Norwood Police Division

  • Agency: Norwood Police Division
  • Address: 4701 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 OH
  • Chief: William Schlie (Chief of Police)
Phone: (513)458-4520

Norwood Police Division is located at 4701 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is William Schlie. The Norwood Police Division phone number is (513)458-4520.

Norwood Police Division News

Looking for someone to do their best Columbo impression. This bandit walked into the Union Savings Bank last Wednesday, passed the teller a note demanding money, and threatened her. In Ohio that is considered robbery. We need to find out who he is so that we can charge him with that crime. Attached is the link to the Crime Stoppers page.

We found WLWT News 5 getting ready to put up their drone at the dead end of Harris Ave to film the water fall and traffic back up on I-71. Pretty cool set up.

Here is a video taken at the scene. Crazy footage. Lot of water flowing. For perspective, this is coming from the east side of NB I-71 just past the railroad bridge that comes from behind Norwood Public Works. MSD has been contacted and officials are trying to determine the cause and get the water shut off. ODOT has also been contacted and once the water is shut off, they will clean up debris from the highway caused by the waterfall.

Typically not something you expect to see on I-71 on your commute home but there is a huge waterfall, we are assuming man made, at approximately the 7.5 mile marker northbound. The NPD is shutting down the right two lanes until we can figure out the source and get the water shut off.

Don't be that person. This is a sobering statistic. Pun intended. Designate a sober driver. Don't drink and drive. #drivesafeohio #buzzeddrivingisdrunkdriving

The Hamilton County OVI Task Force will assist the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Norwood Police Department with a sobriety checkpoint tonight from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. During 2017, 208 OVI-related crashes occurred within 3 miles of the checkpoint location. One of those crashes resulted in a fatality while 69 of them resulted in non-fatal injuries. Don't be the next OVI crash statistic! Use a designated driver, taxi, Uber/Lyft, or public transportation to get home safely. #BuzzedDriving Is Drunk Driving. The checkpoint will be located in the 3900 block of Montgomery Rd (US-22/SR-3) in Norwood.

No reason to ever be unlucky when it comes to drinking and driving. Designate a sober driver, call a taxi, or hire Uber. All better options and you don't need any luck to get home safely. #drivesafeohio #buzzeddrivingisdrunkdriving

The Norwood Fire Association will be holding their annual golf outing on Saturday April 28th. This is always a great event for the Norwood community. The NFA does tremendous work throughout the year donating time and money to various local worthwhile causes. Please sign up to play or simply make a donation to help them raise funds to continue their good work.

Norwood peeps. ASAP Norwood, your local substance abuse coalition, is trying to collect information on people's perceptions of drug treatment for a project they are working on. Please take a moment to complete this short survey. The collection of your feedback will really help our Norwood community.

We became aware of a possible threat made through social media last Saturday. This threat was related to the student walk out that will be occurring tomorrow at NHS. We investigated the threat and made contact with the person. Our investigation determined that there was no credible threat. We are relaying this information now because this same picture might be making rounds again on social media. We do not believe your child is in any danger.

Xavier Police Department is now on Facebook. Make sure you like their page.

We would like to address the story of the dog that was found deceased on Tuesday night. We did respond and take an incident report. There was a small wound to the dog. We are not sure what may have caused this wound. The SPCA did take custody of the dog and will be performing a necropsy to hopefully determine the cause of death. This is an active investigation. We want to stress that this is an isolated incident. There have been no other reports from citizens of criminal acts being committed against animals. If it is determined that this dog was shot, we will do everything we can to bring justice to the person responsible for his death.

Let us know if you recognize this person. The NPD is probably the least of his worries right now. He needs to make things right with the Lord. If you recognize him please call our non-emergency number 458-4520 or Detective Jeff Barger 458-4540. Thanks.

Thank you to City of Cincy for bringing in pizza for our crew. There was so much pizza we had to invite members of the NFD over to enjoy some of the hot, cheesy, and doughy goodness. We also shared the wonderful bounty with the on duty dispatchers. We really appreciate the gesture City of Cincy. #pizza4police

Great work by Officer Phil Harvey overnight. He stopped a vehicle on Williams Ave for multiple traffic violations. During the stop he suspected the driver of being under the influence of alcohol. Officer Harvey observed the driver, while reaching for his insurance paperwork, had a gun in his waistband. Once backup arrived on scene, he was detained for suspicion of OVI. The loaded handgun was recovered along with a rifle lying in the backseat. After field sobriety testing, the driver was arrested for OVI. He was brought to the station for processing paperwork and was transported to the HCJC. While being processed for intake there, deputies found 98 Xanex and 4.0 grams of heroin hidden in his shoe. He was ultimately charged with OVI, having weapons under disability, possession of drugs and drug trafficking. Great job Phil. Keep up the good work.

