Shaker Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Shaker Heights Police Department
  • Address: 3355 Lee Road
, Shaker Heights, 44120 OH
  • Chief: Doyle Scott Lee (Chief of Police)
Phone: 216-491-1220
Fax: 216-491-1224

Shaker Heights Police Department is located at 3355 Lee Road
, Shaker Heights, 44120 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Doyle Scott Lee. The Shaker Heights Police Department phone number is 216-491-1220.

Shaker Heights Police Department News

This afternoon, SHPD Community Relations Officer Martin Dunn visited with the Kindergarten classes at Fernway Elementary School. Officer Dunn talked to the kids about how officers help keep the community safe and showed them some of the tools officers use while doing their job. Officer Dunn enjoys spending time with the youth of the community, and the kids had great questions for him! Thank you to the staff and administration at Fernway Elementary for inviting us to come in to speak today.

Fall foliage certainly looks good, but as leaves begin to fall, they litter the roads, making streets slick while hiding traffic lines and other pavement markings. They also hide potholes and other road hazards. You should also be aware that when it rains, it can make those wet leaves on the roadway as dangerous as ice. Be careful out there!

Our officers have responded to a complaint of gun shots being heard in the 19000 block of Lomond Boulevard. Officers have located damage to a home, but so far no other information is known, and no injuries have been reported. An investigation is ongoing, and our community will be updated once pertinent and accurate information is known. Until an update can be provided, officers will remain in the area.

Thanks to the Shaker Heights Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #23, we were able to pass out over 200 glow bracelets last night during the Halloween fun! We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable night!

We are looking for a few good people! Do you know someone that cares about children, has a strong commitment to safety, and is friendly and outgoing? If so, have them check out our link for open School Crossing Guard positions. Be part of the effort to keep our community safe and secure!

Halloween is meant to be scary, but not when it comes to walking across the street. Help keep everyone safe tonight by just putting your cell phone away unless it's needed for an emergency. There will be an increased number of pedestrians trick-or-treating, so the risk of cell phone distraction while driving or walking is something you should avoid. Cell phone usage and Halloween should not become a frightening combination!

We recently set up shop with Sheriff Pinkney downtown at Operation Safe Halloween. For those who missed us, we will see you tonight at our own trick-or-treat. Hours are from 6-730pm in all neighborhoods. Don't forget we will be passing out candy at the police station, and have glow bracelets for kids to wear!

Halloween fun is just around a few days away. Help plan to make it safe and enjoyable!

Stay tuned all weekend as we share tips on how to make this Halloween safe and enjoyable!

Big Halloween party this weekend? Keep yourself and others safe by planning to have a designated driver! Always safe, never sorry!

Thanks to our partners at the Shaker Heights FOP Lodge #23, we have a limited supply of glow-in-the-dark bracelets to give to children to wear on Halloween. These may help you more easily identify your child, as well as make them easier for motorists to see. First come, first serve until all the bracelets are gone. Just stop by our police lobby anytime to pick one up! P.S. Officers will also have a limited supply to pass out on Halloween night for kids we observe in dark colored clothing.

Trick-or-Treating in Shaker Heights will be from 6-7:30pm on Tuesday night. There will be employees at the Police Station also passing out candy, so stop up if you have time to get a treat. We are looking forward to seeing all of the creative costumes!

This morning on Winslow Road, officers responded to the aid of a resident who was in distress. Contact was safely made with the male who is now receiving treatment from healthcare personnel. We appreciate everyone in the neighborhood who displayed patience and consideration as we worked to resolve this situation.

Locking your own door when leaving a car remains one of the most effective crime prevention tools we can share. Your personal effort to lock car doors and secure the garage would significantly reduce reported crime in our city!

UPDATE: The child’s family has been located. We will be working to insure everyone is ok, and the family is reunited at the appropriate time. Thank you to everyone in the community! Earlier today, we located a three or four year old African American male wandering in the area of Chadbourne/Onaway. The youth is thin and has short curly brown hair. He is wearing a blue and white shirt with a monster truck depicted on it. He was carrying a toy dinosaur. This child is safe, and we are working with health care personnel to solicit information about himself and his family. We are obviously concerned about this child, but equally concerned about his family. If you have any information that may help us with this situation, please contact 216-491-1234 immediately.

To #METOO posters: The SHPD remains focused on understanding and addressing issues that affect our nation and community. We want our residents to know that we work hard to prepare our officers to be professional and to continually seek relationships with community partners that may help effectively address any situation in the most compassionate way possible. We are committed to the ongoing safety of our residents, commuters, and visitors. We are human, and capable of making mistakes, but we strive to learn every day how to better address your concerns. We want you to know that our highly trained police officers and detectives will be here when you need us.

This morning was the 2017 Rotary Breakfast to recognize police and fire personnel for outstanding service to the community. Congratulations to to Sergeant Dan Grispino for being recognized this year!

What a great coincidence that on our first chilly day this fall, a resident dropped off a bag of chili and cornbread! The picture doesn’t do justice to the great gesture! Thanks Ms. White!

National Teen Driver Safety Week is October 15-21, 2017. Follow us on Twitter for important safety messages posted each day next week about teen driving.

Just trying to plan ahead! Snow removal contractors must be registered with the Police Department, display a permit, and adhere to guidelines about where snow may be deposited. Applications are available online for those who like to plan ahead! Trust me, we don't want the snow yet either! Follow this link for applications:

What is any better than making a little kid smile? Not much! Thanks for stopping by the station Elliot!

Each of our new officers are required to complete a final project where they demonstrate their ability to address community concerns. Tonight six of our officers shared their presentations with members of the community and police staff. This project is designed to help officers learn to be the type of police department that our residents demand.

Did you know landscaping can prevent crime? Burglars look for thick shrubs and bushes. It’s not because they love your plants, it is because they love the cover that foliage provides. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed and tidy to avoid providing uninvited visitors a welcome hiding place. If you’re adding new landscaping, consider thorny varieties, such as holly bushes, and plant them under windows. They can discourage burglars from sneaking around your home. In the mean time, we will be out here keeping an eye on things. Call us if you need us, we will be here.