Wenonah Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Wenonah Borough Police Department
  • Address: 1 S West Ave, Wenonah , 08090 NJ
  • Chief: Sgt. William Rogers (Officer In Charge)
Phone: 856-468-6263

Wenonah Borough Police Department is located at 1 S West Ave, Wenonah , 08090 NJ. The Officer In Charge of the department is Sgt. William Rogers. The Wenonah Borough Police Department phone number is 856-468-6263.

Wenonah Borough Police Department News

Greetings Residents: We have had to suspend our coat drive a few weeks early. The drive was such a huge success that we are running out of room for storage here at the station. The generosity that has been shown by the residents of Wenonah and by folks who came from outside of our borough has been nothing short of magnificent. We have collected hundreds and hundreds of coats from men, women and children. Thank you all very much for your participation in the Borough of Wenonah Police Department coat drive.

All of the smoke and activity in the Borough today was a brush fire in the Conservation Trail off of South Princeton and Willow. The Wenonah Fire Company responded and extinguished the flames. Thank you for your service.

The Wenonah Police Department is proud to announce that it has partnered with New Jersey Cares in the collection of warm coats for needy families throughout the tri-state area. If you have a lightly used warm winter coat that you no longer use please bring it to the police station. There will be a drop box in the entryway door to the police station. This door is unlocked 24/7 and a coat can be dropped off at any time. The collection will run from now until February 1, 2014

Wenonah Police Department hosts haunted courtroom at the Wenonah Municipal Building. Come out on Halloween night from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM to take pictures with our monsters and ghosts and leave with a treat. As always stay safe. Thank you Wenonah PD

Good Morning: There has been a slight uptick in occurrences of burglary in townships and municipalities outside of Wenonah. In most instances the perpetrators have entered through the back door or a rear window during daytime hours. The perpetrators are known to be in and out of the house within a few minutes and might typically use a bag or a pillow case to take property and flee the location. There have been a number of arrests made and in one case in a township in the southern end of Gloucester County the police engaged in a pursuit with fleeing burglary suspects. In Wenonah we should periodically remind ourselves to remain vigilant, be security conscious and remember to call 911 if you observe anything suspicious or unusual.

Elder Abuse and Neglect - (Please note that the below is a much generalized view of elder abuse and neglect. These crimes can take on a multitude of schemes and inappropriate or illegal behavior.) Rarely talked about is the topic of elder abuse. However due to its prevalence it should occasionally be revisited and discussed. Being able to recognize elder abuse and reporting it to the proper authorities is critical for the ongoing health and well being of the elderly person. Family members should be keenly aware of the actions and attitudes of an elder caretaker and be particularly aware of the potential for misconduct in long term care arrangements. Talk to your loved ones, ask questions, and be alert to the possibility of elder abuse or neglect. Where does elder abuse take place and who is committing these acts? Elder abuse often takes place at the residence of the senior, be in their own home or the home of a family member or in a long term care facility. Types of abuse and key indicators Physical abuse – signs of injury, medication overdose, broken glasses, restraint wounds etc. Emotional abuse – Threatening and belittling behavior by caregiver or behavior from the elder that mimics dementia such as rocking, sucking, or mumbling to oneself. Sexual abuse Neglect – Weight loss, dehydration, bed sores, elder is dirty or un-bathed, soiled bedding. Financial Exploitation – Unaccounted for withdrawals from the elders account, change in elders financial condition, items missing from the household, unusual changes in wills, powers of attorney, insurance policies, unpaid bills, lack of medical care, unscrupulous financial advisors or brokers, insurance agents trying to sell less then “A” rated insurance to an elder and likely it is insurance that they don’t even need or want, etc. Healthcare fraud and abuse – Unscrupulous medical professionals charging for services not rendered or double billing, Medicaid fraud and duplicate billings, etc. How can we report this? • If an actual crime has been committed such assault, theft or reckless endangerment then a family member should contact the police. • In cases of suspected elder abuse or neglect families can contact NJ Adult Protective Services/Elder Abuse website. http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services/aps/ or call them at Gloucester County Board of Social Services 400 Hollydell Drive Sewell, NJ 08080 Phone: 856-582-9200, 856-256-2209, 856-256-2280 After Hrs: 1-800-648-0132 • In cases of securities or investment fraud families can contact the New Jersey Bureau of Securities at 1-866-446-8378 References Elder Abuse & Neglect retrieved from: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/elder_abuse_physical_emotional_sexual_neglect.htm State of New Jersey Dept of Human Services Division of Aging: http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services/aps/

