Wapakoneta Police Department

  • Agency: Wapakoneta Police Department
  • Address: 701 Parlette Court, Wapakoneta, 45895 OH
  • Chief: Russel L Hunlock (Chief of Police)

Wapakoneta Police Department is located at 701 Parlette Court, Wapakoneta, 45895 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Russel L Hunlock. The Wapakoneta Police Department phone number is 419-738-2222.

Wapakoneta Police Department News

Thank you Wapakoneta YMCA for inviting us to 2018 Healthy Kids Day! We look forward to this event every year. Lieutenant Joe Welker, Officer Jimmy Cox, Dispatcher Lauren Presar and K9 Rico enjoyed spending the evening with everyone. I believe the kids had fun too!

This week was hard to get our five dispatchers together for a group photo. The dispatchers would like to say thank you to our Officers, Lieutenants, Chief Schneider and the public for showing support to us during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. We all have tough days doing the work we do but we wouldn’t ask to do a different profession. We work with a great group of people and love our community! Here is to another year of giving our best and doing everything we can to give efficient, professional and compassionate help to our citizens.

Today we recognize senior Dispatcher Nikki Sawmiller. Dispatcher Sawmiller is also the records clerk for our department. Nikki started with our department in June 1996. She has been previously awarded the Dispatcher of the Year Award and Meritorious Service Award. When asked, Nikki stated she applied because she wanted to do something meaningful. She had always been fascinated with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. At the time, she didn't have the confidence in herself but found the courage to apply and the rest is history. Dispatcher Sawmiller said one of the hardest parts of this job is trying not to bring work home with you. Unfortunately first responders deal with some of the most traumatic events for our citizens. After a stressful night or heartbreaking incident; you can't just leave it at the back door when your shift is over. Over her career there are some voices from callers that she has never forgotten. Another challenging part of this profession is being committed to a 24 hour / 365 day a year job. You have to make sacrifices a lot in order to provide services to your community. Lastly, Nikki said not letting bad decisions of others cloud your empathy. It is so easy to become cynical because the majority of what we see is not good. She always tries to remember that this is someone's loved one. What has been eye opening for Nikki early in her career was getting use to the fact that one moment it would be quite and then the next moment you would have chaos. You always had to be on your toes. After awhile you become more familiar with your role and your ability to multi-task improves. Over the years; Dispatcher Sawmiller said changes in technology and tools available to Officers have been unbelievable. In car computers with capability of creating their own calls and running registrations have made our jobs easier. Evidence collection with DNA has helped clear cases that previously probably would have went unsolved However, technology with social media and "scammers" have preyed on vulnerable people which in turn has created more police assistance. Nikki said she has had a great career and has worked with some brilliant people. One of the greatest compliments she has received was from an officer telling her that they were glad that she was working during a major incident. Her motto has always been "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst." Nikki lives in Wapakoneta with her husband Jerry. Thank you Dispatcher Nikki Sawmiller for your job knowledge and wanting things done correctly. Nikki is always giving of her time to assist whenever asked. You have a great way of knowing when an officer needs a minute to decompress or when they need a good laugh.

Today we recognize Dispatcher Jeremy McBride. Jeremy started with our department in April 2012. Dispatcher McBride is a two time winner of the Dispatcher of the Year Award; voted by his peers. Jeremy always had an interest in law enforcement but for one reason or another never pursued it. When the dispatch opening came available it sounded like a great opportunity to get into the profession. One of the challenging parts of dispatching is prioritizing multiple calls. You have to answer each call with the same urgency and attention to detail, regardless if it is a medical emergency or what time the parade starts. Another part of being a dispatcher that can be difficult is not knowing the outcome of a call you handle. At the end of your shift you go home and you wonder if you did everything you could to help someone. Jeremy said what he found to be eye opening about his profession is how tight knit the law enforcement profession is. Our department is one big family and everyone bleeds "blue" here. Jeremy loves coming to work knowing that the day brings something new. Dispatcher McBride lives in Shawnee with his wife and step-son. Thank You Jeremy for always assisting whenever asked and your incredible knowledge of technology. You are an asset to Wapakoneta Police Department.

Today we will recognize Dispatcher Ashley McEldowney. Ashley started with our department in January 2013. Ashley is our 2017 Dispatcher of the Year Award Winner and currently our Training Officer for Dispatchers. Dispatcher McEldowney knew she wanted to have a career in law enforcement but wasn't sure what type of job she wanted to pursue. Ashley was told by her father of the job opening and she took a chance by applying. Ashley wasn't hired immediately but later was offered a job. She went into her career wanting to prove herself by working hard. According to Ashley, some of the hardest parts of her job is not letting stress get to her, working long exhausting hours for staffing needs and missing out on time with her daughter, Raegan. Dispatcher McEldowney said what surprised her about being a dispatcher was the amount of knowledge you need to retain in order to do your job efficiently and what she is still learning. She is also amazed in the amount of work that goes behind every case. It is not just responding and taking a report. Officers need to do additional follow up, interviews and court proceedings. Ashley loves her law enforcement career choice. She loves that our agency is close knit and takes pride and comfort in knowing that she makes sure her Officers go home safe every night. Ashley lives in St. Mary's with her daughter Raegan (future dispatcher). Thank you Ashley for a job well done. You always rise to our department's needs and willing to help wherever and whenever it is needed!

