Lincoln Park Police Department

  • Agency: Lincoln Park Police Department
  • Address: 34 Chapel Hill Rd, Lincoln Park , 07035 NJ
  • Chief: Mark E West (Chief of Police)
Phone: 973-694-5533

Lincoln Park Police Department is located at 34 Chapel Hill Rd, Lincoln Park , 07035 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark E West. The Lincoln Park Police Department phone number is 973-694-5533.

Lincoln Park Police Department News

Great job Sgt. Clements, Ptl. Mulhearn, and Dispatcher Georgia!

The Lincoln Park Police Department would like to welcome the newest addition to our ranks. Robert Shirey is a Marine Corps veteran and Lincoln Park resident. He has served with the Baltimore Police Department and Paterson Police Department. He brings with him great experience in narcotics investigation and community policing.

The Lincoln Park Police Department is investigating the theft of a hot tub from a local downtown business during the early morning hours of June 30, 2017. The suspect was operating a pickup with attached trailer (pictured). The vehicle is believed to be a late model, two tone (dark over light) Ford Super Duty Series dually pickup. The vehicle was followed by a light colored, small vehicle (possibly a Toyota Prius). Anyone with any information about this incident is urged to call the Lincoln Park Detective Bureau at (973) 694-5533.

The Lincoln Park Police Department would like to wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th.

Congratulations Boonton High School Class of 2017 Graduates! Have a fun and safe night! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

The Lincoln Park Police Department was proudly represented during the Special Olympic Torch Run today. We were also happy to be joined by some of the Lincoln Park Middle School students and faculty. Also, a big shout out to Shop Rite of Lincoln Park, Larry Wolfson, and all of their customers who generously donated to their fund drive for the Special Olympics. A check was presented to the Special Olympics for $9,500.00 on behalf of Shop Rite and its customers. Thank you to everyone who showed their support!

A HUGE thank you to Michael Gelb Photography for volunteering so much time and effort for our department photos and pictures of our Awards Ceremony. You did an excellent job! Thank you!

The Lincoln Park Police Department would like to recognize Lisa Bell, William Karback, and Joshua Joslin. They received the department's Civilian Service Award at our Awards Ceremony for their Life-Saving actions tending to a child who suffered a severe laceration and was bleeding profusely. Had it not been for their quick and heroic actions, that day's events could have had a much more tragic ending. They are pictured here with Mayor David Runfeldt.

The Lincoln Park Police Department is very pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Anthony Simone to the rank of Captain. Tony is a 25 year veteran of the department and will oversee both the Patrol Division and the Support Services Division. His leadership has been highly valued and we look forward to continued great work in the future. Congratulations!

The Lincoln Park Police Department held their Awards Ceremony on Saturday to recognize the brave and heroic actions of the officers of the department. The day was bittersweet as we said goodbye to two of our retiring officers. Captain John Karback & Lieutenant Fred Mabey have been an integral part of the department over the past 25 years. Their leadership, skill, and experience will be greatly missed. We would like to wish them all the best in their retirement.

R.I.P. Ron. You are not gone because you are not forgotten.

The Lincoln Park Police Department mourns the loss of retired Captain Ronald Wild. Ron had a profound impact on the department and the community that he served. Our condolences go out to all of his family.

The Lincoln Park Police Department has recently seen an increase in reports of phone scams, known as “Grandparent Scams”. With these type of scams, an individual will receive a phone call from someone stating that they are a family member in distress who needs money for help. In the most common call, a grandparent receives a frantic call from someone they believe to be their grandchild. Many times, the scammer will begin the call with an opening meant to elicit a response from the victim which will provide the scammer with a family member’s name. For example, the scammer will open with “Grandpa, it’s your grandson” which will cause the victim to respond with the name of one of his or her grandchildren, such as “John, is that you?” The scammer will then use the provided name for the remainder of the call. The supposed grandchild will claim to be involved in some type of trouble while traveling, such as being arrested or in a car accident or needing emergency car repairs, and will ask the grandparent to immediately wire money to post bail or pay for medical treatment or car repairs. The scammer typically asks for several thousand dollars, and may even call back again several hours or days later asking for more money. He or she may claim embarrassment about the alleged trouble and ask the grandparent to keep it a secret. A variation of the scam may involve two scammers -- the first scammer calls and poses as a grandchild under arrest. The second scammer, posing as some type of law enforcement officer or lawyer, then gets on the phone with the grandparent and explains what fines need to be paid. Alternatively, the scammer may pretend to be a family friend or neighbor. A common theme of the scam across the nation is the caller's request for the grandparent to wire money through Western Union or MoneyGram, provide bank account routing numbers or to purchase gift cards and provide the caller with the redemption code over the phone. Wiring money is like sending cash; there are no protections for the sender. Typically there is no way you can reverse the transaction, trace the money, or recover payment from the telephone con artists. Please call the Lincoln Park Police Department at (973) 694-5533, if you have any questions.

The Beaverbrook Road railroad crossing is closed in both directions now until 7PM on Thursday, May 11 for improvements.

Starting tomorrow, April 20th, New Jersey Transit will be making improvements at the Ryerson Road railroad crossing. Ryerson Road will be closed in both directions at the railroad tracks for approximately one week. Please make alternative traffic plans. Thank you for your cooperation.