Norwood Police Division

  • Agency: Norwood Police Division
  • Address: 4701 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 OH
  • Chief: William Schlie (Chief of Police)
Phone: (513)458-4520

Norwood Police Division is located at 4701 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is William Schlie. The Norwood Police Division phone number is (513)458-4520.

Norwood Police Division News

Brendan has been located and we have officers with him. Thank you to everyone who took some time to help look for him. It is a great ending.

Brendan has been located and we have officers with him. Thank you to everyone who took some time to help look for him. It is a great ending. We need your help locating this missing endangered person. Brendan Menke, 25 walked away from the Stepping Stones Center at 2300 Drex Ave today. He suffers from a traumatic brain injury and has severe memory issues. He was last seen wearing denim blue jeans and a long sleeved gray shirt. He does require medication and is prone to seizures. Please call the Norwood Communications Center 458-4520 you see him or have any information to help us locate him. Thank you.

So this just happened. The Norwood Police Department is proud to introduce you to six new employees. We couldn't be more happy to add this crew to our department. Welcome aboard Joe Mollmann, Kelly Garner, Zach Lutz, Zach McGimsey, William Dossenback, and William Murphy.

Looking for something for dinner tonight? Also looking for a way to help out in our community? Well, you can do both things at once if you stop by the Norwood Chipotle, 4402 Montgomery Road tonight. Show this post or simply tell the cashier that you supporting the cause and the R.E. Lindner Family YMCA in Norwood will receive 50% of the proceeds from your purchase. While you are there, you can ask for the proper pronunciation of "Chipotle".

We thought we would share the ordinance for the City of Norwood regarding loud car stereo. 509.10 SOUND SYSTEM CONTAINED IN MOTOR VEHICLES. (a) No person, firm or corporation being the owner or person in possession of a motor vehicle with any radio, phonograph, television, tape player, loud speaker or any other instrument, machine or device shall cause or permit any noise to emanate from the motor vehicle in such a manner and to be of such intensity and duration to create unreasonable noise or loud sound which causes inconvenience and annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities. (b) It shall be prima facie unlawful for a person, firm or corporation being the owner or person in possession of a motor vehicle with a device described above to cause or permit any noise emanating from a motor vehicle which is plainly audible at a distance of fifty feet from the motor vehicle. The lawful use of a motor vehicle horn shall not be a violation of this section. (c) This section shall not apply to any of the following circumstances: (1) The sound amplifying equipment of the motor vehicle is being operated to request medical or vehicular assistance or to warn others of a hazardous road, vehicular or traffic safety condition; (2) The motor vehicle is an emergency vehicle or public safety vehicle and is on an emergency run; (3) The motor vehicle is owned and operated by the State or a political subdivision, or a public utility; (4) The motor vehicle is participating in a parade or other activity for which the sponsors have obtained the necessary permit or authorization; or (5) The sound amplifying equipment of the motor vehicle is being operated as a requirement of Federal, State or local law enforcement. (d) Whoever violates this section is guilty of generating excessive sound from a motor vehicle, a minor misdemeanor for the first offense and a misdemeanor of the fourth degree for the second or subsequent offenses. (Ord. 13-2010. Passed 3-23-10.)

Who said that "dabbing" was out. Not these kids last night on Carthage Avenue. They taught Officer Harvey the proper form and he passed with flying colors.

Wow. What a great community partner. The Indian Mound Cafe made this donation to the Norwood Police Association with proceeds from their sales on 9/11. We would like to thank the owners of the Indian Mound Cafe for their support.

Surveys show that teens whose parents set firm rules for driving, typically engage in less risky behavior and are involved in fewer crashes. Have you set the rules of driving for your teens? #drivesafeohio

Parents: You may not realize it, but you’re more of an influence on your teenager than you think. They will model your behavior when they’re driving. What are they learning from you? #drivesafeohio

NATIONAL TEEN DRIVER SAFETY WEEK. Too many teens are dying on our roads.This week and every week, parents should have conversations with their teens about the important rules they should follow to stay safe behind the wheel. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, inconsistent or no seat belt use, distracted and drowsy driving, speeding, and number of passengers. #drivesafeohio

Does the face on the right look like the face of a guy who was sad to pay out on a deal he made with a young Norwood student? Near the beginning of the school year, Sgt. Lewis got a chance to speak to this young man. They talked about school and how important it was to do your best. Sgt. Lewis made a deal that if he showed improvement on his progress report he would stop by and drop off a gift as a reward for his hard work. This week his parents dropped off his progress report for Sgt. Lewis to see. He showed improvement in every subject. Thank you Sgt. David Lewis. Keep up the great work.

