Bound Brook Police Department

  • Agency: Bound Brook Police Department
  • Address: 226 Hamilton St, Bound Brook, 08805 NJ
  • Chief: Louis Diana (Acting Chief)
Phone: 732-356-0800
Fax: (732) 563-0320

Bound Brook Police Department is located at 226 Hamilton St, Bound Brook, 08805 NJ. The Acting Chief of the department is Louis Diana. The Bound Brook Police Department phone number is 732-356-0800.

Bound Brook Police Department News

Just a little funny to help get us through these April showers!

I would just like to take the time to recognize the heroes that are heard but not seen. They are the lifeline of communication between the calls we receive and the officers that respond. At times it may seem as you go unrecognized but I am proud of the work you do and the difference you make. This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. I would personally like to say THANK YOU to Disp. Stefan Romanyszyn, Disp. Connie Elizabeth, Disp. Monica Jimenez, and Disp. Alexandra Rice for your commitment, dedication, and service to the Bound Brook Police Department and Bound Brook Community. ~ Chief Vito Bet ~

Support the BBHS Robotics Team.

Street sweeping will take place tomorrow on the dead-end, one way section of Talmage Ave. between 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM. Please have all parked vehicles removed. Thank you

Great information.

Mayor Ryan's viewing will be held on Monday. Funeral will take place on Tuesday.

A very sad day for Bound Brook. We have learned of the passing of former Mayor Frank Ryan. Further information and funeral services will follow. Our condolences to his entire family. Rest in peace Mayor.

Bound Brook Schools will be closed today due to the weather.

Borough Hall will have a delayed opening and will open for business at 10:30 AM.

**Snow Tomorrow - not a joke** Wow I wish this was an April Fools joke. Maybe this is the greatest April Fools joke collaborated by all the major weather outlets (wishful thinking!) Timing for this looks like it will start after midnight and continue until mid morning (just in time to mess with the morning commute). School is set to resume tomorrow and we will update this post if there are any changes. For now, enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Have a safe and Happy Easter.

The Bound Brook Police Department will be taking part in this enforcement campaign.

Bound Brook Schools will have a 2 hour delayed opening tomorrow.

**Snow update - Toby unfortunately showed up** The snow is actually sticking now and conditions are quickly declining. *Please help DPW do their jobs by removing your vehicles from the roads. *Please, please, PLEASE stay home. The roads are terrible right now and patrols have answered multiple calls relating to the slick conditions. We are well aware there are still cars on the road and will get to them as we can as emergency calls take priority. We appreciate the incredible cooperation from everyone, this situation isn’t ideal but we will make the best of it.

**SNOW UPDATE 😡** Reminder - NO PARKING ON ANY STREET! I know when many of us woke up this morning we were thinking all those forecasts were a nightmare. Unfortunately Mother Nature has some sick sense of humor and we are still expected to receive way too much snow for spring. While the roads don’t look bad, don’t be fooled! The snow is going to start coming down more heavily as the day goes on and will accumulate quickly. We thank everyone for spreading the word yesterday as the majority of the roads in town are cleared of cars. While we know (ohhh trust us we know) how frustrating it is when people don’t cooperate, we will be out in full force enforcing the no parking order. Please continue to spread the word: NO PARKING ON ANY STREET IN BOUND BROOK FOR THE DURATION OF THE STORM!

**LOCAL STATE OF EMERGENCY** **NO PARKING ON ANY STREET** *SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED TOMORROW 3/21 As of 8pm tonight, Bound Brook will be under a local state of emergency. There will be NO PARKING on ANY street in town. If you cannot find a driveway to borrow you CAN park on your lawn.

***Bound Brook Schools are CLOSED tomorrow, Wednesday 3/21 due to the impending storm***

**Winter Storm Update #2....😭😭😭** So much for it being the first day of spring 🤮 Precipitation has begun and will continue on and off throughout tomorrow leaving us with up to a foot of snow. We are asking everyone to remove your vehicles from the road. Don’t have a driveway? Offer to shovel your neighbors sidewalks if they let you park in theirs. Cars left on snow routes during plowing will be ticketed and towed. This snow will be heavy and wet similar to the last storm so it is only fair that we anticipate more trees, wires and poles down (let’s hope that everything that stuff all fell last storm). *SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED TOMORROW WEDNESDAY 3/21 Finally, they have aptly named this now spring snow storm “Toby”. Anyone that was a fan of The Office will quickly realize why this name is so fitting. See, Michael Scott despised Toby and this storm seems to carry all the same unlikeable qualities. Let’s make the best of this by enjoying a GIF courtesy of The Office. Be safe everyone and.. GO AWAY TOBY!

**WINTER STORM UPDATE** ughh not again 😩 I know when most of us woke up this morning and checked the weather we were excited to see that our area was going to get a pass on this latest storm. Well, late this afternoon the projections shifted and we are now in the crosshairs for another mess of 5-9” of snow mixed with wind gusts of 40+mph. I’d venture to guess someone cashed in some kind of wish asking one last snow storm before spring. Remember, we ask for and appreciate your cooperation in removing your cars from the streets to help DPW plow more effectively. This storm is expected to start late Tuesday and run into Wednesday, we will provide any info on school closings as we get it. Be safe everyone and maybe if we all wear our pajamas inside out tonight it will reverse this curse.

Team Bound Brook riding with Team Somerville Police Department earlier today for a Police Unity Tour fundraiser at Rock 'n Ryde Cycling Studio!!