The Norwood Athletic Boosters are holding a St. Patrick's Dance on Saturday March 17th. All proceeds will go directly to the Norwood HS and MS athletes. See the flyer for additional information. On a lighter note, we want you to try and say "IRISH WRISTWATCH" three times. Give it a try. Or give it a couple of hundred tries. You can't do it.

Please take a moment to visit this link and sign the petition to deny parole to Eric Shields. He was convicted of attempted murder of two Cincinnati Police officers. He was given a maximum sentence of 50 years. He has yet to do half of that time. Complete lack of regard for human life. He should do the maximum time.

Ross Avenue is shut down between Section Avenue and Reading Road due to a mudslide.

Today the Westerville Police Department will lay to rest Officer Eric Joering and Officer Anthony Morelli. These two heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice last Saturday, February 10th. Sgt. Mark Vickers and Officer Dan Riffle will be paying respects for the members of the Norwood Police Department and the City of Norwood. Please take a moment today to say a silent prayer for the Westerville Police Department and the families and loved ones of Officers Joering and Morelli. May God Bless them and offer them strength and solace during this tragic time.

On Monday 2/12/2018 at approximately 8:40 pm. Hamilton County dispatch put out a all county broadcast that Springfield Township police were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle eastbound on on the Norwood Lateral. Just moments after this broadcast, the vehicle crashed trying to exit from the lateral onto southbound I-71. Norwood officers responded to the area immediately to assist the Springfield Township units. Officer Chapman shut down the exit ramp from Lateral to S71. Two of the suspects were apprehended by Officers Harvey and Lackman. Officers then canvassed the area from the 71 north tree line toward the east in an attempt to locate the third subject that was still at large. Two canines and 9H10, the HCSO helicopter, were also on scene to aid in the search. After a lot of confusion and chaos, Officers Lackman and Spille located three more suspects hiding in the tree line along 71 north. They were taken into custody without further incident. Norwood officers made the arrests on all 5 suspects that had fled from the crashed vehicle. One of these suspects is alleged to be a suspect in a recent shooting. This is just another great example of the fine work the patrol division performs on a daily basis. Thank you to all the officers on night relief who assisted with this incident. Your commitment and professionalism to service with the NPD are appreciated.

The best love story of all time. Love yourself. Buckle your seat belt every time. #drivesafeohio

This little dude was turned into by a citizen who found him in the area of Tilden and Carter Avenues. He is not chipped and does not have a collar. He is a sweet dog. As always, if you recognize him or who might be his owner, please call our non emergency line 458-4520. Thanks.

We missed a very important Birthday that occurred over the weekend. On Saturday, February 10th our K9 Amor turned eight years old. We were told that his handler Sgt. Borchers pampered him the entire day. The day started out with a breakfast in his kennel bed of bacon kibbles and eggs. This was followed by chasing squirrels in the back yard. After a short nap he spent the afternoon at a doggie spa getting his nails done. He also received a color treatment on his coat. With hair that dark it's hard to keep the gray from showing. The day was capped off with a steak dinner and a birthday cake made of dog treats and peanut butter. Happy Birthday Amor. We love having you around protecting us and the citizens of Norwood.

It's always very nice to receive a correspondence from a citizen telling you how much they appreciate the service we provide. Our officers take great pride in their service to the community of Norwood. Thank you to this citizen to took the time to offer this note of appreciation. Chief Kramer, I just want to say what a wonderful job your staff is doing in checking on our house while we are snowbirds in Florida. Our neighbors tell us they are patrolling our house just about every day and sometimes two times a day. Today, we got a voicemail from dispatch that the patrolman checking our house today said there was an envelope with our name on it sticking out behind our mailbox. He said it’s been there 2-3 weeks, but is not visible from the street. I called dispatch back and said our son will be over to get it. The policemen even pick up the Door Store in our driveway every week. (We’ve tried to get that stopped, but they keep delivering.) Now, that’s going above and beyond!! We soooooo much appreciate what the NPD does for us and our community in keeping it safe. Please let your department know we really appreciate them!! Thanks again.