Berkeley Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Berkeley Heights Police Department
  • Address: 29 Park Ave, Berkeley Heights , 07922 NJ
  • Chief: Michael P. Mathis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 908-464-1111

Berkeley Heights Police Department is located at 29 Park Ave, Berkeley Heights , 07922 NJ. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael P. Mathis. The Berkeley Heights Police Department phone number is 908-464-1111.

Berkeley Heights Police Department News

The Berkeley Heights Police Department is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the DEA Prescription Drug Take back initiative on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm in the Police Lobby. Please drop off all unused medications between these hours.

Please stay off the roads unless you must go out. Road conditions are not good and we have already responded to numerous vehicles stuck in the snow and accidents. The Town and County DPW is doing their best to keep up with clearing the roadways. Hillcrest Rd in Watchung from Valley Rd to I-78 is closed for those that travel that way.

For those residents and businesses with sidewalks, please remember to clear them so pedestrians can safely walk. Also, please do not throw snow into the roadway or onto other people's property as that is prohibited. And yes, we do get calls each storm for it!! The following is the Township Ordinance which details which prohibits such activity, as well as the requirements for the clearing of sidewalks. ___________________________________________________ 8.56.060 - Clearing of sidewalk, walkways and streets. A. Snow, Ice and Sleet. 1. The owner and tenant of any land abutting upon any sidewalk or walkway of any public street or road in this township shall remove all snow, ice and sleet from the full width of that sidewalk abutting his or her land, or the land occupied by him or her as a tenant, within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the same shall cease to fall or be formed thereon; provided, however, that in the event removal of ice or sleet is rendered impractical because of freezing weather conditions, the owner and tenant of such land may discharge his or her obligations hereunder by causing the full width of such sidewalk or walkway to be thoroughly covered with cinders, sand or salt so that such sidewalk may be safely and conveniently used by pedestrians. 2. No person shall place or caused to be placed any snow or ice upon the paved portion of any public street or road or sidewalk in this township or on private property without the consent of the property owner. No property owner shall plow or allow to be plowed any snow from his or her driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk onto or across a public street so that any of it remains on the public street or is deposited upon other public property or on private property not owned by him or her.

Now that the snow has ended and we anxiously await for spring to arrive, we wanted to remind everyone to clear the snow off your vehicle before you drive. Please don't head out onto the road like the two cars pictured in this post!!! It's not worth your safety or the ticket and fines if you don't.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 The snow has started to fall and will become heavier as the day goes on. If you can stay off the roads today, please do. Conditions will deteriorate and create unsafe driving conditions. Winds are expected to pick up as well with this storm. Wind, combined with heavy, wet snow will create the possibility for downed power lines and trees. If you see a downed line, do not go near it. Call Police Dispatch at 908-464-1111 and an officer will respond to check conditions. If you lose power, please do not call the police department, this inundates our phone lines and hampers our response to other emergencies. The contact number to report power outages to JCP&L is 1-800-662-3115.

Update from the New Jersey State Police: Governor Murphy has declared a State of Emergency. State offices are closed on Wednesday, March 21st. Effective at 8 pm tonight, Tuesday, March 20th, the NJ State Police have issued a commercial vehicle travel ban for the entire length of the following highways: • I-78 • I-80 • I-280 • I-287 The commercial vehicle travel ban applies to: • All tractor trailers • Empty straight CDL-weighted trucks • Passenger vehicles pulling trailers • Recreational vehicles • Motorcycles

SAY IT AIN'T SNOW!!!! We are currently monitoring yet another Nor'easter that is expected to hit the area overnight tonight with round two during the day tomorrow into the night. So much for the first day of Spring!! Overnight parking will not be granted tonight (3/20) and tomorrow (3/21). We would also remind residents and visitors that there is no parking on any street during snow events to allow for the proper, safe and efficient clearing of the roadways by the Township and County DPW.

08-MAR-2018 1653 hours DPW crews are still out working hard to remove snow, branches, and other hazards. Power companies, tree services, other utilities, and Union County personnel will be working all hours to restore normalcy to services and roadways. - No overnight parking on township or county roadways will be authorized until further notice. - Please remember to remove snow from car roofs and all sidewalks, especially routes used by schoolchildren. - Allowing children to play on plowed snow is discouraged, as plows may return and not be able to see them. - There are still dangerous wires, hanging branches, and other hazards throughout the township, please be aware of your surroundings and obey all barricades and caution tape. BHPD still has no access to power restoration estimates, all information must be requested directly from your power company. Thank You.

