Albany Police Department

  • Agency: Albany Police Department
  • Address: 5358 W Clinton, Albany, 45710 OH
  • Chief: Robert C Deardorff (Chief)
Phone: 740-698-6127
Fax: 740-698-6047

Albany Police Department is located at 5358 W Clinton, Albany, 45710 OH. The Chief of the department is Robert C Deardorff. The Albany Police Department phone number is 740-698-6127.

Albany Police Department News

Athens County is now under a level 2 snow emergency. Please only travel if necessary and the snow is coming down quite quickly.

Athens County is now under a level 1 snow emergency.

Thank you!

This message from a follower was received by our page earlier today. Thank you for taking time from your day and thinking about police officers in our community. Thank You for putting on that vest every day to go out and protect people like me and my family. What you do does not go un-noticed by me. It’s a shame that we only think about you all in the time of a tragedy. Bravery doesn’t even begin to describe what you do every day. Don’t take a simple call for granted, laugh afterwards, and stay safe!! THANK YOU

Athens County is now at a level 1 snow emergency. Please continue to drive safely.

Alexander Schools are also closed today, 12 February.

We mourn the loss or two brothers from the Westerville Police Department. Please think of their families during this tragic time.

Athens County is now under a level 1 snow emergency. Please drive safely and watch for changing road conditions.

Per Superintendent Lindy Douglas, Alexander Schools are closed for today, 7 February 2018.

Here is some information about your local courts in severe weather.

Per the Athens County Sheriff's Office, the snow emergency for Athens County has been lifted.

It’s better to chat around the water cooler at work about the game in the morning instead of chatting with the Judge in court.

The snow emergency for Athens County has been lifted. Please drive responsibly and root for your favorite team tonight like the commercials aren’t what you are really watching for.

Athens County has simmered down to a level 1 snow emergency. Things are now slush covered and slick in spots.

Looks like we are jumping straight to a level 2 snow emergency this morning. Head out only if it is necessary.

There are some Albany area folks on this latest list. If you see your name here, please do the best thing and turn yourself into the court. If you are the friend or loved one of someone on this list, please talk to them about turning themselves into the courts or law enforcement. It is much easier to own up to what you have been accused of instead of always looking over your shoulder. Chief Deardorff

Good morning and happy Groundhog Day!. Bundle up extra tight this morning, the temperatures have taken a nosedive since yesterday. Watch out for ice patches on the back roads too, they can be pretty slick. In other news, today is the day that we all gather round a little furry creature, awaiting his weather prediction on whether or not spring will arrive early this year. If I was a weather person, I would be a little huffy that more people trust a rodent to prognosticate about the weather than me. The real weather people are already calling for some snow on Sunday, so you might want to get your milk and bread early. Anyway, it's Friday so if you're a Monday through Friday person, you've got a couple days off coming to you. If you're a football fan, it's Superbowl weekend. If you're a fan of 90's boy bands, you can always hope Justin Timberlake is joined by the rest of 'Nsync for his half time show. Still holding out for the Browns to make it to the 'Bowl, Chief Deardorff

A lunchtime message, about lunch time, from a long time Albany restaurant.