t discouraged. Every time I saw Max I asked him out to lunch. Obviously, I wore him down. What do you want to be when you grow up? Army Man or Worker or Police Officer What does a(n) Army Man do? Kill bad guys Worker do? Work on things Police Officer do? Catch bad guys So there you have it. Max REALLY wanted to see what was upstairs at the police department. I asked him if he wanted to race up the we did. He won but barely. We definitely should have done that BEFORE lunch. When he saw it was a weight room he had to show me how strong he was. One of the highlights of my lunch date was meeting Max’s pets. I always get to hear about their pets but not meet them. When Max told me he had a ball python named Penguin I was excited because I have a ball python at home named Kevin. Kevin belongs to my grandson so basically I have a great grand-snake. I also really really loved meeting Flopsy, the softest thing I’ve ever touched in my whole entire life! And what’s a lunch date without some Toro time. I secretly hope Max had more fun with me than Toro.

This sweet girl, Destiny, took me to Playa Azul for lunch. Her and I were able to finish almost all the chips due to an order of delicious cheese dip. Let me tell you she definately loves that cheese dip. She showed me how she pours the salsa into the cheese dip and mixes it up so, of course, I had to do it too. She loves trying new foods and so do I. I tried escargot once. I wonder if she would try it. Destiny was so polite and very articulate. She showed so much interest in all the bells & whitles the patrol car had to offer. It was really cute. Destiny is an avid reader, which probably explains why she is so articulate. It was like talking to a little adult. Her favorite books are "Goosebumps" and "I survived" series. I had to Google this because I had never heard of it. They're books based on true stories. Very cool. We talked about pets. Destiny has a dog named Zeus who is an absolute cuddle bug. So sweet!

I want to play a game.... If these are your keys and you can describe the attached key chain, then I don’t have to do a report ...... You have until 2:00 pm March 17th until I am stuck doing the lost property report.... Time begins now. (You know you read this with a dark scary voice..... who can name that movie)

We love seeing our community support on these events...even when we lose!! Please feel free to stop out tomorrow evening and support our Beatrice Special Olympics.