Glenmont Police Department

  • Agency: Glenmont Police Department
  • Address: 108 Main St, Glenmont, 44628 OH
  • Chief: M Craig Proper (Chief of Police)
Phone: 330-674-1936

Glenmont Police Department is located at 108 Main St, Glenmont, 44628 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is M Craig Proper. The Glenmont Police Department phone number is 330-674-1936.

Glenmont Police Department News

Beware. This can happen quickly!

For anyone interested.

Great job, all!

Sad to share information regarding the death of another Ohio officer. Rest easy, Brother. We have the watch.

Some good guys. Doing good.

Some help for a public servant's family.

Any information can help!

Great video.

Stop killing my family! Rest easy, Sir. We have the watch.

A local hero, gone too soon.

Congratulations to our own Sgt. Deano McNeil. This is a significant honor.

Rest easy, brother. We have the watch.

Things can happen very rapidly. This is proof.

Lots of people on the roof (at least 10) shooting at officers. Best wishes, Brothers and Sisters!

I would like to thank Captain Purdy from Glenmont PD, and a special thanks to Sheriff Zimmerly, and his staff from the Holmes County Sheriff's Office, as well the Ashland County Sheriff's Office for your assistance tonight with our incident. Your help was invaluable. Also thank you to those at Richland Township Fire and EMS for their time. I would be hard pressed to do this job without the great working relationship that is of peak value to me. Thank you all, again. Please don't listen to (or spread) rumors, as there are family members and loved ones involved who deserve respect. Details will be released at a later time. This is not the forum for details, questions or rumors and they will be released at the conclusion of the case. Any posted here will be deleted. Thank you all for the understanding.

Well done, Brother!

Hey, all. The guys from the P.D. just made a donation to Share-a-Christmas. My young daughter will be taking the phone calls at 330 674 0095 until 5 pm. Please call in and accept her challenge to raise for those in need. We also challenge Nashville Police department, Millersburg PD, and Holmes County Sheriff's Office, as well as Holmes County Probation (Adult and Juvenile).

4 officers executed in 24 hours. This HAS to stop!

Slow down for emergency scenes!

Well written. This explains a lot.

Please share. Get the word out.

Anyone with any information, please let them know.

May your transition be smooth. Rest easy, Brother. We have the watch.