Wakeman Police Department

  • Agency: Wakeman Police Department
  • Address: 59 Hyde St, Wakeman, 44889 OH
  • Chief: Tim B Hunker (Chief of Police)
Phone: 440-839-2511
Fax: 440-399-1441

Wakeman Police Department is located at 59 Hyde St, Wakeman, 44889 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim B Hunker. The Wakeman Police Department phone number is 440-839-2511.

Wakeman Police Department News



A local gas station in Wakeman intercepted this fake $100 bill. The case is under investigation. Please pay attention to all currency. This bill in particular even displays the word "copy" on front and back. Contact the police if someone has or is attempting to use any suspected counterfeit bills as a form of payment. WPD Contact: 440-839-2511 E-mail: wakemanpolice@yahoo.com.

An IPhone was turned into us yesterday. If you are missing one please call with a description and the type of IPhone to confirm identity.



Hello Residents, We had a burglary last night around 11pm on Pleasant near Abbott Street. A male dressed in dark clothing, possibly 5ft 8in, and a slender build, fled the area East on Abbott Street. He was chased from the residence by the homeowner. He wasn't able to steal anything, but had gathered some items together. Anyone with any information please call 440-839-2511. As always please make sure doors and windows are locked!! Anything suspicious please call.

This morning Wakeman Police chased a male suspect on foot after he ran from police near Pearl and Verlin in Wakeman. The suspect has not been formally charged, but is currently sitting in the Huron County Jail. At about 1am this morning, Cpl. Zingale noticed the vehicle blow a stop sign and then crash into a row of hedges on Verlin Street. The male then jumped out of the moving car and then ran to Main Street. He was quickly caught by the officer. He had a warrant out of Lorain County and has a history of committing burglaries and domestic violence. Possible charges could include Flee and Eluding, Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Comply, and a citation for running a Stop Sign. The case is still pending. Good Job Cpl. Zingale!!!!

Wakeman Police recover stolen car in Elyria. Early Sunday morning Wakeman Police took a report of a stolen car from Main Street in Wakeman. There were other items taken from the home as well. The suspect later told the victim's family after he had turned himself into a mental facility for an evalution, the area where he had left the vehicle. The car was released to the victim. One of the charges could include grand theft, a Felony of the 5th Degree.

We would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!!!👮‍♂️

2017 " Shop with a Cop "

Unclaimed Property Notice Pursuant to ORC 2981.11 the Wakeman Police Department is providing notice that it is in possession of numerous items that have been unclaimed, recovered, seized, or held, including but not limited to weapons, currency, jewelry, bicycles, and personal items, which will be disposed of pursuant to ORC 2981.12. The public is invited to view the property that they believe may belong to them and establish ownership of said property. Absent of any claimant who can establish their ownership or right to the property by September 18th. 2017 the said property will be disposed of according to law. Claimant must contact Chief Hunker of the Wakeman Police Department at (440-839-2511). Chief Timothy Hunker Wakeman Police Department Wakeman, Ohio 440-839-2511

Thank you to Jim Cave for making sure our flag is always in great shape. If it's not, he replaces it!!! Thanks Jim!!

THANK YOU Everyone, 2017 Wakeman Fishing had the largest turn out yet!!! We had over 80 participates and over 150 people come to this event. It was awesome!!! We want to thank all of the business', residents, and Wakeman employees, who made it possible!!!


Don't forget this Sunday, Wakeman Fishing Derby!!!!!

Recently purchased with confiscated drug money and drug fines, Wakeman Police welcome a new Club Car Golf Cart to their fleet. The new cruiser will be utilized at events such as the upcoming Wakeman Festival and Buschur Shootout. Stop by and check it out!!!

Wakeman Police seize multiple brownies baked with marijuana, multiple enhanced marijuana seeds, and drug paraphernalia, after a traffic stop this morning. The driver, who was very cooperative, told police that he was heading to a Methadone clinic for his daily dose. He was cited for driving on a suspended license and drug paraphernalia. More charges could follow.

The cruiser looks great!!! Thank you Zach's Auto Detailing LLC. (Owner-Zach Buschur) https://www.facebook.com/zachdetailing/

Wakeman Police seize crack pipes, snort tubes, and other drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop at BP Friendship yesterday!!


This pig was found wondering around Thome street at about 6am today. She has a harness on her already. Anybody with information contact this department.

Wakeman Officer Steve Pozniak at the copsride.com for Fallen Officers....