Beavercreek Police Department

  • Agency: Beavercreek Police Department
  • Address: 1388 Research Park Drive, Beavercreek, 45432 OH
  • Chief: Dennis Evers (Chief of Police)
Phone: 937-426-1225
Fax: 937-320-7393

Beavercreek Police Department is located at 1388 Research Park Drive, Beavercreek, 45432 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Dennis Evers. The Beavercreek Police Department phone number is 937-426-1225.

Beavercreek Police Department News

Our hearts and prayers are with the families of Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering and our brothers and sisters at the Westerville Police Department. We grieve with and support them and the entire Westerville Community.

We just simply couldn't resist sharing a generous gift we received today at the department...A GIANT DOUGHNUT!! We are very appreciative and are honored to be part of such an amazing community! There is absolutely no way any of this will go to waste... it's a doughnut at a police department... enough said!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

In the fall of 2016, the Beavercreek and Fairborn Police Departments began looking at UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Technology and how it could benefit their respective municipalities. The two departments then collaborated to research the technology and develop a UAS programs. Once the platform was identified, two officers from each agency attended UAS training at Sinclair Community College. At the conclusion of the training, these officers were able to obtain their Remote Pilot Licenses from the FAA and began training together. This now occurs once a month on the operation and maintenance of these systems. The purpose behind the program is to provide real time information for responding officers and aid in locating missing or fleeing individuals. Additionally, the UAS platforms may aid in traffic crash investigations, tactical deployments and large event surveillance for safety. Both departments are currently working to add nighttime capabilities to the program. This is just another example of a technology collaboration between two law enforcement agencies working for the good of the citizens they serve while also being good stewards of public tax dollars.