Pickerington Police Department

  • Agency: Pickerington Police Department
  • Address: 1311 Refugee Road, Pickerington, 43147 OH
  • Chief: Michael Taylor (Chief of Police)
Phone: 614-575-6911
Fax: 614-575-6223

Pickerington Police Department is located at 1311 Refugee Road, Pickerington, 43147 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Taylor. The Pickerington Police Department phone number is 614-575-6911.

Pickerington Police Department News

*Slow Down/Move Over* In Ohio, state law requires motorists to move over away from or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles with their lights activated. The below video occurred last week near Marysville. A vehicle attempted to change lanes toward the stopped vehicle and struck the box truck. The truck then strikes the stopped vehicle. Luckily no major injuries occurred. We ask that you please be cognizant of emergency or any stopped vehicles on the side of the road. Thank you.

A tri-colored dog was just found running on Hill Rd near Diley Rd and was brought to our station. Please call us at 614-575-6911 to give further identifying features if this is your dog. Thank you for sharing this! :)

UPDATE: Parents were found & K9 is back home! Thank you! An off white medium-sized dog was just brought to our station after being found running loose in the Sycamore Creek subdivision. Please call us at 614-575-6911 and give further identifying details, if this is your dog. Thank you for sharing this post!

* Update* In relation to the CVS robbery that occurred last night, 32 year old, male, Columbus resident, Joshua Lovett has been charged with F2-Robbery, and F-3 Drug Possession (bulk amount).

*Robbery* Last night our officers responded to the CVS Pharmacy on Hill Rd./Refugee Rd. on the call of a robbery that just took place. A suspect entered the store, threatened the pharmacist, and demanded prescription medication. The suspect fled the store on foot. Officers very quickly arrived in the area and located the suspect on Birchwood Dr. After a brief foot chase, the suspect ( a 32 year old Columbus resident) was taken into custody, and the stolen medication recovered. His identity will be released after formal charges are filed today. A huge pat on the back goes out to our 2nd shift officers for their quick response and alertness, and to the CVS employees for their quick call and good suspect description!

A small-medium brown dog was just brought to our station, after being found in the subdivision behind us. If this is your dog, please call us at 614-575-6911 and give further identifying features of the dog. Thank you.

*Monthly Safety Service Tips* P.P.D.'s monthly safety tips for October covers safety recommendations for trick or treat tonight. We hope you enjoy!

A public service announcement from your friends at the Pickerington Police Department: Pickerington beggar’s night will be held this Tuesday, October 31st, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The police department will be out in the neighborhoods in force to make things as safe as possible for all of the little ghosts, goblins, witches and superheroes who will be out and about. All motorists driving in the residential neighborhoods, condominium & apartment complexes should SLOW DOWN AND EXERCISE DUE CARE as there will be many little pedestrians out who may unexpectedly dart out into the street. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL!

The officers and staff of the Pickerington Police Department wish to pay their highest respects to Ofc. Justin Leo and the Girard (Ohio) Police Department. Ofc. Leo was shot and killed in the line of duty early this weekend while at a domestic dispute call. After being shot, Ofc. Leo was quickly transported to a hospital in Youngstown where he passed away while in emergency surgery. Our deepest condolences to Ofc. Leo's family, friends and co-workers.

The black and white dog has been reunited with her owner. Thank you all for getting the word out :)

A black and white dog found on Tussing near 256 was just brought to our station. Please call 614-575-6911, if you think this is your dog, and give a more detailed description.

Please share and help us locate her so that we can verify she is safe! Thank you!

Please share and help us locate this missing person! We have reason to believe she is no longer missing but need to verify that with her. Thank you for your help, as always!

*Community Training* Members of P.P.D. recently provided Active Aggressor training to employees of the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation at their Pickerington branch. Our agency provides this important training to businesses, schools, etc. in our City at no cost. A special thanks to members of the Violet Twp. Fire Dept. who also provided first aid training. P.P.D. and the Violet Twp. Fire Dept. have a close working relationship and train together on a regular basis. We would also like to thank the B.W.C. and Director Wernecke for the opportunity to provide this training to their employees.


