Roxbury Police Department

  • Agency: Roxbury Police Department
  • Address: 1715 US-46, Ledgewood, 07852 NJ
  • Chief: Mark J Noll (Chief of Police)
Phone: 973-448-2100
Fax: 973-448-2081

Roxbury Police Department is located at 1715 US-46, Ledgewood, 07852 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark J Noll. The Roxbury Police Department phone number is 973-448-2100.

Roxbury Police Department News

As a reminder you must remove all snow from your sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow has stopped. The children need the sidewalks to get to and from school. If they are forced to walk in the roadway, there is a potential for a very dangerous situation. We realize we got a ton of snow in the past few days, so take it easy when trying to shovel. If you have a older neighbor that needs help, please pitch in and offer some help or even better get those kids out there. Shoveling is a skill that's never to early to learn! Even more importantly your teaching your kids compassion and kindness. If shoveling isn't for your little one, send them over to help clean off a car for a neighbor. Let's do our part to help each other after the week we have had. On a good note, tomorrow is FRIDAY.

Thank you for listening to the declaration from the Governor regarding the State of Emergency. As you can see the roads are getting bad.

Power is being restored today for several customers. For some reason if power on your street is restored and yours isn't, call 1-888-LIGHTSS. There may be an issue with the service directly to your house. The only way they are going to know is if you call them. We want everyone back on the grid so please make that phone call if you even "think" that could be the issue. The worse thing they could say is that your street isn't back yet.

Thank you St. Therese Confirmation Classes! We responded to over 300 calls the past few days and these bags helped when we needed it the most. God bless each one of you.

As of Sunday afternoon there were approximately 1,612 customers without power. JCP&L has additional resources arriving today, some were here as early as yesterday. They are expecting to have the majority of our customers restored by 11:30PM on Tuesday. However, some are not expected to be restored until 11:30PM on Wednesday. Sorry this isn't better news. Please check on your elderly neighbors. If you think there may be an issue or if you think they are having a hard time, please call 973-448-2037 and we will assist in any way we can. Thank you for all your patience during this storm.

Shippenport Road had approximately 12 poles come down.... at once.

Due to yesterday's snow & wind event approximately 4000 Roxbury residents remain without power and several roads remain closed. JCP&L will resume power restoration as soon as the wind subsides. The Township Road Dept will be clearing the roadways as the power crews remove the trees from the wires. They will also begin clearing any street trees on Monday. For those without power and heat the Library and Fire houses in Berkshire Valley and Landing are open as a warming stations.

Reed Rd is now the only way off of Mt Arlington Blvd and can be used as a detour- the Blvd will continue to be closed due to live wires and trees down. Please be alert in that area.

Traffic Advisory: The ONLY way to access Shore Hills, Landing is Howard Boulevard. Every other street is blocked.

With all the power outages please take a second to throw on some snow boots and check on your elderly neighbors. It only takes a minute to make sure they're okay. If you encounter any issues please call us. #allinittogether

This is very heavy snow which can lead to down trees and power lines. Please charge all your phones and devices. Get flashlights ready and let's plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

Megan's Law Notification: Organizations that care for children and females can be considered for notifications under Megan’s Law. Examples include registered daycares, private schools, church organizations, etc. To see if your organization qualifies, please complete the attached form and either mail or drop off the form to: Roxbury Police 1715 Route 46 Ledgewood, NJ 07852 c/o Det. Niemynski. The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office will make the final determination on qualifying organizations.

A Traffic Advisory: (You'll be happy you read this one) NJDOT is packing up as we speak and the Route 80 traffic should be cleared up soon. They will resume working tonight from 10:30pm till 6:00am.

Warrior Strong is a FREE gym for disabled veterans aimed at improving physical and mental health. They also provide counseling and workshops for veterans struggling with PTSD. The gym provides a comfortable environment, making it easier for networking and socialization with other warriors. We were more then happy to support such a great cause. Please visit their site to learn more and to support the men and women protecting this country. WarriorStrong

Route 80 West will have lane closures again this morning. They will be working as quick as possible to avoid lane closures during rush hour. We will keep you updated on their progress.

After speaking with NJDOT we have a better understanding as to what caused the delay. They had emergency repairs of 2 separate potholes. These potholes were causing blown out tires and would have defintley had the potential to cause a serious accident. The rain did not help the situation out there. They do not anticipate any other repairs, unless other potholes surface. They will let us know right away if any problems arise. We know this was extremely inconvenient, but these guys are doing the right thing. Can you imagine hitting pot hole at 60 and blowing a tire out.....

We are going to contact NJDOT to determine if the 80 repairs will continue tomorrow. This way everyone we will have advance notice and everyone can plan on how best to teleport home. On a serious note, please check back we are going to try and get an answer tonight and if not, definitely by the morning, this way people are not left sitting in traffic while trying to pick up kids and get to appointments. We understand the frustration and headache this has caused. So as soon as we find out we will let you know.

Please see update posted at approximately 6:30 Due to lane closures on Route 80, there is a back up Route 10 and Route 46 in Roxbury. Once we have more details regarding the lane closure and estimated time on Route 80 we will let you know.

North Frontage closed at Landing Road and Route 46 for a motor vehicle accident.

The Police Department is looking to hire 2 part-time crossing guards to fill in when needed. If interested please email or call 973-448-2039 and ask for Ptlm. Edmunds

Traffic Advisory: We have had 4 accidents in less than hour. Accidents have been on Route 46, Route 206 and Lakeside Boulevard. Please stay off the roads if possible, they are extremely dangerous right now.

Route 206 North and South is shut down between Mooney Road and Gold Mine Road for a truck fire.

These are what heroes look like. If you get a chance thank a teacher, shake their hand and really thank them. Without hesitation, these are the people putting their lives on the line for our children. These are the people who will do everything to keep them safe. These are the people who would take a bullet to protect a child. These are the real heroes. #thankateacher @RoxburyBdofEd @RoxburyHS

Our hearts are heavy today.