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  • Address: 125 Corlies Ave # 1, Allenhurst , 07711 NJ
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Allenhurst Police Department is located at 125 Corlies Ave # 1, Allenhurst , 07711 NJ. The Allenhurst Police Department phone number is 732-531-2255.

Allenhurst Police Department News

Our area is once again bracing for what "could be" a "significant snow event". The bulk of the snowfall should be during the day tomorrow, so take care of "what you have to" today. Once a "State of Emergency" is declared, only essential traffic is permitted. As of right now, they are predicting the shore areas may only get a few inches of heavy snow accumulation, but if the storm shifts slightly to the East, we could be looking at 2 or 3 times that amount. Please be prepared to move vehicles off the roadway so that DPW can safely, and more completely, clear our streets. The heavy wet snow has the ability to take down tree limbs & power lines, so be aware. Please make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME to make sure the sidewalks will be cleared. As always, please call the Police Department, should you need any assistance. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. Chief Michael Schneider

Our area is under a severe weather alert over the next 48 hours. Heavy rain, possible flooding, and damaging winds are likely. Please make all appropriate efforts to make sure all loose items, outside your home, are properly secured. If you park your vehicle in an area that usually floods, please park elsewhere. We will put out additional bulletins, as the weather predictions are updated. As always, do not hesitate to call Police Hq, with any questions or concerns you may have. Chief Mike Schneider

Congratulations to the USA women's ice hockey team on winning the gold medal, after beating Canada! Way to go ladies!

To all of those families in Florida dealing with another agonizing, irrational, unnecessary, and senseless act of violence, in yet another American school! If we can protect our airports, we certainly should be able to protect our schools, which hold our most valuable assets.......OUR CHILDREN. #prayers Chief Schneider

Our thoughts & condolences go out to the Westerville, Ohio police department and their families. Losing one officer is bad enough, and they have now lost 2, due to 1 incident. The nation's officers mourn with you

On behalf of the entire department, I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl tomorrow night. Whether your favorite team is represented or you're rooting for the "lesser of 2 evils", we all enjoy this national sports event. However, every year across the state, some fans have their weekends, and sometimes their lives, ruined due to drinking and driving. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE and don't drive under the influence. "Enjoy the game without ruining your day" Chief Michael Schneider

YES, IT MAY BE GRAPHIC, but it also may save a life, which is more important! PLEASE put the phones down while driving!! No cop wants to respond to one of these crashes!!

On Sunday 1/14, at approximately 2am, police arrested two 25-year old Brooklyn women on drug related charges, after stopping their vehicle for driving erratically. Both were processed and released on summonses. Ptl Eustace & Sgt Lipari were the arresting officers On Sunday 1/14, at approximately 930am, police arrested a 22-year old Neptune Twp on drug charges, after stopping him for a motor vehicle violation. He was also found to be driving while suspended. He was processed and released on summonses. Ptl. Carafa was the arresting officer.

The Allenhurst Borough Hall offices will be closed tomorrow, Monday, January 15th, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr day. As always, the police department will be available for assistance 24/7.

A goal that our officers try to attain during each and every shift.... Chief Schneider

A State of emergency is in effect due to this snowstorm. All vehicular traffic is forbidden, unless absolutely required. Lets give our plow operators & first responders the space to do their jobs, with out being tied up, trying to free stuck vehicles, which shouldn't be on the road in the first place. Thank you for your cooperation. Chief Michael Schneider

With the pending snowstorm only hours away, please remember the following tips: 1. All sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours after the snowfall ends, as per Boro Ordinance. This is enforced by the Borough's Code Enforcement, as it is a serious pedestrian safety issue 2. Vehicles must be cleared of all snow and/or ice before being driven. Vehicles that are not completely cleared off, have additional blind spots and create a dangerous condition for other drivers, when the blowing snow, or chunks of ice, become dislodged from your vehicle. 3. Don't drive, unless you MUST. Let's give the plow drivers and the first responders all the room they need to do their jobs! 4. PLEASE be careful when walking in this weather, or immediately afterwards. There will be plenty of blowing snow and icy spots!

