Shaker Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Shaker Heights Police Department
  • Address: 3355 Lee Road
, Shaker Heights, 44120 OH
  • Chief: Doyle Scott Lee (Chief of Police)
Phone: 216-491-1220
Fax: 216-491-1224

Shaker Heights Police Department is located at 3355 Lee Road
, Shaker Heights, 44120 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Doyle Scott Lee. The Shaker Heights Police Department phone number is 216-491-1220.

Shaker Heights Police Department News

How to get information when it’s really important!

NEWS RELEASE SHAKER HEIGHTS POLICE-ROBBERY MOTOR VEHICLE At approximately 2:28 a.m., a Shaker Heights police officer observed a vehicle traveling at high rate of speed on Warrensville Center Road near Norwood Road. The officer learned that the vehicle had been stolen earlier in the day in a robbery from Cleveland’s west side. The Shaker Heights police officer, who was operating a marked police vehicle, initiated their emergency lights and sirens near the intersection of Harvard Avenue and Warrensville Center Road; but the vehicle rapidly accelerated traveling westbound onto Harvard Avenue into the City of Cleveland. Shortly thereafter, the driver attempted to change course southbound onto East 151 Street from Harvard Avenue and collided with a tree. The vehicle’s two occupants, a male and female, were ejected. The Medical Examiner was summoned. Cleveland Accident Investigation Unit to investigate.

In today's episode of "Where in the World is Marty Dunn? ", some health conscious residents took a moment to take this photograph with Marty near Heinens. Rumor has it one of the ladies could be heard whispering that "slow runners make fast runners look good." Don't worry Marty, we still think you run fast! Call us if you need us, we will be here!

The Cleveland Clinic doesn’t just help people get better, they also help people communicate better! Today was another “Coffee with a Cop” event in Cleveland Heights. Shaker Heights Police, Cleveland Heights Police, and Cleveland Clinic Police were all out today to answer your questions, and just get to know our community. If you missed this event, keep tuned to our Facebook page for the next one. See you there!

There is not much better than having kids say nice things about you, or doing nice things for you! Thank you to Mr. Lewis and all the 3rd grade children in his Fernway School classroom. Your Valentine's Day cards were awesome!

We Have a Role for You! Needed: 9 volunteers to role play with Shaker Heights Police Officers being considered for promotions to sergeants and lieutenants. The City’s new screening process asks candidates to demonstrate their leadership and emotional IQ by showing how they would handle various scenarios involving interactions with residents. We need your acting skills and insights! Are you ready to respond to this Role Call? Volunteers must be Shaker residents and able to commit to one full weekday in March. Contact Sandy Middleton at 216-491-1488 for more details.

Do you know what is great about Shaker Heights? We have two rapid transit lines! If a person considers the other well known transportation opportunities, there is no reason to make bad decisions. Don't feel bad tomorrow about what you do tonight! Be smart, do not drink and drive.

When we are aware of issues, we do our best to effectively address the problem. This is why it is very important that no matter how insignificant you think your concern might be, residents should contact us to help you out. When we address problems together, we generally get a much better result. Fisherman usually return to the same spot where they catch fish. Similarly, if kids who "car hop" know that you do not lock your door, they will certainly come back. When we hear neighborhoods are having issues with unlocked cars being entered, we do increase patrols. But just like that broken record you heard before, you are the best prevention of this problem. Please lock your doors, remove items of value from the car, and close garage doors at night. We will be out there doing our part, but please help us out. We are a team! Call us if you need us, we will be here.

The police department recently combined efforts with Shaker African American Mothers Support (S.A.M.S) to collect 85 pairs of new gloves to donate to a worthy cause. As much as we would love this weather to end, we know kids will still need some warm gloves for a few more weeks. Be safe out there today. Call us if you need us, we will be here!

Be a winner tonight no matter what team you support. Make sure to include a designated driver as part of your post game plans! Be safe, call us if you need us!

Warrensville Center/Chagrin Intersection Work

UPDATE: The Road is now open! Cleveland Water is doing work on Aldersyde Road just west of Lee Road. The roadway is closed, as well as Laurel Road at Parkland . Access to the high school is only available from Onaway Road until the work is complete.

UPDATE: The roadway has opened again! Thanks for your patience! Please avoid Chagrin Boulevard between Ingleside and Normandy due to a down telephone pole. Crews will be working as quickly and safely as possible to reopen the road!

You be the Judge! One of the many reasons for our parking laws is to provide optimal ability for vehicles and pedestrians to safely use the roadway. How close do you think someone should park to the curb? Today we are giving you a ticket book and a badge! Does the owner of this car get a ticket?

Congratulations to our four newest police officers! From left to right: Joshua Whitset, Alex Oklander, Matthew Charlton, and Charles Caspio. Welcome to our city!

Yesterday we said farewell and happy retirement to Corporal Mark Sarna. Mark retired after serving the residents of Shaker Heights for 25 years. He has been a K9 handler with three different partners over the years, and served on the Shaker Heights SWAT team as a precision marksman. Mark and his most recent partner, Charlie, will be missed. Enjoy retirement!

At approximately 10:35 a.m., Shaker Heights police received a call from a resident of the 17000 block of Chagrin Boulevard concerning an abandoned vehicle in their driveway. Responding officers learned the vehicle was recently stolen from a Shaker resident. Officers followed footprints from the stolen vehicle in a northern direction where they noticed the footprints going onto Green Lake. Those footprints led to a hole in the ice. Fire Rescue was summoned for a water rescue. At approximately 2:25 p.m. a body was recovered from the lake. It should be noted our department also received a call earlier in the day concerning an abandoned vehicle in the 17000 of Scottsdale Blvd. which later turned out to be stolen from Cleveland. Footprints from this scene appear to be similar to the footprints leading away from the abandoned vehicle on Chagrin Blvd. The investigation is on-going.

Police and fire personnel received information someone may have fallen through the ice at Green Lake. Due to the circumstances of how this was reported, and no actual observation of this taking place, safety resources are doing their best to insure nobody is under the ice. Out of an abundance of caution, crews will be working for some time to insure the safety of any potential person involved. We will update the public when able.

There are so many things to reflect upon, so today we keep it simple: "Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" Call us if you need us, we will be here.

The freezing rain has started, and the snow is next! Help our public works crews clear roads quicker, and allow us to focus on other priorities! Your effort to help us will make our results better! Stay safe out there, we will be here if you need us.

Meanwhile in a location far, far away......... For those of us stuck in Shaker Heights though, start thinking about the weather change that is headed our way. Freezing rain is expected to eventually turn to ice and snow throughout the day. During this time, roadways and parking lots become unexpected hazards. Don't let that next step result in your feet up over your head. We promise nobody will laugh at you curiously looking down as you are walking, or jumping over what looks like wet pavement. Road crews will be out in force, but make sure what you thought was wet pavement does not turn into a panic filled slide off the road. Be safe, we will be here if you need us.