Aztec Police Department

  • Agency: Aztec Police Department
  • Address: 201 W Chaco St, Aztec, 87410 NM
  • Chief: Mike Heal (Chief of Police)
Phone: 505-334-7601
Fax: (505) 334-7629

Aztec Police Department is located at 201 W Chaco St, Aztec, 87410 NM. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Heal. The Aztec Police Department phone number is 505-334-7601.

Aztec Police Department News

REMINDER: The Aztec Police Department will have their monthly Chief's Coffee tonight at 6pm in City Hall. Please come by and speak with Chief Heal.

CHIEF'S COFFEE The Aztec Police Department will have their monthly Chief's Coffee next Tuesday (April 17, 2018) at 6pm at City Hall. It is an opportunity for members of the community and public to come and speak with the chief about any questions or concerns. Also, he can update you on what is being done regarding school safety and would appreciate any input from the community.

Currently McCoy Ave Elementary School and Koogler Middle School are under a shelter in place. There is no immediate threat, it has been implemented as a precaution and law enforcement is aware and on scene. It should be lifted shortly.

SCAM ALERT The Aztec Police Department has been seeing a scam resurface that has been used in the past. In this scam an individual receives a phone call from an unknown individual from a number (usually with an outside area code from Mexico or Puerto Rico). The unknown individual, sometimes with the help of others, will claim to have kidnapped a family member. In some instances a caller might attempt to convince the individual by having a female scream in the background. The caller will have the individual transfer money through wire transfers (such as Western Union). The ransoms are varied and victim’s phone numbers seem to be picked at random. It is a scheme that takes advantage of vulnerable individuals. Please be aware that this extortion scam still exists and that if you or someone you know is contacted please call non-emergency dispatch (505) 334-6622 immediately.

**SCAM ALERT** The Aztec Police Department has recently been receiving calls again regarding another scam. Individuals are receiving phone calls from a local phone number stating that they are with a local law enforcement agency and that the person who is receiving the phone call has an active warrant. They are being advised to call a local phone number to take care of the warrant. When officers have called the phone number an individual is acting like a courthouse clerk. Please be aware and vigilant that this scam is making a comeback. If you receive something similar please call non-emergency dispatch at 505-334-6622. The dispatcher will be able to tell you if there is indeed an active arrest warrant and you can request to speak with an officer. Thank you!

CHIEF'S COFFEE The Aztec Police Department will have their monthly Chief's Coffee tomorrow (March 20th) at 6pm at City Hall. It is an opportunity for members of the community and public to come and speak with the chief about any questions or concerns. Also, he can update you on what is being done regarding school safety.

PRESS RELEASE: On February 27, 2018 at approximately 9:54 am the Aztec Police Department School Resource Officer was advised by school administration at the Aztec High School of a threat made by a student during class. An investigation was conducted and the 15 year old male was identified. He was subsequently arrested and transported to the juvenile detention center. Parents please take a moment to speak with your child(ren) about the serious nature of what has occurred all over the nation and what is not appropriate to talk about in school. Threats and statements are being taken very seriously and will be prosecuted. Please keep comments appropriate. Any inappropriate comments will be removed.

The Aztec Police Department is currently at Lydia Rippey Elementary school doing a presentation for a kindergarten class so there are police vehicles outside. No need to worry we are just having a fun day with kids.

**ATTENTION SCAM** Hometown Publications has been contacting Aztec businesses posing as the Aztec Chamber of Commerce to sell ads for a map of Aztec. They are even answering their telephone as, "Aztec Chamber of Commerce". The Aztec Chamber of Commerce HAS NOT ENDORSED the sale of these ads, nor are we working with Hometown Publications. If the Aztec Chamber of Commerce were to participate in selling ads for a promotion, we would contact you in person, and you would be able to easily identify us as members of the Chamber and of the Community. In general, we would urge you to spend advertising dollars with Aztec and San Juan County businesses.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with all of those involved at the incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Stay strong, you are not alone.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to those involved in the 2 tragic school shootings at Italy High School in Italy, Texas and Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. Unfortunately we know the pain all to well. Stay strong, you are not alone.

***Attention: SCAM***** It has been brought to our attention that an individual is calling around posing as a representative with the Aztec Police Department asking for donations. This is not anyone associated with our department so please do not donate any money. We will not call asking for any donations. Please help is spread the word that this is a scam. Thank you!

Statement from Aztec Chief of Police Mike Heal On December 7, 2017, an unspeakable tragedy struck the City of Aztec, robbing Casey Jordan and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez from our community. Initial response from Aztec officers coupled with the swift actions taken by teachers, administrators, and an incredibly courageous custodian, saved many lives that day. First responders from surrounding jurisdictions, inside and outside San Juan County, quickly came to the aid of our citizens. We are one community (Aztec, Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Shiprock), and the magnitude of love and support we received from citizens in the hours and days following the event, is a testament to our strength. From businesses providing food for first responders and families who were waiting to be reunited with their children, to individuals lining the streets in support of students as they returned back to school on Monday-we are united. “In my 39 plus years of law enforcement in San Juan County, this is the most difficult incident I’ve ever responded to,” said Chief Heal. “The senseless actions of one individual took two young lives and forever changed our community. We have a long road of healing ahead of us, and the days to come will be difficult. But we are a resilient community and will get through it together; we are Aztec Strong.”

Schedule for Aztec High School

Today has been a difficult day for our communities. A press conference will be held tomorrow at 11am, it will be streamed live. See the San Juan County Sheriffs Office page for more information. We would like to thank all those that sent prayers, thoughts and donations to the Aztec High School students, staff and first responders, they were greatly appreciated. We appreciate the show of support at the vigil. Please come together as a community as we start to heal. Please pray for the families of the victims, Casey J. Marquez and Francisco I. Fernandez, who were killed in this tragedy at Aztec High School today.