Manchester Police Department

  • Agency: Manchester Police Department
  • Address: 400 Pike St, Manchester, 45144 OH
  • Chief: H B Troutman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 937-549-3330
Fax: 937-549-3515

Manchester Police Department is located at 400 Pike St, Manchester, 45144 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is H B Troutman. The Manchester Police Department phone number is 937-549-3330.

Manchester Police Department News

Manchester residents come to the local council meeting tonight 12/5/2016 in support of the police department, some local residents like to have secretive meetings and talk about disbanding the police department, sounds like a plan for me so I could have a weekend off. Some (only a handful) of residents and council think that I should be here 24/7, Sorry but I am not the one who laid the officers of, BUT I feel that I have definitely worked the hours (more than paid for) in order to provide a service to the residents of Manchester. If these residents want me to resign, than get a signed petition with a majority vote of the residents in favor of and I will resign, however I will not be pushed around or run over and I will do what is right, If you have a problem with me the door is always open or I will give you my cell phone and be happy to talk about anything that I legally can discuss. Respectfully, Chief Jeff R. Bowling

On Behalf of the Manchester Police Department I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year for 2016. I also want to let the residents know that effective 01/01/2016 you will see a reduction in the police department due to lay offs, this was ordered from the State Auditor's office due to the fact the Village of Manchester has been in fiscal emergency for the past 17 years and they are tired of it (for lack of better words). I know that I have personally lost hours of sleep since this order was delivered. I feel that we have an excellent police department and we have done the best that we possibly could do with the resourses that we have, we are all like family. At 1201 am on 01/01/2016 the Manchester Police Department with consist on 1 full time officer and 1 part time officer (20 hours max. per week). I/we have tried to come up with numerous ideas to raise funds in order to keep us at current staff (which is low) and have the ability to provide a full service department. All calls to the police department will be handled accordingly and prioritized by nature and severity, I can only ask for patience during the year of 2016 until we are able to financially recover, some calls may not require immediate response and emergency calls will be handled asap, the police department will still be visible and operate to the best of our ability in a professional manner. This is NOT an easy pill to swallow, but these are orders from the state in order to maintain the village. Also the first council meeting for 2016 is 01/05/2016 at 7pm so please come out and meet the new council members and mayor. I would also like to thank the outgoing mayor and council members for serving the Village of Manchester. Respectfully, Chief Jeff R. Bowling

On Christmas morning 12/25/2015, Chief Bowling responded to a burglary that had occurred at Foothills Apartments 900 Cemetery St. Approx. $3000.00 in items plus new Christmas gifts were taken from the residence, a single mother of 4 had to break the news to her children that the Grinch stole the Christmas presents that Santa Claus left. The Grinch is Zachary McKee and he has been banned from the apartments, the Manchester Police are currently looking for the suspect and he has been seen in the area of the apartments and he has ran out the back door several times to avoid Apprehension. Anyone that has seen or know the whereabouts of Zachary McKee please call 911 or Manchester Police Department. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

NOTICE!!!!! Due to the post from last year regarding the Village of Manchester's Hometown Christmas being shared on Facebook for this year, it showed that the event was being held on December 20th... which it was on the 20th in 2014. The event this year was held this past Sunday the 13th, SO SORRY FOR THIS CONFUSION, BUT THERE IS NOT ANY TYPE OF FESTIVAL IN THE VILLAGE OF MANCHESTER FOR THE 20th. PLEASE SHARE... Thanks, Chief Jeff R. Bowling

I would like to personally thank everyone that showed up for the Christmas in the Village on Sunday the 13th, we had an awesome turn ou and a great time. I would really like to THANK the volunteers that worked very hard to to put this together. I feel that it was a great success and I hope it continues to grow each year. Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

The Village of Manchester is in the process of planning the Christmas in the Village for this year, the current date is tenatively set for Saturday December 12th 2015. We would like to create a committee and extend the offer to any individual that would like to help with the planning and presenting the event to please contact myself of Cody Spires at the Fire Department/Life Squad. We have hopes of having our first meeting sometime next week and we can use any and all volunteers in order to have a special occassion this holiday season. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