08-MAR-2018 0800 HOURS We urge residents to only travel on the roadways if completely necessary. Some traffic signals are out along with areas of residential power. Multiple trees are blocking roadways and creating head-on traffic conditions. Some streets will remain closed until utility companies can remove wires and limbs. Power lines and other service wires are down in many locations and may remain LIVE and deadly for extended periods of time. The conditions make it difficult for routine police responses to emergencies; please do not add to the difficulty by venturing out if you don't need to. The BHPD has no updates regarding power or other service outages; all requests must be directed to your power company. Electric: PSE&G 1-800-436-7734, JCPL 1-800-662-3115 Gas: Elizabethtown Gas 1-800-242-5830, PSE&G 1-800-436-7734 Report Gas Leak: 1-800-436-7734 Water: New Jersey American Water 1-800-272-1325 Comcast 1-800-266-2278 Verizon FiOS 1-888-438-3467, Verizon 1-800-827-4966

Please do not call BHPD directly or 9-1-1 to report power outages, to request updates on when the power will be restored, or to report that your car is stuck in the snow. These calls are inundating our call center and tying up our phone lines for true emergencies. Please contact JCP&L to report power outages and to receive updates on when power is estimated to be restored. If you become disabled due to the roadway conditions, please remain in your vehicle and have patience. The Township and County DPW is trying their best to keep the roads clear, but have been severely hampered with the total amount and rate of snow, as well as the number of trees and utility lines down in the roadway. Please do not go out, the roads are not passable. Lastly, please do not touch, or approach any downed utility lines or any trees touching downed or low hanging utility lines as they may have a charge, even if they are not power lines.

Residents are strongly advised to stay off the roads, to help reduce the chance of accidents, enable emergency responders to get through, and enable snow plows to operate more effectively. Phone numbers to report an outage or service interruption: Electric PSE&G 1-800-436-7734, Jersey Central Power & Light 1-800-662-3115, Gas Elizabethtown Gas 1-800-242-5830, PSE&G 1-800-436-7734 Report gas leak: 1-800-436-7734, Water New Jersey American Water 1-800-272-1325, Comcast 1-800-266-2278, Verizon FiOS 1-888-438-3467, Verizon 1-800-827-4966

There are multiple areas with power outages at this time. Please do not call the police department to report power outages unless there is danger due to downed wires, sparking, etc. Calling your power company to report ordinary outages will suffice. Also, the roadways are in no condition to drive upon and unsafe for motorists regardless of 4WD/AWD. Trees, limbs, and wires are down in multiple locations. If you are driving please head home immediately and plan on not driving until tomorrow. Anyone who had planned on driving later please do not do so; plan on remaining home until tomorrow. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Berkeley Heights Police Department regretfully announces the passing of retired Police Officer James D. Caparoso. Jim died peacefully on March 5, 2018 surrounded by his family. A loving father and grandfather, Jim, of Berkeley Heights, was a Police Officer with the Berkeley Heights Police Department for 27 years, retiring in 1997. Prior to his career as a Police Officer, Jim served in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Germany, working as an aircraft mechanic. Jim will be remembered by those who worked with him as a funny, caring and warm officer who served the Township of Berkeley Heights honorably. Rest easy Jim, you will always be a part of our family.

The Berkeley Heights Police Department is currently monitoring yet another nor'easter expected to hit the area in the early morning hours overnight tonight, and possibly lasting throughout the day and into the night on Wednesday. Snow accumulations are predicted to range between 6-12 inches with heavy winds expected. We would like to remind you that there is no parking on Township or County roads when they are snow covered. This allows snow removal crews the ability to safely, efficiently and properly remove snow from the roadways. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to ticketing and/or towing. In anticipation of the storm overnight, the Berkeley Heights Police Department will not be granting permission for overnight parking.

POSSIBLE SCHOOL THREAT INCIDENT Today, February 23rd 2018, the Berkeley Heights Police Department was made aware of an anonymous school threat that has been circulating via social media. After seeing a re-post of a screenshot image of a school threat, a concerned Berkeley Heights student shared the post with a school administrator. Another student contacted their parent this morning about the same post. That parent in turn contacted our police department and set into motion an immediate investigation. The investigation included locating and speaking with a number of juveniles in three separate area school districts. The police department, in consultation with the school administration, agreed that “shelter-in-place” and other security measures were appropriate during the investigation. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to assist in securing our school facilities as well. After speaking with the students and through further investigation, it was determined that the “BHS” reference in the post was unrelated to Berkeley Heights public schools. The social media post in question was originally created by a student in Belen, New Mexico, who made a threat against their Belen High School “BHS”. Law enforcement agencies in New Mexico determined the underlying threat to be unfounded, and the 16-year-old student was arrested on February 22nd in New Mexico for the post. However, since this threat has been shared multiple times via social media, it has made its way to our area. Once it was determined that the security measures were no longer necessary, the conclusion of the investigation was shared with the school community. The Berkeley Heights Police Department and the Berkeley Heights Board of Education take these situations very seriously, and want to reassure our community that this particular threat does not involve Governor Livingston High School or any other school in our district. The Berkeley Heights Police Department and Board of Education have a very close partnership, and will continue to work together to make school safety a priority. We commend the concerned students and parents for sharing information with law enforcement; and we encourage all information sharing of this type in the future.

