Wickliffe Police Department

  • Agency: Wickliffe Police Department
  • Address: 28730 Ridge Road, Wickliffe, 44092 OH
  • Chief: Randy E Ice (Chief of Police)
Phone: 440-943-1234

Wickliffe Police Department is located at 28730 Ridge Road, Wickliffe, 44092 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy E Ice. The Wickliffe Police Department phone number is 440-943-1234.

Wickliffe Police Department News

Do you know him? On 11-05-2017 at about 7:45 pm the pictured male tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at a dollar store at Euclid Avenue and Lloyd Road. The suspect was denied and he went to a nearby gas station where he successfully passed the bill and received about $90 in change. The male left and was last seen in the area of Euclid Avenue and East 294th Street. Call us at 440-943-1234 or message us if you know the suspect.

Update: Worden Rd is now clear, the water has gone down.

Due to extreme weather and flooding, Worden Rd is closed from Euclid Ave to Lakeland Blvd. Please use an alternate route. Also there has been several complaints of flooding on Green Ridge and Lloyd Rd. The is a power outage on Bryn Mawr, there is no eta on when it will be restored. Thank you for your patience.

This nice guy was located in the are of Bishop/Ridge Rd. Very friendly, no collar or tags. Please contact the PD if you are the owner or if you know the owner of this dog. Thank You!

On 11-01-2017 at about 2:15 am, an officer tried to stop a car for acting suspicious on Euclid Avenue. The driver fled and after a short car chase he was taken into custody on Stanford Court. The male was smoking crack cocaine as officers pulled him from the car and took him into custody. The 51 year-old Cleveland man was held at the Wickliffe Jail on fleeing and drug charges. Also yesterday--at about 4:10 pm, an officer saw a man in the parking lot of a Euclid Avenue hotel. The officer knew the man was wanted and stopped him to investigate. The 48 year-old Mentor man fled on foot and was taken into custody after a foot chase and physical struggle. A package of heroin was recovered from his pocket. He was taken to a hospital for a possible broken collar bone and criminal charges of obstructing police, resisting arrest, and possession of heroin will be filed at a later date.

Extra officers are out in the neighborhoods to keep an eye on the kids. Have a safe and happy Halloween and stay warm out there!

Power is currently out throught the city and surrounding area. The power company is aware but we do not have any estimate for when it will be restored. Please do not call our dispatch center as we have no "inside" information and are just as "in the dark" as everyone else. We need our phone lines open as the likelyhood of a true emergency goes up at these times. Please treat intersections as four way stops. If we receive any information on a cause or estimated restoration time we will post it here. Thanks for your patience.

Over the weekend: One man was arrested for OVI and three people were arrested on outstanding warrants. An officer checked an occupied car on Craneing Drive in the middle of the night and found three men asleep in the car. Investigation led to the discovery of LSD and illegal pills. One of the occupants was arrested on felony drug charges. Officers responded to a suspected heroin overdose and treated the female with narcan. Investigation revealed that the female was on probation and had overdosed at the same location about a month ago. The female was charged with possession of a needle and pills without a prescription. Finally, a male was arrested for domestic violence and two people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

TRAFFIC STOP LEADS TO CAR CHASE, CRASH, AND RECOVERY OF LOADED GUN: On 10-27-2017 at about 2:10 am, an officer on patrol stopped a car on Euclid Avenue at Bishop Road for an equipment violation. As the officer exited his car and began to approach, the driver fled eastbound on Euclid Avenue at a high rate of speed. The officer pursued the car for a short distance before it crashed into a light pole at Euclid Avenue and East 305th Street. The engine compartment of the car caught fire, and two patrol officers had to pull the driver free of the car. The driver was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries. Once the fire was out, officers searched the car and located a loaded .40 caliber handgun on the front passenger floorboard. The matter emains under investigation and charges of fleeing police, improper transport of a firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and driving on a suspended license will be pursued once the driver recovers. Luckily, the driver was the only occupant and nobody else was injured in this incident.

