Boulder City Police Department

  • Agency: Boulder City Police Department
  • Address: 1005 Arizona St, Boulder City, 89005 NV
  • Chief: Thomas Finn (Chief of Police)
Phone: 702-293-9224
Fax: 702-293-9281

Boulder City Police Department is located at 1005 Arizona St, Boulder City, 89005 NV. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Finn. The Boulder City Police Department phone number is 702-293-9224.

Boulder City Police Department News

Mark your calendars, Nevada Consumer Affairs is hosting a free Consumer Fraud Prevention Fair in Las Vegas on Friday, March 9. The event will be held at Las Vegas Clark County Library at 1401 E. Flamingo Road.

New vehicle insurance coverage laws will go into effect July 1, 2018. Check out this article to ensure you're properly covered.

We send our deepest condolences to the people in Florida who were victims of the shooting. We send our hearts out to their families, the first responders, and the community reeling from this senseless attack.

Happy Valentine's Day from BCPD. Treat your loved ones with kindness today and always.

Hi all! Do these kittens look like something you're missing? If so, call up our Animal Shelter and claim them, or, fill out an application to adopt them. The shelter can be reached at 702-293-9283.

Latest update on alleged attempted kidnapping suspect out of Las Vegas:

This may be happening 30 miles away, but, the actions of this person seem desperate. There has now been multiple attempted abductions of young children by this suspect. Be mindful of vehicles looking like this one patrolling near our local elementary and middle schools. The attached links provide more details and video.

Install this FREE app on your phone. Just visit the place listed below and remember, February is Heart Month.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the families and friends of these officers, as well as the communities they served. We also send them all our deepest condolences.

To our Facebook page followers, Joseph Mackanos, pictured below, is still missing and endangered. The search for him has now spanned several weeks. Please share this on your page and if you see him, please call the police department. Our agency has worked with many others to locate him, but we need the help of our community. Thank you for sharing to help get the word out.

So many of our residents are excited about this new program. Pat Richardson is our contact person for all questions at 702-589-9603.

Do you know the Essentials of Community Cybersecurity?

Boulder City Police Department Press Releases 02-02-2018. Suspects in both have been apprehended.

NETFLIX scam out for the latest hoax to get your personal banking/financial information. Do not respond to the email if you get it, and tell your friends and family not to respond, either. This could cost hundreds, thousands, or someone's life savings. If you get this email just delete it. Please share this warning on you Facebook page.

The Boulder City Police Department is about to begin the "You Are Not Alone" (YANA) Program. Please contact Pat Richardson, our Police Support Aide, with any questions. He can be reached at or at 702-589-9603. You can also find more information and the required application at the City of Boulder City's website.

Early tomorrow morning, be ready to see this natural phenomenon.

This person is wanted for attempted kidnapping of a child in 2011. Help the Parole and Probation division find her.

Our group of Explorers who represented BCPD in Chandler, Arizona at their annual competition. We are so proud of not only their awards, but, how they also honored the vicitms of the Oct.1 shooting. Our troop is the best!

Residents and followers, please take a moment to share this to your page. Joseph is still a missing person, endangered because of his medical issues. If you see him, please take note of his location and immediately contact the police.

The lengths some people go to see first responders...allegedly.

Hey everyone! Does this pup look familiar to you? This cutie was wandering alone. Please share and post to your page to help the family find their missing dog.

New Northbound Interstate 11 Lanes to Open January 27 in Southern Nevada. See the article linked below for more information.

Parents, adults, kids, please stop this dangerous phenomenon from going on. Please do not allow anyone you know to do this. Tide Pods are non-edible and people are hurting themselves to do an internet challange. Remember to keep these out of the reach of very young children.