Hicksville Police Department

  • Agency: Hicksville Police Department
  • Address: 510 W High St, Hicksville, 43526 OH
  • Chief: Laura Szabo (Chief of Police)

Hicksville Police Department is located at 510 W High St, Hicksville, 43526 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Laura Szabo. The Hicksville Police Department phone number is 419-542-6661.

Hicksville Police Department News

It's Friday! The weather outside is not brilliant, we should be used to this by now. Warm weather is almost here. Don't forget to spring you clocks forward this weekend. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health just released a study showing that police officers are three times more likely than any other occupation to receive a nonfatal injury on the job. The rate at which officers are injured is increasing rapidly. This is not news to any of us in the field but I do hope it explains why we act the way that we do sometimes. Keep your hands to yourself, look both ways before crossing the street, don't throw rocks, and did you know that cats don't like belly rubs? Maybe it was just that one cat, I'm not gonna risk it. Be good and if you can't be good be careful. Doc

On this day in 1770 a bunch of protesters began harassing a British sentry. The sentry was soon joined by British regulars. The crowd responded by throwing snowballs and hurling insults. A British soldier was hit and fired a shot from his rifle. Several other soldiers then fired as well. The British massacre as it's commonly called resulted in five colonists killed. Two soldiers were convicted of manslaughter and had "M's" branded in their thumbs as punishment. Now that we're all smarter, there's no reason to do something dumb like drugs. You're welcome. Doc.

Thank you to the leaders and girls from Girl Scout Troop#10537 for the goodie bags, they are much appreciated!! -54

Please allow me to rant for a moment. All things people have said to me as reasons for speeding. You know who you are. There was a bee in the car, I have to poop, My dog is really sick, But it's a level one snow emergency, it's illegal to pull me over, (no its not) I'm trying to be the ninth caller, I'm DRUNK!, My speedometer doesn't work, I just got this car, I just got new tires, My (insert relationship) is in the hospital etc.........etc.......etc....... If you really have to poop then I truly feel for you but none of these are excuses for causing a danger to everyone else on the road. I still admire your honesty drunk guy but we both know how that turned out for you. Anyways.....Don't speed, speed kills. Minor rant complete. Doc

Did you know, if someone on a horse or horse drawn vehicle signals you to stop, you must stop? The person signalling you to stop must be doing it out of necessity but they can signal you to stop. I'm sure you can imagine why this is important. A horse acting particularly ornery or scared for some reason could be unpredictable. The last thing the driver or rider needs is some car or truck blasting by an already tricky horse. Please stop if a horse rider or someone on a horse drawn vehicle indicates that you must stop. This could very well prevent hoof prints in your hood or even a crash with a horse drawn carriage. None of us want that. Doc

Hey, if you see these ladies out and about stop and say Hi! They have been all over the county passing along some really great information. The more people they can reach the better.

Loose dog found on Perry Street. Please call the Police Department if you are the owner. **********OWNER LOCATED**************

Lost dog found in the area of Spencerville Street. Please contact if you know who he belongs to. ****Owner has been located**** Thank you everyone for your help!

Happy Presidents Day! I have an idea Facebook, one that I honestly haven't thought all the way through yet but I shall share it anyways. As you know, some of us have been wearing a uniform with tan pants and a black shirt. This shirt does not have a Hicksville PD shoulder patch on it because our dark blue and yellow patches honestly look kinda silly on the black shirt. The idea is for an alternate shoulder patch, a new design that we could use on the black shirt, maybe other things. I would like this patch to be designed by our adoring public. Maybe we could have a vote, something like that. Maybe it will just be a sticker, I don't know haven't thought it through yet. If anyone is interested the patch would have to have HICKSVILLE POLICE on it. DM me a picture of your design, I'd love to see them. If we get enough, maybe we can hold a vote. Doc

People have asked a number of times, why does HPD normally have two officers on every traffic stop? I'll attempt to answer this in as short of a post as possible. It won't be short. Two officers on a traffic stop is the "preferred method," there are many reasons behind this but first and foremost is officer safety. We're a little more difficult to run over on the village's tight roads when there is two cruisers parked there. It is also very difficult to watch 360 degrees when you are alone on a stop. Your attention is focused on the vehicle and it's occupants. One of the secondary officer's jobs is to watch for people in our "urban" environment walking up on the stop. It is not uncommon on our stops for drivers to call family members who want to join the festivities and put their two cents in. (happens a lot!) It's common for people to not stop for us until they get home and pull into their driveway or in front of their house. Then we have the issue of people coming out of their house to see what's going on. There are random pedestrians on the sidewalk, etc. all big distractions. One of the second officers jobs is to deal with the unrelated parties so that we can get the stop done as quickly and safely as possible. There are many other officer safety reasons I can get into but there are literally books on this subject. Another huge reason we use two officer's on our stops is that we currently have a very "young" department. We have a lot of new guys. The guys we have were all taught to use two officers whenever possible and they help each other as far as any citations or other paperwork goes. It is a giant help to them to get the stops done as quickly and safely as possible. I know that it makes people nervous to see two officers on a stop but it is not because you are some suspected master criminal.... (unless of course you are.) The second officer will look in the vehicle a lot of times but his primary purpose is not you, it is the officer who stopped you. The second officers job is to help keep that officer as safe as he or she can. I know that not everyone likes it but you should think of it this way. The second officer being there normally reduces the length of time you are stopped by a significant amount. Doc

Happy Valentine's or singles awareness day. Whatever you prefer. Stay safe, stay warm. Doc.

