Forest Police Department

  • Agency: Forest Police Department
  • Address: 211 W Lima St, Forest, 45843 OH
  • Chief: Howard R. Rickabaugh (Chief of Police)

Forest Police Department is located at 211 W Lima St, Forest, 45843 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Howard R. Rickabaugh. The Forest Police Department phone number is 419-273-2500.

Forest Police Department News

Forest Police Department would like to thank the forest fire department for their assistance involving a motor vehicle accident.

Village of Forest Police department assisted in escorting Westerville heros to their final resting place.....RIP brothers

The Forest Police Department and the Village of Forest is in the process of planing the construction a Forest Firearms range. This range would be located on Village Property outside the Village of Forest. The intent of this endeavor is to provide a safe environment for our local law enforcement to train, so that they better protect the village of Forest. It is also our hope that starting in April 2018 the Forest Police department will be able to provide Firearms Training for the general public. As of current planing we intend to provide training for CCW, advanced CCW, Home defense with long guns, and other advanced firearms classes. These classes would be at a cost which will be competitive to local cost and proceeds going to assist in future police endeavors. including Santa cops, Safety Services Day, and other needs. The point of this message is to first inform the public of are intentions, and second to inquire as to any interest that maybe in the Forest area for these type classes. we thank you for your time and interest