Hicksville Police Department

  • Agency: Hicksville Police Department
  • Address: 510 W High St, Hicksville, 43526 OH
  • Chief: Laura Szabo (Chief of Police)

Hicksville Police Department is located at 510 W High St, Hicksville, 43526 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Laura Szabo. The Hicksville Police Department phone number is 419-542-6661.

Hicksville Police Department News

Have some severe weather moving through. Headlights must be on !! Physically turn the switch. Do not trust your automatic lights. Remember,,,,, a traffic light that is out, is a four way stop!!!!!

Don't forget to set your clocks back.

I'm late with my weekend post. Many apologies. Not feeling it I guess. But....it is the weekend. Be safe, be merry, and all that other stuff. Don't tug on Superman's cape. Don't spit in the wind. Don't pull the mask of that old lone ranger, and don't mess around with Jim. Don't do drugs or drink and drive. Be good and if you can't be good be careful. Doc P.S. Time change is Sunday!!!!!! Don't forget.

Did you know HPD does vehicle unlocks? Cold weather normally means lots of unlocks. We do this as a service, we will make every effort to help you out but there are times when we may refuse to even attempt it. This would be anytime we feel like we may damage your vehicle, stuff like that. Having said that Ohio Revised Code 4511.661 says..... No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key from the ignition, effectively setting the parking brake, and, when the motor vehicle is standing upon any grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway. The requirements of this section relating to the stopping of the engine, locking of the ignition, and removing the key from the ignition of a motor vehicle do not apply to any of the following: (1) A motor vehicle that is parked on residential property; (2) A motor vehicle that is locked, regardless of where it is parked; (3) An emergency vehicle ; (4) A public safety vehicle. I wish I had that rainbow thing that used to go across the TV after they just dropped some knowledge on us. That was a thing right? Doc

Well... Halloween is here. All hallows Eve, cabbage day, punkie night, whatever you want to call it. It's here. Ghosts and goblins walking amongst us today and tonight. Did you know Michael Myers mask was actually a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask? True story. We all know Halloween also means it's gonna be cold. With the cold comes a lot of deer movement. Keep your eyes peeled while driving. No texting. Watch out especially near wood lines and field lines. Remember that it may be safer to hit a deer than to try to swerve around it. Tough to do I know, but hit the deer instead of the oncoming car or telephone phone. Trust me, the deer is softer.

Big weekend in the ville. Tomorrow from 4-6 is Trick or Treat. National Drug Take back day is tomorrow from 10-2. Aces playing Ayersville at home. I'm sure there is much more. Before Trick or Treat is a great time to give your kids reminders on safely crossing the street and strangers. Do this for them. North Main Street is still closed at the viaduct. Drugs are still bad. Don't drink and drive. If you're under 21 do not drink at all. Despite popular opinion open alcohol containers in your vehicle are illegal. Smell nice or don't smell at all. A giant chunk of our calls are because people don't understand their "egos." Google Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot and contemplate that for awhile. Annnnnd....I got nothing else for now, I'm sure Brittni will have something to say to me about this post. Be good everyone, if you can't be good be careful. WATCH OUT FOR THE TRICK OR TREATERS!!!!! Doc

Saturday October 28th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. You can bring your pill form prescriptions to the Hicksville Police Department at 510 West High Street to turn them in. Hours will be 10am to 2pm. We will not be able to accept liquids, pill form only please.

It's been a fairly productive month so far for us in the ville. Over 30 pot plants, significant quantities of meth, some heroin and other drugs taken off the streets. Several people with felony warrants apprehended. There's so much more to do but we're down for it. I know when people think of drugs they normally think of these meth and heroin type drugs. Let's not forget what's in your medicine cabinets. Prescription drug abuse is real, it's a huge problem. Keep your prescription secured, limit access to them. It's important to know what and how much you have. You can bring old pill form medications to the PD for disposal. The majority of people who start abusing prescriptions start by experimenting with what's at home. Do your part to prevent this. Ive had more than one heroin addict tell me they started by getting hooked on pain killers. Think about that. Help us help you by keeping your prescriptions secured. Doc

Currently 32 degrees. Not sure how I feel about that.

GMC Champs! Great Job Aces!