*Theft of Gasoline Cans* Today an alert citizen called in a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood. Our first shift officers located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop with three males. The vehicle was loaded with numerous gas cans full of gasoline. The driver admitted that the three had stolen the gas cans from several neighborhoods, primarily in the Preston Trails, Stonebridge, Manchester, etc. area's. If you or anyone you know had a gas can stolen from their home or garage today, please contact our department as soon as possible. Also please share this post so that the victims of these theft offenses can be located. Thank you alert citizens and job well done to our dayshift officers!

*Update* Our agency, upon receiving additional information from citizens,* contacted the Fairfield County Sheriffs Sex Offender Unit in reference to the activities of Mr. Johnson. The Sex Offender Unit investigated a possible reporting violation and a judge signed an arrest warrant today. Soon after a warrant was signed, our officers arrested Mr. Johnson and turned him over to the Sheriffs Department. *Sex Offender Information/Questions* Our department has recently fielded several questions, and observed social media questions, related to Registered Sex Offenders and their legal requirements related to living in proximity to schools, frequenting public parks, etc.These questions are legitimate, and it is worth our time to fully understand what both the municipality and its citizens can and should do in the face of real and perceived threats to the safety and welfare of our children. We will attempt to answer some of these questions below: State law provides for the prevention of sex offenders from residing in certain areas. The General Assembly first enacted sex offender residency restrictions effective July 31, 2003. At that time, the restrictions allowed for the prohibition of sex offenders from residing within 1,000 feet of any “school premises.” In July 2007, the General Assembly expanded the scope of the law to allow the prevention of sex offenders from residing within 1,000 feet of a preschool or child day-care center. Therefore, as a general matter under current law, the municipality may initiate legal proceedings to prevent a sex offender from residing within 1,000 feet of any school, preschool, or child day-care center. As is often the case in legal matters, application of the general rule depends on the facts of a particular case. One issue that has received considerable attention from Ohio courts is whether the residency restrictions can be applied to offenders that committed their crimes before the date the statute went into effect. Ohio courts, including the Supreme Court of Ohio, have held that the residency restrictions do not apply to sex offenders that committed their offenses before the statute's effective date, which was July 31, 2003 for the school restriction and July 1, 2007 for the preschool and day-care restrictions. In the 2008 Ohio Supreme Court case Hyle v. Porter, the sex offender at issue was convicted of sex offenses in 1995 and 1999. Both offenses occurred several years before the General Assembly imposed residency restrictions on sex offenders. When local authorities sought to permanently prevent the offender from occupying his residence, which was within 1,000 feet of a school, the offender argued that the statute could not be applied to him. The Supreme Court of Ohio agreed and held that General Assembly failed to write the statute in a way that would make it apply retroactively. Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Hyle v. Porter, other Ohio courts have concluded that the residency restriction cannot be applied retroactively, even when the offender did not reside at the location in question before July 31, 2003. For example, in the 2008 case Vandervoot v. Larson, the Fifth District Court of Appeals held that the statute cannot be applied retroactively even if an offender did not purchase or own his residence before the statute's effective date. In the Vandervoot case, an offender was convicted of a sex offense in 1994. In December 2004, after the residency restriction went into effect, the offender moved within 1,000 feet of a school. The Fifth District Court of Appeals held that the city of Lancaster could not use the residency-restriction statute to force the offender to move. Other Ohio courts have reached the same conclusion. Furthermore, the issue of an offender residing in proximity to a school zone/daycare facility is a civil matter in Ohio; not a criminal matter; it is not a crime. Should a violation occur, a legal proceeding brought by a prosecutor to the court would have to civilly "evict" the person from the area. There is no restriction for a registered offender related to frequenting areas such as parks, shopping centers, rec centers, etc. However, Registered Sex Offenders must still regularly register with the local Sheriffs Office. Further information can be found by following the link https://sheriff.franklincountyohio.gov/services/sex-offender-registry/about.cfm Should you feel that a registered sex offender is operating outside the requirement of law, please contact our agency or directly contact the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office Sexual Registration Deputy at 740-652-7250. Thank you.