POLICE BLOTTER On Saturday Night 08/01/2015 the Manchester Police Department apprehended a subject that was riding a bicycle, after a 2 month on going investigation the Manchester Police Department observed NICHOLAS WALLS go in to the First Stop and an officer on patrol noticed the odor of a chemical emitting from the area of Mr. Walls. The officer noticed that the odor appeared to be indicative of that of a possible meth lab. Officer Hayes was on bike patrol and he ordered the subject to stop, at the time the suspect dropped the bike and took off running and he was apprehended after a short foot pursuit by Officer Jason Mallott and K-9 Elko. Officers went to the area where WALLS had dropped his bike and they discovered a plastic bag hanging on his bike with a plastic bottle that contained an active meth lab. The immediate area was sealed off to a HAZMAT situation and BCI was called to safely remove the lab. WALLS was treated at the scene for injuries received from the K-9 apprehension, he was taken into custody and charged with Illegal manufacturing of meth, and Possession of meth. A second suspect was also taken into custody, but he was released a short time later after it was determined that he was an innocent party. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

MARK THE DATES; Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1st for Manchester River Days at the River Park on Front Street by the boat ramp, there will be food /craft booths, rides, games, live music and fireworks, talent show and family fun for everyone!!! The talent show is something different this year and if you are that one individual or group that likes to lip sync songs in the car and post them on Facebook that this is for you, if you are an awesome air guitarist than sign up, if everyone thinks you are funny than tell jokes, if you can make things disappear that you could do magic, if you have a small garage band and want to play some songs or you just sing in the shower than we want you, of course if you are a shower singer please be clothed while performing. ANY family orientated talent is welcome, individuals or groups, parents or siblings registration is at 1pm on Saturday the 1st and the talent contest starts at 2p. Contact Chief Bowling prior to the event and register the act, please have any music or props that you require. I hope to see you there and let us show them that MANCHESTER HAS TALENT, or Do it for the Vine. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

The Manchester Police Department assisted Aberdeen Police Department with intelligence information and undercover drug buys and with a joint effort police arrested Samantha Carroll and Billy Strange for trafficking in heroin through Brown County, both Strange and Carroll are residents of Manchester. All SUBJECTS are considered innocent until proven guily in a court of law. Also Manchester residents arrested in Cincinnati. Local residents arrested for trafficking in heroin, they currently reside on W. Sixth St. Police: Parents buy, use heroin with kids in car Posted: Jun 26, 2015 6:50 AM EDT Updated: Jun 26, 2015 6:56 AM EDT By Jennifer Baker EmailConnect Daniel Carter (Provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) Nicole Brewsaugh (Provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)A Manchester couple is accused of buying and using heroin while their three young children were in the car. Cincinnati police arrested Daniel Carter, 30, and Nicole Brewsaugh, 28, on Thursday after an officer found them with heroin, a drug grinder and straw, court record show. Both were held at the Hamilton County jail overnight on charges of child endangering, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. They are scheduled to appear before a judge Friday. It was not immediately clear who is caring for their children. Copyright 2015 WXIX. All rights reserved. Read more:

The Manchester Police Department is proud to be able to send 2 officers to Cincinnati to honor the life and service of fallen Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim and particpate in the funeral procession , also I am proud to see other departments from Adams County make the trip as well. RIP Officer Sonny Kim. On behalf of Chief Bowling and the Manchester Ohio Police Department.

On behalf of the Manchester Police Department we would like to congratulate Manchester High School student TESS BURNS on placing #2 in the State in the High Jump event this past weekend and we were pleased to be part of the parade welcoming her back in town. Great job Tess, HOME TOWN PROUD.

This past week with the help of K-9 Officer Jason Mallott and multiple jurisdictions the Manchester Police Department aided in the apprehensions of 7 felony arrest involving heroin possession, and an out of state warrant on an individual for possession of heroin, also Chief Bowling arrested a resident that had a felony warrant from Texas for Parole Violation with the original charge of armed robbery and the suspect was considered armed and dangerous and he has been living in Manchester for over a year. The Manchester Police Department strives on providing a safe and drug free community for our residents to live, work and raise children in and we will continue to do that to the best of OUR ability. Have a safe weekend. Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

SCAM ALERT!!!!!! The Manchester Police Department has been receiving numerou calls from residents indicating that they have been receiving calls from an individual stating that they were from the IRS and that they are past due or taxes and that the Manchester Police Deparment is coming out to arrest them. The IRS DOES NOT call tax payers, they will send the information through the US mail or it will be certified and the Manchester Police Department would definately not be involved in an arrest if that were the case. PLEASE do not give any information out to anyone claiming to be from the IRS or give any banking information out over the phone, PLEASE PASSTHIS INFORMATION ALONG TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY OR ANYONE THAT MAY NOT HAVE INTERNET OR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCESS. Thanks, Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

