Sherrill Police Department

  • Agency: Sherrill Police Department
  • Address: 373 Sherrill Rd, Sherrill, 13461 NY
  • Chief:
Phone: 315-363-3200
Fax: (315) 363-9510

Sherrill Police Department is located at 373 Sherrill Rd, Sherrill, 13461 NY. The Sherrill Police Department phone number is 315-363-3200.

Sherrill Police Department News

Neighboring police agencies have reported numerous thefts from unlocked motor vehicles, most of which have occurred while the vehicles are parked in the owner's driveway. While we know of no incidents recently here in the City of Sherrill, this type of activity has occurred here in Sherrill in the past. We would like to remind residents again to make sure you lock your vehicle, even if its parked in your own driveway. In addition, we suggest you remove anything of value from the vehicle. If you have anything taken from your vehicle, regardless of its value, please notify the police right away. Also, please report any suspicious people or vehicles, especially during the overnight hours when these types of thefts are most likely to occur. Our non-emergency number is 315-363-3200.

This schnauzer was found on Betsinger Rd near Primo Ave. If you know who the owner is please call 315-363-3200.

A City resident contated the Sherrill police this week to report a suspicious telephone call she had received. The call was from (202) 871-1809. The caller identified himself as Nathan Rothchild from Legal Services Claimant's Office. The caller instructed the resident to call him back at (844) 669-4826. According to, both of these telephone numbers are associated with spam and fraudulent activity. City residents are urged to use caution when receiving calls such as this from people they do not know and you should also use extreme caution when providing personal information over the telephone. Most legitimate businesses will not ask for this information over the telephone and any business that you currently conduct business with most likely already has this information from you and will not need you to provide it over the telephone. If you receive any suspicious telephone calls and are unsure what to do, hang up and contact the police. Our non-emergency telephone number to file a complaint is (315) 363-3200.

The Sherrill Police Department would like to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

This LG phone was turned into Sherrill PD on 11/27/17. If this belongs to you or someone you know, please contact Sherrill PD at 315-363-6221 and leave a message.

The City of Sherrill Police Department is investigating a larceny that occurred at Tops on November 15, 2017 at approximately 6:40 PM. The suspect is described as a white male with a full beard, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and light colored sneakers. If anyone knows the identity of this person, please contact the Sherrill Police Department at 315-363-3200 and ask to speak with the on-duty officer. Please do not leave information in the form of a comment. All calls can be kept confidential.

Just a reminder - there is a “No Parking” on city streets ordinance 11/1 - 4/30. This is for all streets from 2AM - 7AM, including the area in front of Ebeneezer’s.

The owner of the dog found on Kinsley Street this evening has been located.

This dog was found on Kinsley Street this evening. It has no tags and no collar. If this dog belongs to you or you know who the owner is, please call 315-363-3200 and ask to speak to the on duty Sherrill Police Officer.

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, the Village of Vernon Police Department received two separate complaints from residents who reported finding sewing needles in their children’s Halloween candy. One reported finding a needle in the bottom of the candy bucket but the other actually found the needle in a package of Twizzlers that she was about to give to her child. She took a video while she removed the needle from the candy and she later turned the needle over to the Vernon Police Department. Parents, please check all of your children’s candy very carefully before they eat it and report any issues to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Here is a photo of the needle and the same type of candy in which the needle was found.

This phone was left between our two front doors this weekend. If it is yours and you know who it belongs to, please call 315-363-3200.

This was located near a City park. If it belongs to you or someone you know, please contact Sherrill PD at 315-363-3200

There were two sets of keys found near the CAC on E Hamilton Ave in Sherrill this weekend. If you are missing a set of car keys or house keys and think you lost them near the CAC please call the Police Department at 315-363-3200 and ask to speak with the on duty officer.

The owner of the dog found on Sherrill Rd. has been located.

This dog was found this evening in the 400 block of Sherrill Rd. If you own this dog or know who the owner is, please call 315-363-3200.

This cat was found on E Hamilton Ave in Sherrill. If you own the cat or know who does, please contact Sherrill PD at 315-363-3200.

The rooster has been removed from the area. Thank you.

There is a rooster on W. Hamilton Ave. near Fairway Lane. This rooster is someone's personal property. If anyone knows of someone that has roosters and might be missing one, please let us know by calling 315-363-3200.

This bag was found at the intersection of Sherrill Rd and Ransom Ave on 5/29/17. If you know who the owner is or if the bag is yours please call 315-363-6221 so it may be returned.

We had a baseball bat turned into us that was found near the E Hamilton Ave batting cage which is located near the CAC. If you are missing a bat please contact the Sherrill Police Department at 315-363-3200.