Glouster Police Department

  • Agency: Glouster Police Department
  • Address: 2 Monroe St, 45732 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 740-767-3768
Fax: 740-767-3268

Glouster Police Department is located at 2 Monroe St, 45732 OH. The Glouster Police Department phone number is 740-767-3768.

Glouster Police Department News

The Embrey St. bridge has been damaged by a garbage truck this evening. After inspecting the bridge, it was determined that the bridge needs to be closed until it's replacement, which is slated for the summer of 2018. We are taking this action in order to prevent bodily injury and additional damage.

Congratulations to you Officer Chuck Love and Lauren, on the birth of your son Jayce. May God bless you all with love and happiness.

Please share: Trick or treat in the Village of Glouster is scheduled for Tuesday October 31 from 6:00 p.m- 7:00 p.m. If you're going to participate, please turn on your porch light so that families will know who is and isn't handing out goodies. Be safe!

Public Service Announcement: the Trimble Township Trustees are having a Township Clean-up Day on Saturday October 7, 2017. They will be accepting junk and tires... Yes TIRES . They will NOT be accepting household garbage or paint. The event begins at 9 a.m. and the dumpsters will be located in Trimble, behind Kaslers Country Kitchen, on Congress Run Rd. It's not too late to clean up your yard and have it hauled away free of charge. If questions arise, contact one of your township trustees, Sam Kamento, Geoff Moore, or Paul ""Smoke" Barrett.

On Sunday September 17, 2017, the Holy Cross Catholic Church will celebrate it's 125th anniversary. Today parishioners spent the day setting up for the celebration. Two large tents were set up in the side yard of the church. Between 3:00 and 3:30 this afternoon one of the tents was destroyed and another one damaged. Police were advised this evening of the damage. Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to contact Glouster Police. A reward had been made available for the successful arrest and possible conviction of the perpetrator. UPDATE: TWO JUVENILE HAVE ADMITTED TO GLOUSTER POLICE THAT THEY WERE THE PERPETRATORS IN THIS CRIME. THE CASE IS BEING REFERRED TO ATHENS COUNTY JUVENILE COURT.

An accidental "butt dial" took the Glouster Police to 24 Locust St. Upon arrival officers heard commotion in a shed behind the residence, which was bring used as a place to shoot up drugs. Officers requested and were given a search warrant by the courts. After receiving the warrant, officers located what appears to be heroin, crystal meth, prescription medications, and many pieces of drug paraphernalia. The items were all confiscated and will be sent to the BCI crime lab for analysis. The investigation is continuing and will be presented to the Prosecutor's Office for future indictments of Joshua McCown and Alicia Lehman, both of Glouster. The GPD would like to thank the Prosecutor's Secret Service Officers, the Sheriff's office, and GPD auxiliary officers for their assistance in this investigation.

Due to the death of our beloved Council President, Greg Sikorski, the Glouster Water and Electric office will close at 12:00 noon on Monday August 21st and will remain closed until 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday August 23rd. Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.

The Glouster Police Department would like to thank the officers and patrons of the Glouster Eagles Aerie #468 for the generous donation of $1,500. This donation allowed us to purchase another taser for our officers. Thank you again for your generosity and support.

The Glouster Police Department is seeking witnesses to a high speed pursuit this afternoon, Tuesday August 1, 2017, on Broad Street and State Route 13. The officers were pursuing an orange "crotch rocket" style motorcycle. Anyone with information should contact the GPD at 740-767-3768. Please leave any information along with your name and telephone number for Officer Love to return your call. Any information is helpful.

Some of our confiscated items. Not bad for a small department. We're constantly working to protect our citizens and bring justice to those that believe that they can poison our community. Thank you all for allowing us to serve you.