Thank you to "Cookies For a Cop" for sending a representative by today to drop off these goodies. We can't express just how thankful we truly are when a member or group from the community stops by to show their support for the work we do. Thank you again for taking the time to make our day a little brighter. Officer Dan Riffle and Sgt. Jim Hicks showing their appreciation upon receiving these cookies. They showed their appreciation a few minutes later in the roll call room. Looked like a scene from Sesame Street and they were playing the part of the Cookie Monster. What a mess.

Please keep the Green Township Police Department in your thoughts this afternoon as they hold a memorial service for Dino, their K9 who died in the line of duty while tracking a suspect. For those who might be interested in attending, the ceremony will be held today at 1:00 pm at Veteran's Park 6303 Harrison Ave. The public is welcome to attend and pay their respects. NPD Sgt. Mike Borchers along with K9 Amor will be there paying respects on behalf of the Norwood Police.

Please join us at the Xavier University Community Health and Safety Rally on Tuesday, October 10th from 3pm-7pm. The event is being held at the Xavier Yard, a green space on campus near Bellarmine Chapel. There will be multiple safety service agencies on hand to speak about crime prevention, fire safety, along with general health and wellness.

We love opening up our inbox and finding letter of thanks for a job well done. Great work Officer Brian Hoffman. Your hard work and commitment to the citizens of Norwood doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you Eric for sharing your story. We are proud to have Brian working for our department. I would personally like to thank officer Brian Hoffman for helping me get my tools back from a robbery that took place at my home on park ave. He did an excellent and very professional job. We need officers like this and I'm proud to have him in the city that I have owned a house in for the past 8 years. Great Job and keep up the hard work!!!! Eric Holm Please feel free to post this anywhere as I'm proud to have officers that do good work in my city.

Last Saturday, members of the day relief made a new friend. Chance stopped by the station to pick up a bicycle that was donated to replace one stolen from him. While there he enjoyed lunch with some officers and received his own personal tour of the station and a police vehicle. Stay safe on the new bike Chance and remember to always wear a helmet. Kudos to the officers involved, from left to right, Sgt. Jim Hicks, Officer Brian Hoffman, Sgt. Mark Vickers, Officer Dan Riffle, Officer Mike Matulewicz, Officer Eric Bolser, Lt. Tom Fallon, and Auxiliary Officer Robert Miller.

Last week Lt. Murphy had the pleasure of eating lunch with Liliana Iannotuono, a first grade student at Norwood View. Liliana was entered into a raffle because she raised over $25 dollars for the Warrior Walk. The Warrior Walk helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and raises money for field trips and classroom activities. Congratulations Liliana, her classmates, and all of the great students at Norwood View on a job well done.

Norwood parents and caregivers please make sure to sign up for this service to keep your young children safe. Make sure that you call and sign up. The number is on the flyer.

Whether it be in a parking lot, crosswalk, or on a road, everyone is a pedestrian. A pedestrian is killed on average every 2 hours. Using a digital device while walking can lead to these incidents. Make eye contact with drivers before crossing to keep yourself safe.

Flashback Friday. These pictures were given to us from the Norwood Historical Society annals. They are dated 1959 and depict riot control training and formations.

Today we had the privilege to visit Ms. Dwyer's class at Norwood View. The class made cards for us to thank us for being First Responders. It was greatly appreciated!!!

These three beauties were left at our police station over the weekend. Thank you to the person or persons who took the time to do the artwork and drop them off for us to find. We deeply appreciate the sentiment.

The work that Lt. Tom Fallon is doing for Hamilton County and the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition is quite simply, amazing. Sometimes in police work it can be difficult to measure your success. The fight against the opioid addiction is a difficult one. We are very proud of the work Lt. Fallon has been doing in fighting the opioid epidemic in Norwood and Hamilton County. Great job Tom.

Time to walk the walk friends. Whiz Kids is looking for tutors to help Norwood Elementary age school students. There is a desperate need for male tutors. Lt. Murphy has been tutoring with Whiz Kids for the last five years. Chief Kramer has been a substitute tutor. This is an incredibly easy way to "give back." It only takes 1.5 hours each week. The difference you can make in a young person's life is immeasurable. We hope you will strongly consider signing up for this great program. If you would like more information please contact Norwood Site Coordinator Carol McMahan 513-969-5363. We have also provided a link to the Whiz Kids site.

We must never forget!!