Operation Take back is scheduled for October 26th at the Wenonah Police Station. Between the hours of 10AM - 2PM please feel free to bring in all of your prescription drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

Alternate School Crossing Guard position available in the Borough of Wenonah. The Borough is seeking a local individual that can act as a fill in school crossing guard within the confines of the Borough of Wenonah. This position will be part time and utilized on an as needed basis. For additional questions about this position please contact Chief Joe Harrison 856-468-6263 Below is a link to a Borough of Wenonah Employment Application Form. http://www.boroughofwenonah.com/images/stories/PDF/JOB%20APP.pdf

A South Jersey Gas Project is in town. There will be some construction throughout the Borough. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the station. Please review the attached fact sheet below. Fa c t S h e e t Wenonah Main Renewal Project September 2013 Below is some important information from South Jersey Gas to our neighbors, customers and business owners in the borough of Wenonah. This information pertains to work that will be performed to upgrade our natural gas pipeline facilities in 2013. Why is this project being performed? SJG’s natural gas distribution main in this area is being re- placed to comply with our infrastructure renewal plan. This may involve replacing you or your neighbor’s service line in conjunc- tion with the gas main on your street. Where is this project taking place? Work will take place north and south of Mantua Avenue be- tween S. Garfield Avenue and S. Princeton Avenue. When will the project begin and be completed? This project is expected to begin in early October and be com- pleted by late December 2013. Will you be replacing my meter as a result of this work? Your gas meter may be replaced depending on its age or condi- tion. If the meter is replaced, a qualified SJG employee will complete the meter exchange. Will SJG or its contractors need to access my home or business? Yes, we will need access in order to shut off your natural gas service and replace the service line. Additionally, if your meter is located inside your home or business, SJG will determine if it can be moved to an outside location. Will I need to be home or occupying my business while this work takes place? We will need access to your property when we begin our work and upon its completion. Will my natural gas service be interrupted during this work? Yes. Every effort will be made to restore your gas service as quickly as possible. Typically, all work is completed within 10 hours, but this time may vary slightly depending on extenuating circumstances. Will there be any road closures as a result of this work? Road closures will be kept to a minimum during construction. SJG and its qualified contractor will follow all NJDOT regulations and Federal traffic codes during all construction activity. We will have appropriate traffic control personnel directing motorists and pedestrians around and through the work area at all times. What hours will crews be performing this work? Work will take place Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. There is a possibility that work will be performed some Saturdays during the same timeframe. Will excavation work occur in front of my home or business? Yes, excavations will be required at the gas main and in the event your service line needs to be replaced. Will I have continuous access to my property, including my driveway? Yes, you will always have access to your property. Will there be any disruption to my property? Every effort will be made to minimize the impact to your prop- erty. SJG may have to dig on your property in order to replace your gas service. However, any disturbances will be restored upon completion of service work. Grass areas will be repaired and any concrete or asphalt openings will be temporarily patched until final restoration work can be scheduled. Are there any dangers associated with this project? Safety is SJG’s top priority. SJG, along with their prequalified contractors working on this project, will take every measure possible to ensure public safety while we complete this work. Is South Jersey Gas performing this project or subcontracting the work? South Jersey Gas will use all prequalified sub-contractors to perform this work. Who can I contact if I have questions about the project? If you have questions or would like more information about this project, please contact South Jersey Gas’ Glassboro Division office at 856-881-7000 and reference the Wenonah Project.

