Cincinnati Police Department

  • Agency: Cincinnati Police Department
  • Address: 800 Evans St, Cincinnati, 45214 OH
  • Chief: James Craig (Chief of Police)
Phone: 513-352-3562

Cincinnati Police Department is located at 800 Evans St, Cincinnati, 45214 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is James Craig. The Cincinnati Police Department phone number is 513-352-3562.

Cincinnati Police Department News

The Cincinnati Police Department is offering an eight-week Citizen's Police Academy, January 20 to March 10, 2010. Designed to provide better understanding between citizens and the police through education, the meetings will be held at the Cincinnati Police Academy, 800 Evans Street, eight consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm. Topics covered during the program include laws of arrest, use of force, the criminal investigation process, the mental health response team, domestic violence and personal safety. Space is limited and prior approval is required to attend. Applications are available online at

Link for the Cincinnati Police Recruiting Unit