Berea Police Department

  • Agency: Berea Police Department
  • Address: 11 Berea Commons, Berea, 44017 OH
  • Chief: Mark Schultz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 440-234-1234

Berea Police Department is located at 11 Berea Commons, Berea, 44017 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Schultz. The Berea Police Department phone number is 440-234-1234.

Berea Police Department News

Congratulations to Officer Dan Kelly who was a recipient of the 2018 Grindstone Courtesy Award presented by the Berea Chamber of Commerce. Dan was recognized for his outstanding work as a mentor with Boys2Men. Boys2Men is a Berea group dedicated to teaching community service, life skills, and helping young men become servant leaders in their community. He has been tireless in his work with the group and has developed close relationships with many of the members. Dan received his award at a ceremony hosted by the Berea Chamber of Commerce and was joined by his wife and members of Boys2Men. In addition to the award, he was recognized by both the Ohio House of Representatives and the Cuyahoga County Council with proclamations. Congratulations to all the 2018 winners and to our own Dan Kelly for this well deserved recognition! More information about Boys2Men can be found at

Congratulations, Sgt. Pat Greenhill for being named the Elks' Citizen of the Year!

Saturday, April 28th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The Berea Police Department is teaming up with Walgreens and the Drug Enforcement Administration to dispose of unwanted medications. The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet. Expired or unused medications can be turned in between 10am-2pm at Walgreens in Berea, located at 6 E. Bagley Rd. (corner of Bagley and Front). Officers will be at a table outside the store where medications can be discarded.

IS THIS BABY REALLY ORPHANED? Wildlife parents are very devoted to their young and rarely abandon them. Since mom cannot be in two places at once, babies must be left alone the majority of the time while she ventures off to find food for herself and her young. The best thing to do is to keep your distance, keep children and pets away and leave them alone. Human intervention is always a wild animal’s LAST hope for survival, NEVER its best hope. However, if you find an injured or a truly orphaned wild baby (you can confirm that the mother is deceased) contact your local wildlife rehabilitator. Do not attempt to feed the babies, as the physiology of their digestive tract is incredibly complex and sensitive. Feeding anything can definitely do more harm than good.

Police officers are sometimes required to perform difficult tasks. One such task involves mercifully ending the life of a wild animal that is sick, dying and suffering. Earlier today, one of our officers was called upon to end the life of a sick and possibly rabid raccoon. We don't take this action lightly and it is done only when an animal is truly suffering. We try to be as discreet as possible, however, sometimes a passerby may misunderstand or misconstrue what is happening and why.

Thank you to our friends at the Maryssa’s Mission Foundation for acknowledging our partnership in serving our community and the families of medically fragile children!

Beyond the Badge: Meet Ptl. Dave Kammerman

Berea Safety Forces are out today supporting our community. Earlier today we visited the Boys2Men Spaghetti fundraiser and tonite we are the celebrity mocktail bartenders at the City's first Club 535 dance!

DON'T FORGET ... In order to cut down on the ability of a thief to ransack your vehicle, PLEASE be sure to lock your cars and take all valuables out of it at night! If nothing is on the seats, it reduces the attractiveness for a thief to open your doors.

Day 2 of ALICE Instructor training

Thank you to the ALICE Institute and Baldwin Wallace University for co-hosting active threat training for our community. 96 School, hospital, and business professionals joined law enforcement in becoming ALICE Instructors. ALICE is an options based response system to threats.

It seems that we have most of our intersections back up and running with power! We still have theProspect - S. Quarry and the N. Rocky River - Riveredge intersections without power. Please be careful and remember to TREAT ANY INTERSECTION WITHOUT POWER AS A 4-WAY STOP! WE do not know exactly when the power is going to be back on but please know that it is being worked on.

As many as 9 intersections are without power this morning. We are waiting for CEI to respond. Please be cautious and remember that when a traffic light malfunctions, the intersection becomes a 4-way stop.

Thanks to Daisy Troop 71809, from Grindstone Elementary, for visiting the Berea Police Department. Officer Gute enjoyed meeting with this great group of 1st graders!

Yesterday we were blessed to be visited by Brady from Toledo! Brady LOVES Batman, but the best we could offer him was a tour of the station and some goodies to take with him. We met Brady through Mitch and Mindy Rivas and the Maryssa's Mission Foundation ( Thank you Mitch and Mindy for introducing us to such an AWESOME young man!

The Berea Office of Community Outreach is hosting a Financial Literacy Seminary on Friday, February 23rd from 6-8pm at the former Smith Elementary School.

An update to our previous post. Words do not adequately express our thoughts on this matter. We ask for continued prayers for the entire Westerville community, especially for the departed officers, their families, friends and co-workers.

Our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters in Westerville. We ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Don’t catch a DUI this Super Bowl! #DriveSober #DriveSafeOhio #safeberea

Did you know that the City of Berea has a Veteran's Outreach Office? Chaplain Willie Springer, a Vietnam Veteran, heads the program. Saturday February 3rd will be the first meeting of their support group at the former Smith Elementary School at 535 Wyleswood Dr in Berea. The group will meet from 10am-12pm, every other Saturday. If you are a veteran, a family member, or know someone who might be interested, feel free to stop by!

Berea Police and Fire faced off today in the 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off at the Active Senior Network. It was great to see so many of our officers and firefighters attend. And the winner is...Berea Fire Lieutenant Tom Emling!