Solon Police Department

  • Agency: Solon Police Department
  • Address: 33000 Solon Road, Solon, 44139 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 440-248-1234
Fax: 440-542-0140

Solon Police Department is located at 33000 Solon Road, Solon, 44139 OH. The Solon Police Department phone number is 440-248-1234.

Solon Police Department News

One of our followers sent me this and it is excellent information. Please use caution when sharing information on social media.

As a result of current technology and improved reporting, the Solon Police Department will no longer post the Weekly News Release. We are instead recommending where you can find the actual reports posted daily. Thank you

We are reposting this with a better title. Thanks for your input. The other post was hidden.

We recently tweeted a link to our word press blog about preventing mass killing. The headline showed up leading readers to think there may have been a mass killing. We deleted the tweet and will try again. All is well.

By Chief Christopher Paul Viland, Esq. I had lunch with my sister the other day. She is a successful and educated woman with a Master's Degree and a management job. As happens sometimes, the conversation devolved to her asking me what a police officer "could" do based on stories and films that she had seen. "Can they make you get out of your car?" "Can they be on your property if you don't want them there?" "Can they search you or handcuff you?" And, as per usual, the answer was, "Yes, in most cases." Her response, "Well that doesn't seem right." [ 552 more words ]

Very sad news...our respects to his coworkers, family, and friends, as well as the North Ridgeville Community.

Weekly News Release Solon Police Department

Road open. The SOM (SR 91) and Cannon intersection is open again, with lane restrictions. Take it slow.

The intersection at SOM Center Road (SR 91) and Cannon is still closed. Use alternate routes. The intersection isn't passable. We'll update when it re-opens.

Road Closure via @Nextdoor

SPD was very active today in the Charmwood Oval area due to a report of a missing child. For all those concerned, the child was quickly found and was not in danger. Thanks for your interest.

Weekly news release Solon PD

Solon PD Weekly News March 16th - 22nd

Solon is participating in a state wide tornado drill at 9:50 am. Sirens will tested at this time as well. No action that needs to be taken.

Ohio Severe Weather Awareness Week....FYI

The City of Solon will be participating in the Statewide Tornado Siren test on Wednesday March 21st at 09:50 AM. If you hear the sirens, there is no action to take. Sirens are designed to be heard by individuals who might be standing outside. The tornado sirens should remind you to "shelter in place" (indoors) immediately. In an actual weather related emergency, we would post information to our social media, use Cuyahoga County's READY Notify system, and inform commercial media (radio, tv) of action to take after a MAJOR weather related catastrophe. Wednesday is just a test. Click here for more info about Solon's Warning Sirens

An OVI arrest could cost you a pot of gold. A designated driver is much less. Don't drink and drive. #DriveSafeOhio #DSOGPO

Please enjoy the weekend and the holiday safely. If you are drinking, please don't drive. #DriveSafeOhio #DSOGPO

Please enjoy the weekend and the holiday safely. If you are drinking, please don't drive. #DriveSafeOhio #DSOGPO

Solon PD's 2017 Annual Report has been posted at You can click this link to access it directly

Solon Police Dept. welcomed two new Patrolmen to our family this week, Joe Marando and Demetrius Madison. Both officers come to us with prior police experience. Ptl. Marando worked most recently with Hubbard PD. Ptl. Madison comes to us from Cleveland PD. Notably, Ptl. Madison was a Solon Police Auxiliary Officer prior to working with CPD! (Sorry Cleveland and Hubbard.) Here they are, after getting sworn in by Mayor Kraus.

We will step up patrols for impaired driving on and around St. Patrick's Day. Have fun and stay safe. Don't drink and drive. #DSOGPO #DriveSafeOhio

March 9th through 15th