Albany Police Department

  • Agency: Albany Police Department
  • Address: 5358 W Clinton, Albany, 45710 OH
  • Chief: Robert C Deardorff (Chief)
Phone: 740-698-6127
Fax: 740-698-6047

Albany Police Department is located at 5358 W Clinton, Albany, 45710 OH. The Chief of the department is Robert C Deardorff. The Albany Police Department phone number is 740-698-6127.

Albany Police Department News

Now it’s time for your evening update....... Athens County is currently under a level 2 snow emergency. For our Meigs County neighbors, you have been placed on a level 3 snow emergency. We have been hearing rumblings about Alexander Schools being closed again for tomorrow. No official posts have been seen from the school or Superintendent Douglas. Please be a good neighbor and shovel your sidewalk in front of your house, if you have one. The firemen also appreciate it if you have a fire hydrant to clean out around it as well. Sparky the fire dog does not like getting out of the fire truck to search out hydrants in this cold weather. Whoever is doing the snow dance, please stop! Who ever knows the sunshine dance, we will be meeting at the fairgrounds tomorrow at noon to try to shake some warmth loose. Chief

The Athens County Auditor’s Office will be at the Albany Marathon today from 2-5 to make picking up your dog license a little easier.

Athens County has went to a level 2 snow emergency, 0730 16 Jan.

Road update this morning from the Sheriff’s Office.

Another snow day for our Spartans. At least there is snow out there to play in, instead of ice and subzero temperatures.

Just when you thought we couldn’t have any more fun, Old Man Winter strikes again. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for our area starting at noon today, 15 Jan and lasting until 9 AM on 16 Jan. I’m really beginning to wish we could get a summer weather advisory with some temperatures in the 80’s and plenty of sun. Chief

Athens County is now at a level 1 snow emergency. While the highways are pretty clear, our streets, especially lesser traveled side streets, are still snow covered and slick. Chief Deardorff

Athens County has now upgraded to a level 2 snow emergency. The roadways are back open for travel, but can still be slick and snow covered. You should only travel if it is absolutely necessary.

**edit As of 10AM, Athens County is at a level 2. A quick update this morning, Athens, Meigs and Vinton counties are all under a level 3 snow emergency. This means that the roadways are closed for driving. The only exception is for emergency workers. If you are found out, say in a crash, you can be cited for driving on a closed roadway, unless you meet the criteria for being on the roads. Once the road conditions improve and the roads reopen, if you have to go somewhere today, call ahead to make sure your destination is open. Lots of business are closing today due to the weather and closed roadways. Chief

Athens County has reached a level 3 snow emergency! This means that all roadways are CLOSED to non-essential (emergency) traffic. It also means that the roads are really, really, bad and your shouldn’t attempt travel.

ATHENS CO EMA: Athens Co LEVEL 3 SNOW EMERGENCY, roads closed, no driving unless absolutely necessary or emergency exists!

This is for our Vinton County neighbors.

For our Meigs County neighbors.

Athens County is now under a level two snow (and ice) emergency. Only drive if it is absolutely, positively, 150% necessary.

Well, we almost made it 60 hours without being under a snow emergency level, but the time has come to issue another one. Athens County Sheriff Smith as placed Athens County under a level 1 snow (ice) emergency. If you have to head out, drive very carefully. Due to the nature of this storm, it’s a good idea to call ahead to your destination to make sure they are open. We also ask that you refrain from calling emergency services for road and weather information. Our dispatchers can be very busy during these winter storms. Please check social media or listen to the radio/local news for the information you need. Contemplating changing the police department into an igloo, Chief

Here are some important announcements for our area.

Mother Nature is dishing out a two-fer today, tomorrow and Saturday. First, we are under a flood watch from 7PM this evening until 10 AM tomorrow, 12 Jan. Tomorrow at 4 PM kicks off the winter weather advisory for our area, lasting until 10 AM Saturday, 13 Jan. To prepare for this, I recommend leaving prepared in the morning. This would include your rain boots, snow boots, umbrella, rain coat, winter parka, guide dogs and a sled. Here’s to another weekend of bread and milk, Chief Deardorff

Per the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, all snow emergencies have been lifted for Athens County.

Athens County is now at a level 1 snow emergency.

The Athens County Auditor’s Office will be at the Albany Marathon today from 2-5 to make picking up a license a little earlier. *A dog license does not give your doggy the privilege to drive in the State of Ohio. Sending them to the store on snack runs does not end well, and can lead to a large credit card bill for biscuits and cheese.

Activity Report 5-7 January 5 January Warning issued, Carpenter Road for speeding. Warning issued, Carpenter Road for no license plate light and weaving. Driver was eating chicken, which caused the weaving. Citation issued for speeding, Route 32 for 79 MPH in a 60 MPH posted zone. Officer was dispatched to an activated intrusion alarm at the Alexander Schools storage facility on West Clinton Street. Building was checked with a key holder and found to be secure. 6 January Warning issued, Washington Road for failure to obey a traffic control device (stop sign). 7 January Officer responded to Depot Street for a barking dog complaint. Officer responded to Depot Street for a loud music complaint and alleged drug usage. Officer responded to Depot Street for a burglary complaint. Suspect was arrested with the Assistance of the Athens County Sheriff's Office, due to the male fighting with officers, and transported to the Regional Jail. Officer responded to Grandview Drive in Lee Township at the request of the Sheriff's Office to perform a notification involving a vehicle. Citation issued, Washington Road for fictitious registration and loud exhaust. Vehicle was impounded pending proof of ownership, proof of insurance and proper registration.

Good morning neighbors. Here is a quick rundown of what's going on this morning, 8 January. Athens County is under a level 2 snow emergency. The roads are ice covered and slick, secondary roads more so than highways. If you are coming into Athens from Albany, Richland Avenue is closed under 32/50 due to a traffic crash. Alexander Schools are closed today. Please remember not to call emergency services for road or weather conditions. You can check social media or listen to the radio for updates. During weather emergencies, dispatchers are handling multiple emergencies, some life or death. Chief Deardorff

Athens County is now under a level 2 snow (ice) emergency. Roadways are hazardous and travel should only be attempted if necessary. Please do not call emergency services for road or weather updates, monitor radio, television or social media.