Glenside Rd will be closed from Mountain Ave to Hunterdon Blvd for gas main repairs again today from 8 am to 4 pm. As with all construction jobs these times are subject to change. A detour has been put in place. There is no danger to the community while the repairs take place.

Motor Vehicle Thefts: The BHPD has taken three reports since January 1, 2018 for vehicles being stolen in the Township. On 1/1/18 at 8:50 PM a 2018 Mercedes Benz was stolen from a driveway on Overhill Way. A key fob was left in the vehicle and the vehicle has not been recovered as of this press release. On 1/6/18 at 6:46 PM, a 2018 Volvo was stolen from a driveway on Ridge Dr while the owner started the vehicle and left it unattended to warm up. This vehicle was recovered in Newark by BHPD later that night. It should be noted the owner started the vehicle, then took the key fob inside and the vehicle was left unlocked. The thieves were able to drive the vehicle because the key fob is only used to start the vehicle and does not need to be in proximity of the vehicle to be operated. On 1/6/18 at 2018 at 10:37 PM a 2018 Infiniti was stolen from the Lifetime Athletics parking lot. In this theft the owner of the vehicle entered the facility and left the vehicle unlocked and the key fob inside the vehicle. This vehicle has not been recovered as of this press release. We want to take this opportunity to remind people that they need to remove all keys and key fobs from their vehicles. Any property inside should be removed or placed in a spot in the vehicle that makes it difficult to be seen from the outside. Park your vehicles in well lit spots in parking lots and make sure that you lock the vehicle before walking away. It is also helpful to remember your license plate number, temporary registration number (for new vehicles), Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN #) and any other identifying stickers or parts to the vehicle to aid in the recovery of your vehicle in case it is stolen. Having this information at hand will expedite our ability to enter the vehicle in national crime data bases as well as for notification to surrounding towns.

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that the Berkeley Heights Police Department announces the death of our brother, Retired Sergeant David Bogert, after a valiant battle with illness. Dave served the Township of Berkeley Heights from 1978 to 2004 with pride, honor and distinction. He stood watch over the community as a long-time member of the patrol division, completing his career as a senior Patrol Sergeant. Dave will always be remembered by those who worked with him as a knowledgeable, caring police officer and boss. He always sought to improve upon his knowledge in traffic safety matters, accident reconstruction, and supervision. He also served as a firearms instructor, conducting training for the men and women of the department. Dave leaves behind family members who love him and coworkers who share fond memories of their time on duty with him. Rest easy and rest in peace Dave, you will always be a member of our family.

The snow may not be falling anymore but that does not mean the DPW's job is done. The primary roads are improving but most secondary streets need attention. Again, if you can stay home and off the roads please do. And please, please keep parked vehicles off the street so the DPW can clear your road properly. A few friendly reminders to all residents: 1) Do not push or throw snow from driveways or sidewalks into the street 2) All sidewalks must be cleared no more than 12 hours after the snow has stopped falling. 3) Before you drive, all snow and ice needs to be removed from your vehicle as is required by state motor vehicle law.

As the snow continues to fall the DPW continues to try to keep up with clearing the snow from the roadways. BHPD has assisted numerous drivers stuck on Diamond Hill Rd, Plainfield Ave and other streets in the Township. Please, if you do not need to go out, stay inside and off the roads.

The winter storm is upon us and we are expecting driving conditions to deteriorate as snow accumulations rise. The snow estimates as of 6:45 am show 3-7 inches of snow and wind gusts between 25-35 MPH. The BHPD would like to remind you that there is NO PARKING on any street during snow emergencies. Vehicles parked on the street hamper the DPW's efforts to properly and efficiently clear snow and ice from the roadway. Vehicles in violation are subject to ticket and/or tow.

Please use extreme caution if you must travel within the township today. Patrol officers have been busy responding to multiple accidents due to very slick road conditions. The Department of Public Works are salting and plowing township roads at this time.

Motor Vehicle Crash- Downed Pole Expect delays on Park Ave near Forest Dr for a motor vehicle crash that took down a utility pole. Police and repair crews are on scene to make repairs. Expect delays throughout the evening hours.