The members of the police department want to express their condolences to the family of Deputy Parrish. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Douglas County Sheriffs Dept and the officer's family during this period of loss.

With New Years eve only 2 days away, our department wants to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. Nothing can ruin the prospects of a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year faster than a DWI arrest or an unnecessary & avoidable car crash. PLEASE take advantage of all the alternate transportation options, that are available these days, if you plan on drinking. As always, our department's mission will continue to be "prevention before detention". On behalf of the entire department, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and SAFE New Year! Chief Michael Schneider

Imagine losing a loved one on Christmas Eve. A father and a husband, Officer Camilleri, California Highway Patrol, tragically died at the hands of a drunk driver, while sitting in the patrol vehicle. PLEASE be responsible this holiday season! No family should have to go through this! Thoughts & prayers are with Officer Camilleri’s family and the entire CHP – Golden Gate Division. Rest in Peace Officer Camilleri.

Wishing everyone celebrating a very Merry Christmas. Here is a law enforcement version of the "12 days of Christmas"

Toys for tots was a huge success this year! Thank you to everyone who donated!

*****Space Heater Safety***** Space heaters can provide extra comfort during the winter season. Following are some basic tips* that will help ensure their safe use. Do's: •For heating purposes, use only equipment that is made for home heating. Use all types of heaters carefully and follow all directions for safe use. •Use a space heater that has been tested to the latest safety standards and has been certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. These heaters have the most up-to-date safety features. Older space heaters may not meet newer safety standards. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper use. •Place the heater on a level, hard, nonflammable surface, such as a ceramic tile floor. •Keep the heater at least three feet away from bedding, drapes, furniture, and other flammable materials. •Keep children and pets away from space heaters. •Turn the heater off if you leave the area. Don'ts: *Never leave a space heater on when you go to sleep. •Don’t place a space heater close to any sleeping person. •Never use gasoline in a kerosene space heater, as even small amounts of gasoline mixed with kerosene can increase the risk of fire. •Don’t use portable propane space heaters indoors or in any confined space unless they are specifically designed for indoor use. •Never use your oven, grill or clothes dryer to heat your home. This could cause a fire or dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Portable heaters and burning candles that are left unattended, especially around children and pets, can create a fire hazard. In addition, gasoline- or diesel-powered generators and appliances can produce deadly levels of carbon monoxide and should never be operated inside the home or garage. Also, be sure to place smoke alarms on every level of your home, outside of sleeping areas and inside each bedroom. Guard against carbon monoxide (CO) poisonings as well by installing carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Make sure that your batteries in all alarms are fresh and working. Using extension cords to bring electricity into a location where electric service was shut off may create a fire hazard. If this situation is detected, the Local Codes Enforcement Officer will be notified.

In accordance with our department's fundamental philosophy, we are participating in the annual "Drive sober or get pulled over" campaign, sponsored by NJ Highway Traffic Safety. Over the next 2 weeks our officers will be specifically looking for those drivers driving while impaired. This public safety message goes hand in hand with our overall policing goal of doing all we can to PREVENT events from happening in the first place. As always, there will be a zero tolerance for impaired drivers. Please have a happy & SAFE holiday season!

We enjoy such wonderful support from our residents...these cupcakes were delivered to HQ to thank us for all we do...GREAT JOB! Thank you to all our residents, who constantly go out of their way, to show their appreciation for our sure means a lot to us!! 😊

Awesome winter picture of Allenhurst beach! Think "warm thoughts" during this colder Holiday month......

Tonight the entire Allenhurst Police Dept grieves the sudden loss of a 48 year old, 19 year veteran officer, from Neptune Twp. Our prayers are with your family & friends & our thoughts are with your brothers & sisters, in blue, that were left behind...May you rest in peace brother!

Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family. This is happening more frequently across our country. When will this "war against our nation's officers end!?

Don't be this guy!! Please transport your Christmas trees home in a responsible & safe manner! Signed, the rest of the motoring public