Crime in Wenonah is down significantly so far this year in all categories. The hard work of the officers of the department have had a big impact on our crime statistics. In a continuing effort to maintain these falling crime #'s residents can consider the following. Aside from locking doors and windows at night a homeowner can take into additional consideration the principles of CPTED or Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. CPTED is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to fight crime and keep your home safe. CPTED is something that is often considered when designing new developments or large inner city projects. The specific engineering of a building, all of its entrances and exits, all of the interior and exterior lighting, and the external landscaping are taken into consideration. But for the average suburban home in a community like Wenonah CPTED, can also be taken into consideration and can potentially be an effective deterrent against crime. Residential areas makeup almost all of the community. So if we can apply the principles of CPTED to our homes we can naturally reduce the potential for criminal activity with minimal expense and effort. Streetlights – The officers of the Wenonah Police Department have just recently conducted a survey of all of the streetlights in the borough. In total there were some 17+ streetlights out throughout the community. All of these streetlights have been reported to Atlantic City Electric and we are monitoring their progress in making repairs. If anybody in the borough notices a streetlight out they can notify Atlantic City Electric at this link. It would be most helpful if the reporter obtained the streetlight pole # right off of the pole before reporting the inoperative light. https://www.atlanticcityelectric.com/home/requests/outage/streetlight/outagereport/default.aspx Lighting and Visibility – CPTED suggests the following when determining a lighting and visibility design for your home All doorways into and out of your home should be well lit during the overnight hours. Create a light pattern in the rear and front of your home so that anybody who is on your property can be clearly seen from the street and from other homes in the neighborhood. Or if in the rear of the home the lighting should be such that you have a clear view of your yard from your window and if anybody is in your yard they would have significant lighting in their face. This is often accomplished with the use of liberally set motion sensing lights. Landscaping and territorial reinforcement - Do not allow shrubs, trees and bushes to grow so high as to obstruct the view of your windows and doors from the street. Maintain your walkways and your landscaping so that visitors are somewhat directed to proper entrances and kept away from private areas. Create a transitional area between the street and your property line using plantings, pavement markings or low lying fences. Maintenance and Upkeep – Your home should look tended to. Your street address marking should be highly visible and reflective at night. Shrubs and trees should be properly pruned and trimmed. All exterior lights should be in working order Grass should be cut, downed sticks, trees and leaves should be cleaned up. The yard should be free of litter and trash and items shouldn't be left out as to attract theft.

It has become quite clear in recent years that video surveillance technology is a critical investigative tool for both identifying possible perpetrators and/or establishing valuable evidentiary links that can be further followed up on by a seasoned investigator. At the police department we have initiated the process of compiling a list of individuals and a few businesses who have video surveillance capabilities. Having this type of information readily available in the midst of a rapidly developing investigation could prove to be extremely valuable and time saving. Any one having video surveillance that is willing to share that information with the police department is requested to notify any one of the officers in our department in person or via e-mail or to call the station directly. Any information that is shared will be strictly confidential. Thank you Joseph G. Harrison Chief of Police Borough of Wenonah NJ W. 856-468-6262 M. 856-207-2989

PRESS RELEASE September 26, 2013 For Immediate Release Contact: Chief Joseph Harrison Phone: 856-468-6263 Re.: Arrest made in two borough burglaries A Wenonah Police Department investigation into two late-August residential burglaries in the borough has resulted in the arrest of Zephan Robinson (DOB 6/16/95), of 153 Kings Highway, Mount Royal and also a sometime resident of Deptford Township. Robinson was arrested 9/24/13 and charged with burglary and theft at homes on 8/18/13 and on 8/31/13. He is being held in jail in default of $10,000 bail. The investigating officer was Wenonah Ptl. Mark Hasenpat, assisted by Det. John Petroski of the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, Det. Shawn Wentz of the Deptford Township Police Department and Sgt. Matt Brenner of the East Greenwich Police Department. “Cooperative efforts by surrounding law enforcement agencies are the mark of true professionalism in the field of policing,”

Greetings Residents Beginning on or about Friday September 20, 2013, the Borough’s paving Contractor will begin a project for the re-paving of Barkbridge Road, from the South Marion Avenue Bridge to Woodbury-Glassboro Road. The project is scheduled to take approximately 6 weeks. During that time, the roadway will be open to traffic but with limited access. Therefore, we ask that all residents seek an alternate route. Furthermore, all runners and walkers should note that the walking path along Barkbridge Road will be closed for the duration of construction for purposes of safety.