The Manchester Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating a missing adult female. RACHAEL DAY left Manchester on 05/02/2015 to go to Maysville, Kentucky, she was seen at Chicks bar in downtown Maysville. Racheal is a w/f 30 years of age and driving a 1999 gold Chevy Mailbu with Ohio registration EVA 6045 and it is registered to her mother Rhonda Hammons. If anyone has knowledge of her whereabouts please contact the Manchester Police Department. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

On behalf of the Manchester Police Department I would like to thank all of the Adams County Dispatchers and any other public service dispatcher for their dedication and continued service. Most people do not realize that as Officers, Fire, EMS etc. that we rely on these employees to get us to where we need to go and to make sure that we are ok once we get there. Being a dispatcher is a thankless job and the average citizen assumes that all they do is answer phones, that is the not the extent of their jobs, they are called upon for computer entries, warrant entries, registration checks, criminal history checks and the list goes on. With nearly 30 years of service I have had the opportunity to fill in for dispatchers and the stress is way more than what is experienced working the streets, they are the ones behind the scenes that keep us moving. So please remember these fine employees and understand what they do and the irate callers that they have to deal with on occassions. Happy Tele-communicators week. Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

Community Wide Trash drop off is today 04-17 until Sun 04-19-2015, please take advantage of the service and bring any unwanted trash to the dumpsters located next to the old pants factory from 0700am-until 400 pm. PLEASE DO NOT drop off anything if the gates are closed and no attendant is present. This area is monitored by video and anyone dropping off anything after hours will be cited.

The Easter Egg Hunt and Parade scheduled for tomorrow 04-04-15 in Manchester has been postponed due to the heavy rains, It has tentatively be rescheduled for next Saturday 04-11-15. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

The Village of Manchester with the help of the Salvation Army has set up an emergency shelter any serving food for residents affected by the flood waters, the shelter is located at the Communtiy Building at 400 Pike St. Manchester, Ohio. Any questions residents can call the police department at 937-549-3330. Once again please limit vehicle traffic in and around the affected areas, as it hampers the rescue efforts of the first responders and DO NOT attempt to drive through high water. Please share this post. Thanks, Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

During the recent snow storm I have come to realize a few things, for such a small community we have people that are willing to help others in the time of need. I have seen Police Officers, Deputies, Fire Fighters, EMTS/Paramedics, street crews and private snow removers that actually help each other and the public out in the time of need, some even driving their personal vehicles in order to access places that normally cannot be accessed.. Yes I have seen Manchester Township trucks plowing/salting village streets, BUT I have also seen Manchester Village trucks plowing/salting township roads, I have seen village officers standing by for wires and trees down on county roads, I have seen other people helping out.. WHY.. because this was a snow emergency and everybody is short staffed, I even offered to drive a plow truck in order to give our guys rest (when I say guys I mean 1 or 2 people) but they are dedicated and they wanted to keep going. I did open up the community building for a warming shelter and I took the backhoe and I personally cleared the lot so residents could access the parking lot safely, Rick Collins shoveled the entire walkways by himself, the fire department and life squad was asked to respond for trees down in their area and cut them up to clear the road, because the township/county crews were tired. YES we were on a level 3 for most of the day, it may look nice looking at the snow out the window, but when life squads get stuck trying to get to a person who is unable to breath, it is frustrating and we feel like failures.. but we did manage with the help of 4 wheel drive vehicles. I know people are complaining because of the level 3, But it was a have to situation and we as law enforcement personnel do take situations into consideration and NO we/I did not cite anyone, it is also aggravating when someone gets stuck and you ask "where are you going" and the answer is "just riding around". LOOK.. I understand if you have to get to work, go pick up family members because of no electric/heat or other emergencies that is acceptable and I understand... I will even help you with my truck if need be. I just wanted to take a moment and let people understand that WE as a county try and help each other, we may go and help the sheriff's office out and than get asked why was a Manchester Cruiser in Rome.. BUT stop and think if it was your're family that needed help or were scared because their alarm went off.. would you not want the first person there to help.. I think I would, regardless of what jurisdiction they were from. I just noticed that Adams County employees/people come together to help. I came from and worked in a much larger City/County and most employees would not come out unless they got paid for it... Well I know in Manchester (as well as other areas) they did a lot of volunteer assistance. I am strictly salary so when I am out past 4 or on the weekends it is because I care and I truly like to help others and I do not make any extra for it, nor have I taken a vacation since I have been here.. NOT complaining.. But most of us leave our families to help yours and I do know that some of you really appreciate it. I honestly love serving the Village of Manchester as the Chief of Police and I have come to love Adams County... It sure beats the heck out of city life.. But please take a moment and consider what the city,county,state and township employees have done in order to survive this snow emergency, most of the things you may not see unless you ride around with them or follow them. I appreciate all the help from those that were there, and I would like to thank others who helped people in need and pray that everyone stays safe,warm and fed and if you need anything call us.. we will try and help if we can.. Sorry for the long post.. Respectfully, Chief Jeff R. Bowling Manchester Police Department

The current road conditions for Manchester and Adams County are extremely snow covered and slick, some roads are nearly impassable, all travel should be limited to emergencies only at this time Adams County is under a level 2 snow emergency. On the brighter side, the temp. is suppose to reach 32 today, get the flip flops and tank tops out.