On Monday July 3, 2017, while officers were on routine patrol, officers stopped a 2005 Chrysler 300C, for ficticious tags. Upon identifying the driver and passenger, officers were advised that the passenger, Brent Sharrer, age 22, of Glouster, had a warrant from Athens County. The driver, Brendon Whiteford, age 22, of Glouster, consented to a vehicle search. Officers conducted the search and a large amount of illecit drugs, drug paraphernalia, cash, and miscellaneous items were seized. Items seized by the officers include: 1 baggy including largest chunks of crystal meth, 6 individually wrapped bags of crystal meth, a baggy of marijuana, 2 sets of scales, 2 baggies of miscellaneous prescription medications which is believed to be Xanax and Vicodin, 38 hits of heroin, 1 meth pipe, 3 fixed-blade knives, a police baton, an empty gun holster, over $150 cash, 2 butane lighters, and 3 cellular devices. Once the officers confiscated the drugs, took the two men into custody, and impounded the vehicle, Prosecutor's Investigators Jay Barrett and Tom McKnight were brought into the investigation. Sharrer and Whiteford were placed in the regional jail on a host of felony charges. The case remains under investigation and will be presented to the Prosecutor's Office for future indictments.

The Glouster Police assisted the Adult Parole Authority with a home visit on a parolee this morning, May 17, 2017. Officers from the APA noticed drugs and drug paraphernalia in the residence. Officers from the Glouster Police and Secret Service Officers from the Athens County Prosecutor's Office obtained a search warrant and conducted a search. Paraphernalia such as meth/ marijuana/crack pipes, scales, and snort tubes were seized. Also seized was crystal meth, various pills believed to be Vicodin, marijuana, and what is believed to be cocaine. The case is still under investigation and will be presented to Prosecutor Keller Blackburn's office for possible indictments once the investigation is concluded. The Glouster Police Department would like to thank the APA, and the Prosecutor's Officer Secret Service Officers for their assistance and guidance in this investigation. Lastly it should be noted that John Rutter, 68 Spring Street, Glouster, was jailed in the SEORJ on a parole violation.

Thanks to all that helped with the Glouster Easter Egg hunt.

Just a reminder that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday 4/15/17, at 12:00 noon. It will be at the Glouster Memorial Park. If it happens to rain, the staff will be handing the eggs to the children. Children ages "walking " through the 6th grade are encouraged to participate. There are additional prizes for special eggs.

Just an FYI : Toledo Street (St Rte 78 ) is closed due to flooding. Please avoid this area at all cost. The officers are issuing traffic citations for those driving on a closed roadway. Thank you for your cooperation. Be safe and God bless.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a very joyous and celebratory day at GPD. We are very proud to announce that Chief Ryan Nagucki and his family have welcomed a 6 lb, 14 oz bouncing baby boy into their household. We have not been given his name, but we are so very happy to just finally share the great news. Congrats Nagucki family. May God bless you and keep his arms around you all.

The Glouster Police Department executed a search warrant today, January 11, in the area of Spring St. A massive amount of drugs and drug paraphernalia were seized by authorities; what is assumed to be LSD, cocaine, marijuana, and marijuana "dab." Kevin Degarmore was arrested and jailed on an Adult Parole Authority holder. The case remains under investigation. Glouster Police would like to thank the Athens County Prosecutor's Office Investigators, Jay, Molly, Reuben, and Tom for their assistance in this case.

On this Christmas morning we want to ask that you remain vigilant and safe. As you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, remember that there are those that want what you opened, and may take it for themselves. Break down your large boxes, take precautions so that the thieves don't know what you got as gifts. Lastly, as we continue to keep you the safest as possible, please know that it is our pleasure to do so. We enjoy the service we provide because public service is certainly not a 'get rich ' type of job. It's about you and your family, and keeping you safe. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May God bless you and your household.

Just a little bit of what the Glouster Police Department seized today during a routine traffic stop. Keep up the good work men, the brass is very proud. More information will be released in time. Just know that this department is striving to maintain peace and order in our community by removing all things illegal. They are holding accountable those who want to disrupt our lives with things that are not healthy for our youth and adults alike.