TWO JUVENILES ARRESTED FOR THEFTS FROM CARS ON THE NORTH END OF CITY: On 10-23-2017 at about 9:00 pm, a resident of Woodway Drive called police about two males walking up driveways on the street. Officers checked the area and located two male juveniles, aged 16 and 17, in the area of Oakwood. After investigation, it was learned that the boys had been stealing items from unlocked cars in the neighborhood. It was also learned that the two were responsible for a theft from a vehicle which occurred on Grand Boulevard the night before. Both boys were released to their parents and charges of trespassing and theft are being filed through the Lake County Juvenile Court. Thefts from cars are on ongoing problem throughout the city, and especially on the north end, where houses are close together. Over the last couple of years, we have arrested numerous suspects (often juveniles) for prowling neighborhoods and entering cars to steal change and other small items, but unless caught in the act, these are tough crimes to solve. You can help us out by doing a few simple things: 1. If you see someting, say something. Call us right away when people are acting strange in your neighborhoods. You know your neighbors and you know who belongs and who doesn't. If you think it's wrong--it probably is. Officers have stumbled across suspects on routine patrol, but usually these crimes get solved because someone calls us. 2. Lock your car in your driveway. Make this a habit; day or night, even if your only away from it for a few moments. 3. Motion lights, and outdoor floodlights in general go a long way towards deterring this type of crime. Consider adding a light or turning on your outside lights overnight.

Some things from a fairly quiet weekend: Five people were arrested on outstanding warrants, one male was arrested for OVI, and one female was arrested for obstructing police. Officers responded to seven domestic related calls and all were mediated without arrest. Officers conducted nine traffic stops that ended with citations for either driving with no license, or possessing marijuana and/or drug paraphernalia. Officers investigated a reported burgary of an apartment on Bellview Street--the matter has been turned over to detectives for additional follow up. Finally, officers were dispatched to a report of kids riding their bikes on the berm of SR 2 near East 305th Street. Three boys, aged 11 and 12, were taken home to their parents and warned about their actions.

** Project Blue Light ** WPD has more blue light bulbs in stock for any Lake County resident who is interested in one. ***PROJECT BLUELIGHT JW-1301*** The Wickliffe Police Department is proud to announce their participation in Project Bluelight JW-1301. Project Bluelight is a nationwide effort to show your support for law enforcement and fallen officers by means of shining a blue light on a patio or outdoor light at night. This concept has been around for many years and the current project, JW-1301, is in recognition and remembrance of fallen Akron Police Officer Justin Winebrenner (police ID# 1301). Started by Justin’s father, retired Barberton PD police officer Rob Winebrenner, the goal was to distribute 10,000 blue lights throughout the greater Akron and Cleveland area. Along with each light bulb is a pre-addressed envelope where donations can be made, if you choose, to help further the project. Anyone interested can pick up a blue light at the police station lobby or inquiries can be made to Sgt. Jim Coolick and the bulbs can be delivered to your residence when feasible. Thank you for any/all support of this effort to keep Justin’s and all fallen officers’ memory alive.

Tomorrow from 1030am until noon we will be participating in, "Coffee with a Cop" at the cafe inside of Antiques and Uniques (30200 Euclid Ave) Feel free to stop in for a free cup of coffee and ask questions regarding law enforcement and any concerns within the community.

CRIME ALERT: On Wednesday, 10-18-2017 at about 10:20 am, a resident on Laurel Lane (off of Rockefeller Road) came home after being away only a short time and found the rear door to his attached garage kicked in. The resident may have scared off a burglary suspect when he arrived home, as no entry to the actual house was gained and nothing seemed to be missing. Residents in the area are asked to call police if anyone suspicious is seen in the area.

UPDATE TO EARLIER POSTINGS ABOUT ROBBERIES AT THE WICKLIFFE OHIO SAVINGS BANK AND DOLLAR GENERAL STORE: The Wickliffe Police Department took reports of an attempted robbery at the Dollar General store at Euclid Avenue and Lloyd Road on 08-19-2017 and a robbery at Ohio Savings Bank on 08-21-2017. Wickliffe Detectives worked these two cases for several weeks and it was quickly learned that the offenses were related to numerous other robberies on the east side of Cleveland. Wickliffe Detectives, FBI agents, US Marshal's and Detectives from several other suburbs worked together to identify and arrest two suspects. Today, the United States Attorney's Office announced indictments against the two men. This posting and the accomanying news story show that although cases are not always solved immediately and often fade from the public eye, many dedicated law enforcement officers are hard at work to solve the crimes and bring the suspects to justice. Finally, a note that while the Dollar General attempted robbery is not part of this indictment as it was an attempt and not a completed crime, the same two suspects are believed responsible for that incident as well. If convicted of the charges, both men face lengthy prison time. http://www.cleveland19.com/story/36590701/2-men-indicted-in-nearly-1-dozen-robberies-in-cleveland