The current road conditions in Manchester are snow covered and extremely slick, it is reccomended to stay off of them if at all possible and have patience while the street department attempts to clear them. Also a reminder, if you see an emergency vehicle (including tow trucks, snow plow etc.) on the side of the roadway with their lights on please SLOW DOWN and MERGE LEFT or STOP until it is safe to move over and give them room to work and avoid any accidents.. If you see an emergency vehicle traveling the same direction or the opposite direction as you with the lights on PLEASE slow down and pull off the side of the roadway until they pass, especially in hazard road conditions, this will prevent any accidents. Please stay warm and safe and check on the elderly and dont forget about you're pets, also the community room is open for a warming shelter if anyone needs it, the police department phones are transfered to my cell phone so feel free to call.

The Hometown Christmas in the Village is still on for December 20th from 4pm to 8p, however the location has been changed to the RIVER BARN instead of outside on Second St. We will still have the same entertainment and vendors will also be present to sell crafts. Free coffee, Hot chocolate, Cookies and a DJ playing music, Christmas carolers welcome

ATTENTION!!!!. On December 20th from 4p-8p we are doing a Christmas Party outdoors in front of the town Christmas tree on E. Second St. This will include Santa and his elf arriving via a fire truck with treats for the kids, free hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, music, hayride down second st. to see the lights, I have craft booths that are willing to set up and sell Christmas crafts, vendors are welcome to set up to sell their crafts, food or wares (no set up fees,) on the side walks, carolers welcome This is about people gathering together as we are a small community with a big heart and good people that need to come together and be a team in order to make our town better to live, work and shop, we are not making any money from this and it is all volunteer, other than the vendors who sell their products for their gain. This is not about ONE person (other than the true meaning of Christmas) but this is about 2100 residents who call MANCHESTER, OHIO home and we need to come together and put all hatred or animosity aside for at least one time a year. I have personally lost 4 people that I loved and respected within the past 2 weeks and close to losing another one, WE never know when our time is up and this is the toughest time of year for some families, happiest for some and sad for others, but we all need to get through it the best that we possibly can. May God Bless you all, Any questions or comments please contact me at the office 937-549-3330. please share, the more the merrier. Chief Jeff R. Bowling

Manchester Police Departments most wanted. Sharon Nicole Sites 09/19/1986 Tiana Addis James T. Shoemaker 02/01/1987 Melinda Shaw 04/03/1968 Andrew C. Shaw 09/08/1982 Benjamin Lee Raines 05/07/1981 Theadesa Dawn Yates 06/15/1972 Melinda Mowen 01/26/1982 Adam Spencer 11/17/1985 Tabatha Jo Ward 07/22/1970 Chasity Dawn Spires 02/12/1975 Bryan Bishop If you know the whereabouts of theses individuals please have them contact the Manchester Police Department at 937-549-3330 in order to avoid any additional charges.

SCAM ALERT!!!!! Today is the second day in a row that I have had residents bring in checks from $2000.00 up to $2300.00 from Walmart and LCMB INC. and they appear to be from a corporate office or bank and it will include a letter indicating they are paying you for a survey and they want you do deposit the check in your own bank and than call them back and they will tell you what you do from there. I called the LCMB, INC and played his game for a while and than when I told him I was from the police department he said "have a nice day" and hung up, I also called Walmart Corporate Office in Bentonville, AK. and they are well aware of the scam and it has originated outside of the United States. Before I told the Walmart Corporate Office the entire reason that I was calling they told me that they are aware of the scam and that the checks are drawn on WACHOVIA BANK and that is not their bank. They said that someone has stolen a payroll check a few years ago and they have been copying them ever since in order to obtain access to bank accounts and information. They also told me that they are telling others who call in about this to contact the Attorney Generals Office. I will be contacting the Ohio Attorney Generals Office after the holidays. I know that around the holidays people are really vulnerable and in need of extra cash but PLEASE do not fall prey to this scam and when in doubt contact the local police department of the Attorney General's Office. Thanks and have a great holiday, and please share this post. Chief Jeff Bowling, Manchester Police Department