Tis Friday people! Aces have a big must win game today. Good luck guys. Volleyball has a game Saturday? Good luck girls. Cross Country? Good luck to all of you. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Alright...its the weekend so time for reminders, don't drink and drive, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you see a school bus with it's red lights on, you better stop. If your girlfriend or wife gets a haircut this weekend you literally have one chance to notice it, don't mess this up. Use the appropriate car seat for your child. Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she is pregnant. Do not litter. Remember that jumping out from around a corner to "scare" someone is a good way to get punched in the face. Be good and if you can't be good be careful. Doc

I completely forgot to remind people. According to the signs, North Main Street will be closed for 30 days starting today. I have no information except for the signs that have been up the past couple weeks. I believe it will be closed from the viaduct just past froggy park to the village limits. I will update when I learn more. Doc

1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. 2. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you're ready to fire. 3. Never point a weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot. 4. Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire. 5. Know your target and beyond. 6. Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. I'm sure everyone who owns a firearm knows this stuff but it's important to think about from time to time. Keep your firearms safe, eliminate any chance for tragedy. Do not ever think "it won't happen to me." I could add more here but, your turn... What rules would you add? Doc

On Saturday, October 14th. Open House at the Fire Hall from 11 - 1. Meet some of the guys and gals from Police, Fire and EMS. There will be games, kids activities, fun, everyone likes fun. Ohhh, and before that, from 7am till 11am - pancake breakfast. Soooooo.....good times. Today though. Today is Friday the 13th. If you are under 21 do not drink. If you are 21 or older, do not drink and drive. Don't do drugs. Honestly, do you really want to have less than 100 percent mental faculties on Friday the 13th? You've seen the movies? Basically you'll die, loud. Aside from that, don't go swimming, if you trip, get up and run. Don't run upstairs or into a shed filled with weird tools. Don't ever say "I'll be right back." Honestly if you're caught by some monster who never runs. It's on you. Be good and if you can't be good, be careful. Doc

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know almost 250,000 people are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year? One in Eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. This is in the United States alone. Donate if you can, do your self exams, help raise awareness. I know you all expect me to end this with "save the boobs," or "save the ta tas." How about we start saying "Save the women" instead? Doc

We're asked quite a bit, mostly from the younger crowd what we're carrying. This is most of what I carry. It's a bit more "robust" than some. Less robust than others. Taser and my pens are missing from this picture. Sad face emoji if you've worn these handcuffs. Doc

Its Friday. Friday and a long weekend for some people. If you're under 21 do not drink, if you're 21 and over do not drink and drive. Ohio and Indiana Law Enforcement have been finding a lot of laced marijuana lately. Marijuana laced with Fentanyl. Fentanyl will kill you super dead and not in a fun way. I hope you trust your drug dealer if you decide to go for it, we all know drug dealers are suuuper trustworthy. Seriously don't do drugs. Always have an exit plan, always, no matter where you are. Don't park next to "free candy" vans or dumpsters. Don't stop so close to the car in front of you, you can't see where their back tires touch the road. This gives you room to make a break for it if something happens. If you see something, say something, for real, do it. Use your brain housing group and take care of each other. Be good and if you can't be good be careful. Doc

A police officer's job is very unique, we sometimes act as therapists, mediators, counselors, etc. I was asked by someone today, what she should say to her kids about the Las Vegas shooting. Well...here's my two cents. There is evil in this world, this is an absolute fact. Do not look to the evil person that did this, look to the people who helped. Look to the lines of people that had to be turned away because there were so many trying to donate blood. Look to the people who picked up total strangers and carried them away from the scene. Look to the thousands of heroes that stepped up that night. People are blaming his access to firearms. You can't legislate this type of thing away, so what he had a bunch of firearms, with that tiny fence, what if he had a semi? A bomb? This dude was a coward. Shooting into a crowd of 22,000 from 400 yards away. If someone knew something and said something prior to this happening. I believe that's the only thing that would've stopped it. I'm saying we can't pretend people like this don't exist but...Thousands of people showed the world what it meant to be an American, helping each other despite the fear and chaos. That's what we should focus on. I feel the urge to really start talking about this coming on, good place to stop. Doc

Our thoughts are with all the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. I've been trying to come up with proper words, honestly I'm not able. Doc

So I failed delivering my weekend safety brief yesterday. I feel shame. Congrats to the Hicksville Aces Football team. For the remainder of the ... every single day..... If you are under 21, Do Not Drink. If you are 21 and over, Don't Drink and Drive. If at any point a friend of yours asks you to hold their beer and then says "watch this!" Stop them, they are about to injure themselves. Probably badly. If you are pouring gasoline on your bonfire you are wrong, you probably need to practice growing eyebrows. If you're lucky that will be all that happens to you. Be good and if you can't be good, be careful. Doc

So lately I've had several people message the page and ask me to advertise for a special event or something of the sort. We've developed a pretty decent base of followers so it does make sense but.... I will post about certain events, events like Hixtober Fest which will shut down the business district to traffic for a few hours. The fair, stuff like that. I'd love for people to support Hicksville as much as possible, to shop local, to attend all of the events in town but I don't believe this page is the forum to advertise for any one business or place. I base what I mention on "community." I have no intention of slighting or favoring anyone. I am interested in doing some PSA type things with members of the community. That could be a lot of fun, but to warn you, things could get weird. -Doc

We have had several people ask about trick or treating in Hicksville. Saturday October 28th from 4pm to 6pm will be our trick or treat time. October 14th from 1pm to 6pm will be Hixtober Fest, taking place in downtown Hicksville. There will be some road closures for this event.