BLOCK WATCH MEETING.....at the Wickliffe Police Station on Wednesday October 18 at 6pm. We will be discussing internet predators, and one of our officers will be in attendence to discuss recent activity and investigations that he is currently working on at this time. He will be answering questions and giving advice for parents to keep their children safe while using the internet and social media. All are welcome to attend, and we hope to see you on Wednesday.

THREE MEN ARRESTED IN DRUG TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION AND SOME OTHER INCIDENTS FROM THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS: On Wednesday, 10-11-2017, detectives were conducting surveillence at a Euclid Avenue hotel in response to information received about drug deals occuring in the parking lot. Detectives had actually been watching the hotel for several days due to the information about heroin and crack cocaine sales. At about 1:00 pm, detectives observed a drug transaction take place in the parking lot and followed the suspect car away from the hotel. A marked patrol car was used to stop the suspect vehicle on Euclid Avenue just into the City of Willoughby. Three males in the car were detained, and investigation led to the discovery of more than an ounce of crack cocaine and heroin, as well as powdered cocaine, suboxone strips (which are a prescription opiate), and more than $1,000.00 in cash. The three men; from Willoughby, Euclid, and Cleveland, were arrested and charged with various offenses including; trafficking in heroin, trafficking in crack cocaine, and permitting drug abuse. All were held at the Wickliffe Jail pending arraignment at the Willoughby Municipal Court. On 10-11-17 at about 1:30 am, an officer on patrol found two people inside a restroom at Jindra Park. They had clothing and a blanket and appeared to be planning on sleeping in the bathroom. The room also smelled of marijuana. The two were cited for possession of marijuana and being in the park after hours. Both were warned about a trespass arrest if found in the park after hours again and were sent on their way. On 10-11-17 at about 7:50 pm, officers were dispatched to a report of a man passed out behind the wheel on the SR 2 e/b exit ramp for East 305th Street. Officers found a man unresponsive and not breathing. An officer removed him from the car and administered two doeses of narcan (for opiate overdoses). Paramedics arrived and continued the care, and the man eventually came to. An officer followed up at the hospital and obtained a blood draw from the driver, who was eventually charged with OVI-drugs. On 10-12-17 at about 9:15 pm, a female was arrested for domestic violence at a Wickliffe house after her roommate called 911 and said she threatened him with a knife. The 47 year-old Wickliffe woman was held at the Wickliffe Jail pending a court appearance. On 10-13-17 at about 1:30 am, an officer stopped a car at Lakeland Blvd. and East 305th Street for a traffic offense. After investigation, the driver was arrested for possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, and traffic related charges. The man was also wanted by the Medina County Sheriff's Office on a warrant for probation violation on a burglary case. The 38 year-old Cleveland man was held at the Wickliffe jail. In addition to the above, officers mediated several family disputes without arrest, took a report of equipment stolen from a pick-up truck at a Wickliffe bowling alley, and recovered a stolen car. Officers also assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with an OVI arrest on IS 90, and assisted the Euclid Police Department with a brief high speed chase of a stolen car that was terminated due to the danger posed by the suspect's driving.

On Monday, 11-06-2017 at 6:00 pm, the Cleveland Clinic will be presenting information on the opioid crisis at the Wickliffe Public Library. Adults interested in the subject are encouraged to attend.

At 6pm today we will be blocking traffic for the Wickliffe High School Homecoming parade. We will be blocking traffic in the area of Rockefeller, eastbound on Ridge, and northbound on E.300 to Euclid Avenue. Expect traffic delays between 6pm and 7pm.

