Ashland Police Department

  • Agency: Ashland Police Department
  • Address: 1211 East Main Street, Ashland, 44805 OH
  • Chief: David Marcelli (Chief of Police)

Ashland Police Department is located at 1211 East Main Street, Ashland, 44805 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is David Marcelli. The Ashland Police Department phone number is 419-289-1911.

Ashland Police Department News

" The Ashland Police Division has seen an increase in scam related reports involving Google Play Cards. Residents are urged to call police if they receive a phone call related to anyone needing money over the phone. An example of a common scam involves a phone call where the caller pretends to be a family member. The caller claims to be in an emergency situation, whether it be a car crash, an arrest, or any other emergency requiring them to need money. The callers are very convincing and will often request money via wire transfer. A recent trend we have seen is a request for the victim to purchase a Google Play Card. Once the card is purchased the suspect will ask the victim to read the card numbers to them. The suspect now has the account information and has stolen it from you. These cases are very hard to investigate because most of them involve international suspects. Names given are not real names, often addresses are fraudulent as well. Just today I received a call from 1-855-945-5243. It was a recorded message informing me that the IRS has a warrant for my arrest. It asked me to call the number to receive instructions on how I could pay the bond or taxes to avoid arrest. THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE. Things to remember; -If the caller wants you to send money via wire transfer, through other means such as Google Play Cards, or other cards, it is likely a scam. -A Police Officer, jail employee, bondsman, state trooper, or any public figure will never request money via wire transfer nor Google Play Cards. -Threats to you for not paying are not legitimate threats. You will not be arrested if you don't pay. -If ever in doubt call the Ashland Police Division." Chief David Marcelli

Our friends from Ashland High School and Ashland Parenting Plus dropped of some much appreciated treats. Thank You!

Officers are looking for any witnesses to a hit/skip that occurred on Monday April 9th at 6:45 p.m., in the area of Main/Union. Vehicles involved were a red Ford F150 and the suspect vehicle was a dark grey mid-late 2000's Ford Taurus. If you have information about this crash, please contact Officer Kunzen at 419-289-3639 ext. 1109. Thanks for your help!

This morning, a regularly scheduled K9 search of Ashland High School, Ashland Middle School, and ACCA took place. No contraband was located.

SCHOOL SAFETY:. I want to thank everyone who provided words of encouragement or acts of kindness to Officers of the Division last week. All members of the Division are grateful for your support. Unfortunately, I have to report that despite our best efforts, we do not yet have the person responsible for the snap chat threat, in custody. The investigation continues and when I have an update, I will release that information. The snap chat post was for " tomorrow" so we know that date has passed. It is possible that this person has reflected on the post and changed their mind. We will remain vigilant, as we seek to identify the source of the post. As for school tomorrow, there will be a police presence at the school buildings tomorrow. We continue to work with Dr. Marrah and Ashland City school staff to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. I appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter. Feel free to contact me at 419-289-3639 ext 1010 if you have any questions or concerns. Chief David Marcelli

Sgt. Baker accepted another special gift on behalf of all the officers at APD. Many thanks to Bradley Ashley and Robert Williams.

Thank you yesterday to Curt, Ashley, Mackenzie, Emma and Aubrie

Many thanks to Eli and Ethan!

SCHOOL THREAT UPDATE: When this report came in every effort was made to identify the person responsible. When it was evident that we were not able to accomplish this by the end of the day, I contacted every primary School in the city as well as Ashland University to inform them of the situation. The decision to close or remain open was left to the decision of each administrator. I also contacted every pre-school and large day care on our list to notify them of the threat. It was also left up to them to decide to close or remain open. I have recalled Officers scheduled to be off tomorrow to report for duty at the schools. We will do everything in our power to protect our children. We will continue to investigate every lead to identify the source of this threat. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please stop calling the station and dispatch. They have no more information than is contained in the press release. Do keep checking back here for updates. I promise to keep you updated with information as it becomes available. Please contact the number included in the press release if you have any information. If you choose not to send your children to school tomorow, that is okay. We cannot close the schools in response to every threat, but know we will take every step to secure our schools, some you will know about, some you will not. I have seen comments about armed parents going to the schools to protect their children. I understand why you feel this way. I feel this way. Please understand that the Officers and staff will not be able to differentiate between you and a threat. As a result, you will be treated as a threat. Please know that we are taking this threat seriously. We are still investigating this situation and will keep you informed. We will also be at the schools tomorrow to protect all of our children. Chief David Marcelli

We are releasing the following press release. This information is meant to inform the public concerning a potential threat to our community. The credibility of this threat has yet to be determined. We ask that you avoid speculation or rumors, as this only causes additional panic. If you have any information concerning the source of this snap chat post, please contact Officer Jeremy Jarvis at 419-289-3639 EXT 1115.

Off. Jeremy Jarvis has been selected to be a School Resource Officer at all of the Ashland City Schools. Off. Jarvis will work with all of the City School buildings to make them safer. During the summer months he will be assigned to the Detective Bureau.

The roaming pot bellied pig has been rescued by some concerned citizens and was taken in by them. Thanks for all who helped!

Just a quick reminder, once again we do not take calls for service over Facebook messenger. If you wish to file a report you can contact our non-emergency dispatch line at 419-289-1911. If you wish to report an anonymous tip to our drug tip line you can dial for 419-52CRIME. As always, if it's an emergency please dial 9-1-1.

Please contact dispatch if you or someone you know is missing a black pig. 419-289-1911.

We have taken several calls over the last few days about a black stray pig wandering the streets. It has been spotted on Meyers Avenue, Wick Avenue, Ohio Street and Prospect Street. If you or someone you know is missing a black pig please call dispatch at 419-289-1911.

Several of our officers went to Westerville PD to pay respects to their fallen officers. May they rest in peace.

We stand with our brothers and sisters at the Westerville Police Department in mourning their loss. Officer Morelli and and Off Joering will not be forgotten.

The property crime map has been updated for 2018. Check the link below to view any property related crimes that may have occurred in your area.

Ashland County is under a level 1 snow emergency.

Ashland County is now under a level 1 snow emergency.

Ashland County is now under a level 2 snow emergency. This means that roads are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Only those who feel it necessary to drive should be out.

This dog was found in the 700 block of East 7th Street tonight. If you think you know the owner please have them contact the animal shelter during staffed hours. We were unable to determine if it is a boy or a girl due to the amount of fur it had. Thank you for helping to get this pup back to its owner!