The officers and staff of the Pickerington Police Department wish to express their condolences and deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the 59 people who tragically lost their lives in Sundays incident in Las Vegas. This truly was an “act of pure evil”. We also wish to express our prayers and support for the more than 500 people who were wounded and injured, some of whom are in critical condition. We stand with you.

*P.P.D. Safety Service Tips* Below you will find the safety service tips for the month of September. This months tips are related to Speeding and Stop Signs violations, and the importance of compliance to the applicable laws. We hope you enjoy!

*Public Announcement* The P.P.D. is excited to announce our participation in a new crime tracking software, accessible to the public free of charge. This software shows crime incidents that have occurred throughout the City of Pickerington. By clicking on the "filter" button at the top left of the page, you can chose time frames, crimes, etc. By clicking each individual crime icon, you can see details of the crime and where they happened. A tutorial video on the homepage will help to navigate the page. Please visit https://www.crimereports.com/agency/pickeringtonPD, to access this crime software!


Please join the Pickerington Police Department as we honor the 2,996 people who lost their lives 16 years ago today when 19 terrorists seized control of 4 commercial airliners. 3 Out of the 4 planes were flown into the two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. The fourth, United Airlines flight 93, was destroyed by the terrorists when passengers fought back to regain control of the aircraft . Of the 2,996 people lost, 2,526 were civilians, 343 were firefighters, 72 were police officers and 55 were members of the military. But out of this horror, something remarkable happened. Americans from all walks of life put aside their differences and became AMERICANS UNITED TOGETHER in a common struggle. It showed the world that Americans are at their best when things are at their worst.

*Sycamore Creek/Preston Trails Block watch* The block watch of Sycamore Creek/Preston Trails will be hosting a meeting on Sunday, September 10th, at the Pickerington Baptist Temple Church ( 521 N. Center St.) from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. P.P.D. command staff will be attending to discuss the recent incidents in the Preston Trails area, and other crime related issues. Space is limited to approximately 100 people.

*Update-Shots Fired Call* In relation to this past weekends incident at the Diley Rd. Middle School, charges have been filed on the following suspects: Timothy Mcdowell (19) of Obetz-Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor. Jeremiah Slone (18) of Columbus- Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor. Michael Mitchell (23) of Columbus- Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor. Jahquil Montgomery (15) of Columbus- Robbery, Trafficking in Drugs (Marijuana), Possession of Drugs, & Forgery. Christian Taulbee (16) of Columbus-Trafficking in Drugs (Marijuana). Another Pickerington juvenile is in custody for a probation violation, with several charges related to this incident expected to be filed soon through Juvenile Court. Another Columbus juvenile originally detained and released for lack of evidence was arrested today and is in custody, after a detective obtained additional evidence. Once formal charges are filed on these two juveniles, they can be identified also. A pat on the back goes out to our officers on scene and our detective that continued his work to develop the evidence necessary to arrest the other juvenile. All those associated with this incident have now been charged or are in custody awaiting charges. Our command staff has been in contact with the neighborhood block watch and school district to set up a neighborhood meeting. Date, time, and venue will be determined shortly and will be shared via our Facebook page.

A message from your friends at the Pickerington Police Department; The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a hazardous weather outlook for the central Ohio area for this afternoon and into the evening which states: "Strong to severe thunderstorms are likely from this afternoon into the evening hours. Damaging winds and hail will be possible with these storms. In addition to heavy rain and multiple rounds of thunderstorms may lead to a flash flood threat." Please plan appropriately and be safe!