CRIME ALERT We took two reports this morning that a suspect or suspects entered unlocked cars on Parkwood and Shaker overnight from 10-01-17 til 10-02-17. Please keep an eye on your house and your neighbors and call us at once if anyone is seen in the area that does not belong. Over the weekend, officers arrested a man for possession of heroin and needles after the staff at a Euclid Avenue restaurant called to report suspicious behavior in the establishment. A second man was arrested for possession of needles during a traffic stop. A female was charged with disorderly conduct-fighting following an altercation with a man, and three people were arrested on outstanding warrants. Finally, we have received a lot of inquiries into the conditions of the two Willoughby Hills Police Officers wounded in last week's incident. We are happy to report that both officers have been released from the hospital and are recovering at home. Thanks to all who offered words of support on our FB page and to the patrol officers out in the community.

On 09-28-2017 at about 2:00 pm, two Willoughby Hills Police officers were shot and wounded at a car dealership on SR 91 at Interstate 90. The suspect was also shot and taken into custody. Wickliffe officers responded to assist, as did officers from several area departments and federal and state agencies. The early prognosis for both officers is good, and we ask all to keep the officers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

We are currently experiencing some intermittent issues with our phone lines. If you should call us and there is no answer, please call the Willowick Police Dept at 440-585-1234. We are working to correct the problem!

A LOOK AT POLICE ACTIVITY OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS: On Wednesday, 09-20-2017 at about 2:15 am, an officer met a Cleveland Heights Patrol Car on Monticello Blvd. and took custody of a man wanted by Wickliffe Police for failing to appear in court. At about 7:00 am, an officer met a resident at a Wickliffe apartment and took a report about a friend stealing the man's wallet and car. At about 3:00 pm, the officer found that the car had been returned to the owner, who no longer wanted to pursue the matter. At about 6:30 pm, officers were dispatched to check on Euclid Avenue near Bishop Road for a young child walking by himself. Officers spoke with employees of a car dealership, who found the four year-old boy and were attempting to help him. Patrol officers were able to return the boy to his house. It was learned that he left the home to look for his mom while his father was showering. Luckily, all ended well and the officers spoke with the little guy about the importance of not leaving the house without mom or dad. At about 10:20 pm, an officer stopped a car on Euclid Avenue for a license plate violation. A passenger in the car was found to be wanted by the Willowick Police on an outstanding warrant. He was arrested without incident and turned over to that agency. On Thursday, 09-21-2017 at about 12:50 am, an officer checked on an occupied car parked at a car repair business on Euclid Avenue. The two occupants were cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. At about 1:55 am, an officer stopped a car on Rockefeller Road at Euclid Avenue for a traffic violation. Subsequent investigation led to the discovery of a large number of 30 mg oxycodone pills. A 46 year-old man was arrested on felony drug trafficking charges. At about 10:15 am, an officer went to the Cuyahoga County Jail and picked up a man wanted by the Wickliffe Police on an outstanding warrant. He was brought to the Wickliffe Jail and held in lieu of bond. At about 2:00 pm, Wickliffe Detectives conducted a narcotics investigation. As a result, a marked patrol car stopped a suspect vehicle on SR 2 eastbound and a 25 year-old Geneva man was arrested for possession of fentanyl. At about 1:40 pm, officers responded to a home where a man was having some mental health issues. After learning that the man tried to harm himself, he was taken to a hospital for treatment. Officers also conducted several traffic stops and follow-ups on cases, and responded to a domestic related issue and a dispute between children. The above represents a fairly typical couple of days for our officers, and we thought we would share what they are up to on a daily basis.

Check of occupied car in parking lot leads to recovery of stolen handgun: On 09-18-2017 at about 9:00 pm, a patrol officer noticed two people sitting in a car in the parking lot of a Euclid Avenue bar. The officer pulled into the lot and smelled marijuana coming from the open car doors. Officers spoke with the female car owner and her male passenger and they admitted to smoking marijuana in the car. A search revealed marijuana, crushed pills, and a loaded Beretta .22 caliber handgun. The gun was stolen in Eastlake about two months ago. The 26 year-old female; from Wickliffe, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. The male was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property. He is a Cleveland resident and is 43 years-old. The Wickliffe Police Department has seized more than 30 guns this year to date, most during traffic stops.

Over the weekend: One female was arrested for domestic violence, one male was arrested for having a weapon as a convicted felon and obstructing official business, two people were arrested for operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), and one person was arrested for disorderly conduct. Officers also responded to a suspected overdose death, several domestic disturbances, and returned an elderly man home after he went out for a walk and became disoriented.