South Euclid Police Department

  • Agency: South Euclid Police Department
  • Address: 1349 S Green Rd, South Euclid, 44121 OH
  • Chief: Matthew T Capadona (Chief of Police)
Phone: 216-381-1234
Fax: 2163812522

South Euclid Police Department is located at 1349 S Green Rd, South Euclid, 44121 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Matthew T Capadona. The South Euclid Police Department phone number is 216-381-1234.

South Euclid Police Department News


On 04/11/2018 at 8:10pm a Princeton Blvd woman requested officers respond to her home when her ex-boyfriend arrived unannounced, and threatened to shoot her. The man had previously assaulted her in the city of Cleveland, and the woman filed a report with the Cleveland Police Department to seek prosecution. Prior to officers arrival, the man fled the residence on foot. When an officer approached the man to obtain his side of the story, he chose not to cooperate and took off running through several backyards/over fences. It was later learned the man had an outstanding arrest warrant with the Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Office. The following footage is from one of the responding officers Body Worn Camera, activated shortly before exiting the cruiser. What’s the purpose of this post? To highlight the importance of not running from the police when questioned regarding the possible involvement in a crime. Be cooperative, and expect the officer to do the same. Explain your side of the story, or use your right to say nothing at all. The time to contest or argue a charge is not on the side of the road, but in a court of law, where you are innocent until proven guilty.

Officer Joe Di Lillo is leading a discussion on distracted driving and the dangers of it, with students at Brush High School.

Today, members of the South Euclid Police Department K9 Unit visited VCA Great Lakes Veterinary Specialties in Warrensville Heights, to accept a check that is the result of a fundraiser held there during the first quarter of 2018. We are incredibly excited to announce that through their fundraising efforts, which included a dog treat bake sale and a very generous anonymous donor, the South Euclid Police K9 Foundation received a check for $16,619.89!!! We are beyond grateful and wish to thank everyone at the clinic and all of those who donated to support our K9 Foundation. The South Euclid Police Department will be adding an additional K9 to replace K9 Oktane, who passed away in December. It was the amazing care that Oktane received when he was stricken with cancer that brought us together with VCA Great Lakes. They are a truly special group of people and we are so thankful for their support! Pictured is Dr. Ashley Zeigler and Brandi Luzader, clinic manager. Pictured representing the South Euclid Police Department is Officer Dustin Smoot, Officer Mike Fink, and Assistant Chief of Police, Joe Mays.

Happy Easter from K9 KAOS!!

Community Policing 😃

On Wednesday March 28th 2018 at 3:05pm, a Home Health Care Nurse requested assistance for an elderly female patient. The woman the Nurse was on scene visiting, made statements suggesting suicide. When paramedics arrived on scene, the woman said that she had taken "a bunch of pills" and slammed the front door. Both the nurse and paramedics were now outside the house. Officers on patrol were dispatched to that location to provide assistance. Once on scene, the woman told the initial officer that she was "depressed" and "didn't want to leave her house or her dog." The officer told the woman he "just wanted her to get some help" and explained the benefit of seeking treatment on her own. After approximately 15 minutes, the officer was able to convince the woman to voluntarily go to the hospital with paramedics. He spoke to a friend of the woman via telephone, who agreed to meet her at the hospital for support.

Constance, a resident of Plainfield has a cat named Minnie that got out of the house. If anyone locates it please call Constance at 216-849-3465.

Our officers recently underwent training in the use of a tourniquet, CPR, and other potential life saving techniques.

On Monday, around 9:03 p.m., the African American male in the long dark coat, in the photo below, stole 6 bottles of liquor from Giant Eagle. SEPD took a similar report on February 4th, reference photo below of African American male in white shirt. If you have any information or can identify this male please call SEPD at 216-381-1234.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’ from Officer Patterson and the rest of SEPD Shamrock ☘️ Squad. Bond on an OVI offense is $1,025 (roughly a pot of gold) so please remember to drink responsibly today. 🍺➕🚗=👮🏻‍♂️🏧😓

It’s Girl Scout C🍪🍪KIES season!

Fellow Law Enforcement Officers/Dispatchers: We still have plenty of room for the April 4th Case Study hosted by our EDGE Crisis Negotiation Unit. It is a FREE class and one of the best presentations available for Tactical Officers, Negotiators, and Dispatchers. Please email if interested.

Nice work by Officer Dustin Smoot! Our officers receive on the job/in the classroom training every year, and Officer Smoot put it to good use. Wews TV ABC Newschannel 5 Investigator Joe Pagonakis Frank Wiley WEWS

This beautiful, friendly male dog was found in the area of Bexley Park. If you know where he lives please call SEPD at (216)381-1234.

The following three people worked together to distract the clerk, while concealing and stealing, several large liquor bottles at Giant Eagle. If you know the identity of any of three suspects, please contact Detective Marabito at (216) 691-4257, or

Throughout their career, our police officers receive extensive training on how to deescalate a situation through strong communication. Individuals who are special needs often requires an officer to maximize the training he/she received to bring calm and stability to any given situation. In this instance, one of our officers observed an autistic juvenile having a psychiatric episode. In watching the video, you'll notice the officer maintain composure even while being struck by the juvenile multiple times. Pictures of the officers injuries are in the comments section.

Any Law Enforcement Officers or Dispatchers who would like to attend a free class hosted by our EDGE Negotiators, please email The presentation can be beneficial to Patrol Officers, SWAT Tactical Officers, Hostage Negotiators, and Dispatchers. The class is being held Wednesday, April 4th from 12:00 to 5:00pm. Interested Law Enforcement please use your department email to register. Hope to see you there!

In law enforcement, each day we have an opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. On Thursday night March 1st during the storm two officers, Hollyfield and Galbraith, did just that. Below is the email I received thanking SEPD. Hi Chief I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding way our police are trained to serve and protect. Thursday night my friend was driving in from work in southern Ohio, a 300 mile drive. I told her there was a storm coming and the roads would be snow covered, but I had no idea how bad it would actually be. It was five hours driving in horrible conditions, and on top of it she was sick and just wanted to get home. Her GPS said she would arrive home to Lambert Rd by 10:15, but I did not hear from her so I called her around 10:30. She was in the blizzard, very treacherous driving conditions, and I talked to her the rest of the way home, where she got stuck in the street right in front of her house! I told her to call SEPD and maybe they could push her into her drive since she was in the middle of the road. AMAZINGLY, two patrol cars showed up in that blizzard and they did push her into her drive! From her description, I'm pretty sure it was Hollyfield and the other officer was a little blonde....she actually got out and manually pushed! They have no idea how much they helped her that night, they don't know she was driving for hours in all that snow, they were most likely super busy with the storm themselves.....but they showed up like they were her friends, and pushed her car into the driveway. Outstanding!

On Thursday February 22nd at 3:56 p.m. the SEPD received a call of a male that was shot in the leg in the 4500 block of Telhurst. Upon police arrival, officers encountered the victim and two of his friends. They reported that they were walking down the street when they heard gun shots and ran. All three males were non-compliant and refused to complete statements. If anyone has information please call the South Euclid Police Department at 216-381-1234.

Over the weekend we took three reports from residents, on Argonne and Avondale, who had their unsecured vehicles entered and property stolen. Please be part of the solution and help SEPD by securing your vehicles and your property.