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: Please contact our office if you have information on the whereabouts of these two individuals. The easiest way to get this resolved would be to turn yourself in to our agency and let the court process continue.

In the spotlight today is Dispatcher Jessica Enderud. Jessica joined our department in February of this year. Jessica previously worked at Auglaize County Sheriff's Office for over three years. Dispatcher Enderud applied for the position because she wanted to continue in the law enforcement field but have a more active role with our city and citizens. Jessica said the hardest or challenging part of her job is trying to stay calm when everything around you is chaotic. What gets her through the moment is to remind herself everyday, "You won't help anyone if you can't keep it together." Dispatcher Enderud finished her training program and is now working the "swing" shift for our department. When asked Jessica's eye opening experience is the amount of incidents that go on in our community. A lot of people have the idea that because you live in a small town, nothing happens. That is not the case. Jessica lives in St. Mary's with her family and is very thankful for the opportunity to work for our agency. Thank You Jessica for your experience and passion for the job. You are very motivated and gifted.

This week we will be showcasing our dispatchers during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. Dispatcher Lauren Presar joined our department in March of this year. Lauren applied for the position because she wanted to give back to the community. Lauren enjoys working with the public. When asked what part of her job so far has been eye opening, Lauren is surprised at the variety of calls dispatchers have to answer and how busy Wapakoneta can be. Currently Lauren is going through her training program and she says learning her role is the hardest part of her job. Lauren lives in Wapakoneta with her husband Jeremy and their two boys Bo and Brody. Thank you Lauren for your commitment and enthusiasm for public service! You have a bright future ahead.

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. We would like to salute our dispatchers for a job well done.

Today, Employees from Alan Davis Insurance stopped by to present Officer John "Junior" Dunham with a certificate of appreciation award along with providing a team meal. Alan Davis and Farmers Insurance is doing a salute to local heroes throughout the year. Chief Calvin Schneider was contacted and asked to nominate an officer deserving of recognition. Chief Schneider nominated Officer Dunham because he has become a mentor to our younger officers and he is always willing to lend a hand. John is the first to volunteer and enjoys interacting with the community. Officer Dunham could have retired but instead continued his law enforcement career and enjoys passing on his knowledge to fellow officers. Pictured with Officer Dunham are representatives from Alan Davis - Farmers Insurance Company, Nicole Butcher and Sheena Behr. Chief Schneider and his employees would like to thank Alan Davis Insurance and staff for recognizing our department and the Heroes who protect the streets of Wapakoneta.

Wapakoneta Police Department is starting up WARRANT WEDNESDAY on Facebook. Every week we will feature a person who holds an active warrant through our agency. Reminder: People are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Something to brighten this rainy day.. Carrie Topp, owner of ToppNotch Photography, presented Chief Calvin Schneider our first departmental photo to be displayed in the front lobby of the Police Department. Carrie was instrumental in assisting with this idea that was started last year under former Chief Russel Hunlock and continued by Chief Calvin Schneider. Thank you ToppNotch Photography for the beautiful picture!

Mustangs 100 All-Stars 82

Warm ups have begun! Good Luck to the All Stars and Mustangs tonight!

They might not be playing in the Final Four but these two are ready for an exciting night of basketball Tuesday night. Stop out and support Auglaize County Special Olympics. Doors open at 6. Pictured are Officers Jordan “Ninja Turtle” Reineke and Jared “Yukon Cornelius” Clark. Thank you guys for supporting our All Star athletes of Auglaize County!

Tuesday is the day of the Big Event! Stop out support your favorite Mustang along with Officers Jared Clark and Jordan Reineke who will be representing Wapakoneta Police Department! Donations are greatly appreciated!

Wapakoneta Police Department will be participating in the Statewide Tornado Drill today at 9:50 a.m. This drill is a reminder to residents to have a safety plan in place for your family. Ohio’s peak tornado season is generally April through July, but tornadoes can and have occurred in every month of the year. Your basement is the safest place during a tornado. Always remember: D - Go DOWN to the lowest level U - Get UNDER something C - COVER your head K - KEEP in shelter until the storm has passed

Please be responsible this weekend!

Wapakoneta Police Department would like to introduce our newest dispatcher, Lauren Presar. Lauren has been working with Dispatcher Ashley McEldowney on evening shift. Lauren has ties to the Wapakoneta community and has experience in dealing with the public. Lauren is very familiar with computers and being able to handle multiple incidents at one time. Pictured with Dispatcher Presar is Chief Calvin Schneider. Congratulations Lauren and welcome to our department.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and honorary captain Jackie Foster. Jackie fought a courageous battle. Jackie was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor several years back. She was a recipient of the Make-A-Wish program and she was granted her wish last summer. Our agency was honored to have met her and she definitely made an impact in so many lives. Jackie always stole the show during our annual Guns and Hoses Basketball Game. “Sometimes you meet someone and you know that your life will be different from then on.” ~ Julianna Baggott Prayers to Jackie’s family!!

Today our agency received a Thank You card from the Westerville teachers for showing support last month to the community of two fallen officers. Officer Jordan Barns received the card from a friend who teaches in the Westerville area.