Pitman Police Department

  • Agency: Pitman Police Department
  • Address: 110 S Broadway, Pitman , 08071 NJ
  • Chief: Scott Campbell (Chief of Police)
Phone: 856-589-3501

Pitman Police Department is located at 110 S Broadway, Pitman , 08071 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott Campbell. The Pitman Police Department phone number is 856-589-3501.

Pitman Police Department News

The PPD mourns the loss of Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey both of the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office, Florida. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our Brothers and Sisters of the GCSO and the family, friends and colleagues of the officers. RIP Sgt. Ramirez and Deputy Lindsey. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156273246093948&id=68173773947

The PPD is incredibly thankful and proud of Pitman's two volunteer fire companies and the relationships that we have built with them. Last evening, Chief McAteer was honored to represent the PPD at the Pitman Fire Company#1 banquet, which was held to honor and thank the spouses of all the volunteer Firefighters. The spouses and significant others of these brave men and women are truly the unsung heros and they deserve to be thanked and thought of everyday!


Registration for the 2018 K-9 Fishing Tournament will be held from 6-8 pm on Wednesday, April 11th and Monday, April 16th at Borough Hall. $5 registration fee gets each participant a t-shirt, a fishing towel, a soft pretzel, a hotdog and a bottle of water at the event. Please stop in and register with Corporal Chris Leach and Patrolman Marshall Pierson. All donations go to the Pitman Police Department K-9 Unit.

Today, the PPD remembers and pays tribute with our brothers and Sisters of Pitman Fire Company Number 1 for Mr. Robert Blakeslee as he is put to rest! Mr. Blakeslee gave so much of himself and his life through the many years of his selfless sacrifice.....we are all eternally grateful. God Speed, Sir and rest easy! "You make a living by what you get. You make a Life by what you give." - Winston Churchill "When danger is after all that you hold dear, the words you long to hear are, By God, here comes a volunteer."

Please be aware of the Speed Limit change along Ballard Avenue. The new speed limit is posted and enforced at 15 MPH. The PPD will be active in recognizing and enforcing violations. Thank you and please drive safely.

In Pitman, You Text, You Drive and you will Pay.....Please keep our roads safe!

The PPD is actively engaged with added patrols in the statewide Distracted Driving Campaign to recognize, educate and enforce the Distracted Driving Law. Please, put away your cell phone and any other device or object that could distract you while driving. This is a priority for the PPD as we continuously maintain a focus of keeping our roadways as safe as possible for your family, friends and guests.

The Pitman Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy Easter.

Overnight Parking Enforcement is being suspended for the holiday weekend. The Pitman Police Department will continue with Enforcement on Tuesday Evening into Wednesday morning, April 4th. Thank you and have a Safe and Happy Weekend. The PPD has added patrols working to keep your neighbors, friends and family safe this holiday so, be smart and designate a driver if you have been drinking at all.

Please be aware that open containers (containing alcohol) are prohibited on public property. This ordinance has been and still remains in effect and will be enforced by the Pitman Police Department throughout the Borough including the Uptown area, Parks and all other public property. Thank you and be safe!

The Pitman Police Department was the lucky recipient of some of the best cookies in the world as we were presented with our hard earned Reading Challenge Victory Cookies by Mrs. Beth Franchi. Recently, Memorial School students challenged the PPD to be part of their on-going Reading Challenge. By the skin of our teeth, the PPD came out victorious. The winners however, are the students who have received the gift of imagination, intrigue, knowledge and joy through their reading. In addition, the students will be rewarded for their participation with a K-9 demonstration by K-9 Ranger and his handler/partner, Ptl. EJ Parker later in the school year. Chief McAteer will also be reading to Mrs. Thorpe's 2nd grade class for their fabulous effort in achieving 100% participation during the challenge.

The Annual PPD Youth Fishing Tournament is almost upon us again. This year's event will be held on Saturday, May 5th in Betty Park at Alcyon Lake from 9am - 12, Noon. Please come out and enjoy this fantastic event. There will be prizes and give-a-ways and K-9 Ranger will be sure to say hello. All donations go to the PPD K-9 Unit.

Due to the snow storm and to allow Pitman Public Works unobstructed access to the roadway, Overnight Parking is prohibited on all Borough streets this evening, Wednesday, March 21st. Please make other arrangements to insure that your vehicle(s) are legally parked.

Despite the snow storm, overnight parking is allowed this evening but we recommend and ask that you remove your vehicles from the roadway as soon as possible in the morning so that the Pitman Public Works Department can properly plow. Also, please be advised that if the weather hits as hard as projected, overnight parking will most likely be denied tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

Please be aware of the Winter Storm Warning for today.....or should we say, Spring Storm Warning, and please drive carefully.

Sgt. Tom Zander and Chief Dan McAteer were privileged and honored to participate in the student-led Pitman High School Safety & Security Forum held yesterday. The PPD was very impressed by the heartfelt, intelligent, and articulate questions and suggestions posed by the PHS student body. The PPD would like to thank the students, Dr. Pat McAleer, and Dr. Cherie Lombardo for including us in this forum. Also on the panel were Pitman Mayor Russ Johnson, Council President and PHS teacher Dr. Paul Blass, and 2018 Class President Mr. Kenny Thompson.

2018 Annual Pitman PD K9 Fishing Tournament Registration Form.


Some more morning Pitman beauty, Alcyon Lake.