We would like to remind the Glouster area that our annual Christmas Parade and activities is scheduled for Saturday December 3, at 6pm. The parade lineup is on Madison St near the Holy Cross Catholic Church, travels to Main St, High St, to Republic Ave. Santa and Mrs. Clause will receive children at the Glouster Depot immediately following the parade. Children will receive a bag of goodies, coloring book and crayons, mittens, tobaggon, and Christmas socks. Arts and crafts will be available for a fun time. Children can enter a raffle to win one of 6 bicycles, and of course, there will be cookies, hot chocolate, and various hot soups to warm their bellies. We hope to see you all there.

Tis the season... for thieves to prowl the town. Over the passed three days our department has taken 6 car break in reports. The suspect/s is targeting unlocked cars, rummaging through them until they find something of value. Please, and we can't stress enough, lock your cars, outbuildings, and homes. We know that you all have worked very hard for what you have, and to have someone take your personal property makes you feel violated and angry. We sincerely feel for you, but you need to help us by securing your belongings. A witness advised our officer today that they witnessed two males walking in a neighborhood around 5:00 a.m., where numerous cars had been entered. The males were dressed in dark colored hoodies and dark pants. It's important that you call police (9-1-1) to report suspicious activity. It's a pleasure to serve you, but we need all eyes watching our neighborhoods. If you see something, say something.

The Glouster Police are currently looking for an unknown white male, approximately 5'9", 165 pounds, wearing a ball cap, camouflage clothing, carrying a backpack. The male was last seen in the East Main Street area. He was chased by civilians who says he was caught trying to steal personal property. If you see anyone matching that description, please contact 9-1-1. Please keep your automobile and home doors locked. You may even consider leaving an outdoor light on. Stay vigilant, and if you see something, say something.

About 8:50 a.m. this morning, Chief Ryan Nagucki was advised by central dispatch that a stolen Dodge truck from Murray City was possibly spotted in the Glouster area. The Chief was patrolling the High Street area when he spotted the truck in question. The Chief asked the dispatcher to send additional units to the area. While waiting for deputies to arrive, the Chief followed the truck into Trimble and Jacksonville, not initiating a traffic stop until the driver of the truck began driving erratic on State Route 13, heading toward Millfield. After the driver ran oncoming vehicles off the roadway, Chief Nagucki initiated a traffic stop, which resulted in a high speed pursuit. Deputies joined the pursuit, which led them to Millfield, into Chauncey, The Plains, Nelsonville, then into Carbon Hill, and back into Nelsonville. In Nelsonville, stop sticks were deployed in the roadway, and the stolen truck came to a stop in the Mason City Hill area in Nelsonville. A male and female suspect were apprehended and taken into custody. Also involved in the pursuit was Nelsonville Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Hocking County Sheriff's Deputies. The investigation continues. This is also a great lesson that your cars and trucks need to remain locked at all times. Be vigilant, and if you see something, say something.

The Gloucester Police were dispatched to 15 1/2 Madison Street this afternoon for an active burglary call. The homeowner returned home earlier than expected to find two perpetrators inside the apartment . Tools were used by the perpetrators to gain entrance into the apartment. When the victim returned home, they found the door unlocked, pry marks on the door and door jamb, and upon entering the residence noticed the entry tools and personal belongings near the door. The female perpetrator, Melinda Young, tried to distract the victim while the male perpetrator fled the scene. Melinda Young of Nelsonville, was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and was placed in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail. The male perpetrator who fled the scene , Shannon Ray Gambill, also of Nelsonville , allegedly fled in a small blue pickup truck. A few hours after the initial call, Gambill was spotted by Glouster citizens who relayed his whereabouts to the Glouster Police. Gambill was apprehended by police on High Street, near the Cornerstone Convenience store. He is also being charged with aggravated burglary and is jailed in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail. Evidence seized from the scene will be taken to the crime lab for analysis.

Thank you to the First National Bank, The Glouster Community Bank and Family Dollar for the donation of candy that was passed out by the officers during trick or treat