We've had the Hicksville Police Department Facebook page for a just shy of a year now. I've learned a lot, I've had some really good posts and some not so good posts. I've received mostly positive feedback with the page. I've tried to make people understand that a police officer is more than a robot who sits in a police car and pulls people over. This page has even solved a few crimes. We've done some really positive things. But... I would like to know what I could do to make it even better. I would appreciate honest feedback on what you'd like to see us do on our page. Doc

****Update**** We are now under a Level 1 Snow Emergency due to the icy conditions. Be careful this morning everyone. We had a "flash ice" scenario this morning. The roads got very slippy, very quickly. The sidewalks are no peach either. Doc

Sad news from Central Ohio today. You're all in our thoughts.

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that we are expecting some snow overnight and tomorrow. Travel conditions could be very hazardous. Please be careful. (See my posts about grandmas world famous chilli.) I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to check the news for travel conditions. Please do not call 911, dispatch, or our office to inquire about the roads, school closures, delays, or weather updates. It is not that we mind answering your questions, it is just that we are generally extremely busy with emergencies during these types of weather events and not always your best source of information. Doc

Roads are not fantastic this morning. Drive like you have a bowl of chili on your seat. Hicksville School is currently under a 2 hour delay. Remember that the speed limit in the school zone will be 20 MPH 2 hours later than normal. The lights do not have to be flashing for the 20 MPH speed limit to apply. Children present, school buses driving in and out = 20mph. Stay warm. Doc

I’ve recently read a few articles, (I’ll share the link at the bottom of the post) and have received messages about a viral video/link that’s been spreading around Facebook involving a minor that is sexual in nature. I have done some research and thankfully said video and its origin is being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies including the FBI. That being said, should anyone receive this video or link please do not view it, immediately report it to Facebook, and this should go without saying DO NOT share it. It is a crime to share/spread content that is sexual in nature involving minors and could result in felony charges. This brings up another important topic if you have children that are on social media. It’s important that your children understand the seriousness of a situation like this, and that they know what to do should they ever encounter something inappropriate online. We now live in a world where once something is shared online it is very difficult, if not impossible to completely get rid of. If you haven’t already I would suggest taking some time to sit down and talk with your children about the appropriate use of social media, and the importance of not participating in behavior that could endanger them or others. A good resource for education on this topic, as well as a place to report any exploitation of children is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, (http://www.missingkids.com/home). Please take some time, especially if you have children, to view some of the educational tools on their website to educate yourself and your children on safe use of the internet. Hopefully this all made some sense and will help anyone with questions. If there are any questions or issues I did not address that you would like addressed, please feel free to ask by commenting or sending us a message. -PTL. Shuherk Article: http://wtkr.com/2018/02/03/fbi-investigating-child-pornography-video-being-shared-on-facebook/

My safe driving tips for the snowy roads. First, turn on your headlights. Second, Make sure that all of your windows are clear of ice and snow. Lastly, while driving, pretend that your grandma has made a giant bowl of chili. A real big one. This bowl of chili is now sitting on your passenger seat and it's very full. Drive as if you don't want to spill a drop. If you can do that, you will be just fine. Be careful Hicksville. Doc

It's Friday! I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I had a touch of the scurvy that's been going around, wiped me out. I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. Couple of safety tips, haven't done that in a while. We're all smart enough to never drink and drive. No need to mention that. Drugs are bad, we've covered that a bunch. Drive carefully, yep, been there. What else is there? Oh yeah..... Do not eat Tide Pods! Other than the fact you could die, which would be an issue. For real, get that stuff in your lungs and being on a ventilator is in your future. The odds are very good that you will be throwing up foam for at least an hour or so and, that you will have burned your esophagus and or intestinal tract. Perhaps a severe case of the burning diarrhea. Best case scenario, the burning diarrhea, worst case is death. So......use your brains. Be good and if you can't be good be careful. Doc

It is Monday, it is snowing. Be careful, make sure you clean your windows off before driving anywhere. Turn your headlights on and take it slow. It is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect on all the great things this man accomplished and how he did it. The quote attributed to him I like most is "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" That really is a good question to ask. Doc

The level one snow emergency has been lifted. There are still some slick roads out there. Be careful.

Defiance County is now under a Level One snow emergency. When the roads get like this our dispatchers are extremely busy. Check the Sheriff's Office Facebook, the news, the Sheriff's website, ect., if you want updates. I'll try to keep this page updated when I can. Just as a reminder to everyone, these are the emergency levels explained. LEVEL 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be icy. Motorists are urged to drive very cautiously. LEVEL 2: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be very icy. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roads. Contact your employer to see if you should report to work. Motorists should use extreme caution. LEVEL 3: All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be driving during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel or a personal emergency exists. All employees should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. Those traveling on the roads may subject themselves to arrest. Doc