Beach Haven Police Department

  • Agency: Beach Haven Police Department
  • Address: 300 Engleside Ave, Beach Haven , 08008 NJ
  • Chief: Kevin L Kohler (Chief of Police)
Phone: 609-492-0505
Fax: 609-492-2147

Beach Haven Police Department is located at 300 Engleside Ave, Beach Haven , 08008 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Kevin L Kohler. The Beach Haven Police Department phone number is 609-492-0505.

Beach Haven Police Department News

Were you or a family member ever scammed out of money? The Federal Trade Commission wants to help.....

Spring is, well, still really cold. Frost Warning tonight.

Local Merchant Scam Alert: Avoid "Offline" Transactions. If any local business has had this happen, please contact us at 609 492-0505 What is an "Offline" Transaction Scam? A scammer with a stolen or fake card attempts a transaction. The merchant receives a decline, but the scammer pretends to contact their issuing bank and tells the merchant they received an authentication code. The scammer instructs the merchant, per their bank, to use the code and force or create an “offline” transaction. The merchant enters the code, completing the false transaction. The scammer walks away with stolen goods/services, and the merchant doesn’t discover the scam until the batch processes, or it is identified when a chargeback or dispute is received. Is this real? Yes. Recently a merchant processed two transactions on a card, received a decline and then the scammer provided a phony authentication code to the merchant for an offline transaction. The merchant manually keyed in the code and the scammer walked away with the goods. At the end of the day, when the merchant attempted to settle their batches they received an error message due to the invalid authorization number. Unfortunately, the authorization that was used with the force or offline transaction wasn’t valid, and it was too late. The scammer was gone and had successfully defrauded the business, taking the goods and the merchant received a chargeback. What steps can you take to combat this type of fraud? When you receive a “decline” ask for another form of payment Never accept a cardholder-provided Authorization Code Only use a Valid Authorization Code by calling yourself

The Beach Haven Borough Municipal Office will have a two hour delayed opening due to the weather. The Beach Haven Elementary School will be closed today.

Latest update from the Office of Emergency Management....

The Beach Haven Borough Municipal Offices will be closed tomorrow due to the storm. Gov. Phil Murphy has also ordered state offices closed Wednesday. The order applies to all non-essential state employees. Please remove your vehicles from the roadway so our DPW workers can remove the snow more efficiently. Flooding is always a concern, so monitor the tides. For Wednesday, March 21st, High tides will be 12:07am and 12:40pm. Low tides will be 6:46am and 6:51pm.

Winter Storm Warning Alert: ...A Major Coastal Storm with Significant Impacts... .A pair of low pressure systems today will consolidate into one major Nor`easter later tonight and Wednesday. This is expected to bring significant impacts to our region, starting with areas of mixed precipitation today and tonight, then significant snowfall during Wednesday. Consideration should be given to no unnecessary travel Wednesday afternoon and evening when the heaviest snow with hourly accumulation rates of 1 to 3 inches should occur. ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 6 PM THIS EVENING TO 2 AM EDT THURSDAY... * WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation expected. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 10 inches, and ice accumulations of a light glaze are possible. * WHERE...Portions of southern New Jersey, northeast Maryland and central and southern Delaware. * WHEN...From 6 PM this evening to 2 AM EDT Thursday. Rain develops northward this morning and mixes with wet snow and sleet for some areas through tonight, then changes to all snow Wednesday morning and becomes heavy at times. The snow tapers off Wednesday evening. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Plan on difficult travel conditions, including during the evening commute on Wednesday. Significant reductions in visibility are possible. Northeast to north winds will gust 30 to 45 mph while snowfall rates of 1 to 3 inches per hour develop midday Wednesday. Widespread power outages may develop Wednesday afternoon and evening. Instructions: A Winter Storm Warning means significant amounts of snow, sleet and ice will make travel very hazardous or impossible.

Are you ready for the first day of spring!!!! Great, now go get your milk, bread and snow shovel ready!!!!

Winter Storm Watch has been issued.....

Latest updates

Get ready for some more snow!!!

The latest forecast...

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Starting later this evening you can expect strong winds, rain, beach erosion and moderate to major flooding. Take steps to secure your homes, cars and boats. Store garbage cans and lawn furniture in a secure area and move cars to high ground. Plan on travel disruptions due to flooding. Obtain essential household basics at this time to avoid unnecessary travel during storm conditions. Monitor local news and weather sources for the most current information.

Just in time for tax season, scammers pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service have come up with another nasty, scary way to rip you off. Please read the attached article and stay prepared!

Possible snow on the way....

**REMINDER** This Friday, February 16 is the deadline to turn in your application for summer employment with the Beach Haven Police Department.