Camden Police Department

  • Agency: Camden Police Department
  • Address: 800 Federal Street, Camden , 08103 NJ
  • Chief: Edward Hargis (Chief of Police)
Phone: (856) 757-7440

Camden Police Department is located at 800 Federal Street, Camden , 08103 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Hargis. The Camden Police Department phone number is (856) 757-7440.

Camden Police Department News

Ofc. Omari Clark driving to the rim in our game with kids and Robert Covington Sunday at the Sixers training complex!

‪Officer Shawn Kelly on the beat in Centerville!‬

‪Officer Belinda Villegas Ramos and her new partner on patrol in Centerville this morning!‬

‪Officer Marcus Cuevas serving up hot dogs at our block party at 8th & Chelton!‬

‪Officer Jonathan Sanchez Vargas serving up some cold drinks at our block party in Centerville this evening!‬

‪Officer Michael Shirk jumping right into the mix with the Sixers Dunk Squad doing his best try at a handstand!‬

‪Just hanging out with Officer Christina Rivera at our block party in Centerville this evening at 8th & Chelton!‬

‪Ofc. Omari Clark winning the tip against Robert Covington - we had a blast spending time with the Sixers hooping it up today!‬

‪Sgt. Daniel Pope making sure Robert Covington gets one of our burgers!‬

‪Detective Brenda Santiago, Officer Sherrod Patterson just hanging out with Joel Embiid! ‬

Joel Embiid meeting Officer Patrick O'Hanlon who's out of the hospital and ready to ball!

Officer Allen Williams up for the shot and blocked by Robert Covington at the Sixers practice facility!

Officer Michael Shirk tossing the bean bags around with kids at the Sixers practice facility!

‪Officer Suheily Lopez with some friends in Ablett Village this afternoon!‬

‪Officer Suheily Lopez and friends enjoying Mr. Softee in Centerville at 8th & Chelton, come join us!‬

‪Officer Alfred Hess and Urbano Concepcion with some new partners on the beat in Centerville!‬

‪Come join us in Centerville now at 8th & Chelton where we're serving Mr. Softee!‬

‪A great welcome home today for Officer Patrick O'Hanlon!‬

Join us this afternoon at Northgate II at 4 p.m. for popcorn, drinks and a Movie With Metro!

The weather's beautiful so we're still grilling - having fun with residents in Centerville this afternoon!

‪An after school ice cream treat! We had Mr. Softee in Centerville this afternoon.‬

Having a great time with kids at 8th & Chelton at our neighborhood block party!

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino checking in on the recovery of Officer O’Hanlon who hopefully will be released later today!