Greetings: This is just a friendly reminder to all residents that when they attend an event at any of the ball fields, parks or at the elementary school in town it is important to lock up the house, regardless of how close you may live to the event. Thanks Wenonah Police Department

Greetings: Within the last week there have been two burglaries in our town. These were both particularly heinous burglaries because they both happened while the residents were in their homes sleeping. The first burglary happened on the eastern end of Linden St. In this instance a female in the residence woke up to find a male black early 20's inside her home. She screamed and the perpetrator fled. This perpetrator had a vehicle waiting outside for him. It was discovered later that the individual took a credit card from the home. It was also discovered that the perpetrator entered through an unlocked door. The second burglary happened on the western end of maple st. In this instance the perpetrator cut through a screen and climbed into the home through an open window. The perpetrator in this case took a laptop computer and a wallet with credit cards, and various forms of identification. We have several strong leads on both of these burglaries and are confidant that we will be making an arrest soon. I continue to encourage folks to lock up the cars and the house at night and take normal precautions. Also, if you see or hear anything at all please do not hesitate to call it into 911. A barking dog for example at 3:00 am in a town like Wenonah is unusual and warrants a call to 911. An interior light on inside of a parked car is very unusual and also should be called in, not into the station, but to 911. A motion sensor light activated would also be cause for a closer observation and a possible phone call to 911. Thank you Joseph G. Harrison Chief of Police Borough of Wenonah NJ W. 856-468-6262 M. 856-207-2989

WENONAH COMMUNITY DAY FRIDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 13TH The Wenonah community day will be a fun filled day for all to enjoy. It will run from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM and children and families are welcome to come early and stay a little bit late. Children will be permitted to go swimming until dark and there will be lifeguards on scene. There will be Hot dogs and pretzels and soda's and water. There will be a face painting operation, a balloon making stand and a fully staffed 40 ft obstacle course. There is even a possibility that some local talent from our night of song and dance will be on hand to play a few songs and get themselves warmed up for their big evening the following night. The Police Department will be on hand to assist the kids with anything they need and the fire department will be on hand with their rigs. It is expected to be a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing everybody for an evening of fun. Thank you Wenonah Community for supporting your Police Department.

Power outages across much of the Borough at the moment. We will update when possible.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday 08/21/2013 two vehicles were stolen from the confines of the Borough of Wenonah. The vehicles were stolen from the 100 block of E. Willow and the 400 block of E. Poplar. In both instances the vehicles were unlocked and the keys to the ignition were inside of the unlocked vehicle. We continue to encourage our residents to take normal precautions in bringing the car keys with them when they leave their automobiles unattended and to lock the car doors. Both vehicles have already been recovered and returned to their prospective owners.

Good Afternoon Residents: Woodbury - Glassboro Rd is closed in both directions from the Barkbridge - BankBridge intersection in the North and Center St in the South. This is due to significant flooding in the ravine near the pump house. It is expected that the road will remain closed for the remainder of the day.

Just a note to any Wenonah residents who may not be aware of our departmental vehicles. We have two unmarked vehicles; One of them is a black SUV Ford Expedition with tinted windows which has the potential to be mistaken for a Cadillac Escalade. That vehicle is sometimes driven around the confines of the Borough in a patrol capacity. In fact yesterday I was driving around the S/E side of town along S. Clinton, S. Marion, and S. Princeton and had the pleasure to converse with several of our residents on a variety of topics including the weather. Cordially, Chief Joe Harrison

See attached video

The Borough Clerk Karen Sweeney swearing in our new officer.

The Wenonah Police Department is proud to announce the hiring of our first part time police officer, Joseph Tull. He will be a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class I. Joe is also employed by by the Gloucester County Emergency Communications Complex. He comes highly recommended from all of his prior supervisors and his background offers a unique skill set to the Borough of Wenonah. Joe aspires to be a full time police officer. We are glad to have him aboard.

Officer, teacher, coach.