Willowick Police Department

  • Agency: Willowick Police Department
  • Address: 30435 Lake Shore Blvd, Willowick, 44095 OH
  • Chief: Michael T Lazor (Chief of Police)

Willowick Police Department is located at 30435 Lake Shore Blvd, Willowick, 44095 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael T Lazor. The Willowick Police Department phone number is (440)585-1234.

Willowick Police Department News

The city of Wickliffe has an overturned semi truck on Lakeland Blvd at the Lloyd Rd entrance ramp to SR 2. You cannot get onto SR 2 E/B or W/B from Lakeland/LLoyd in front of Lubrizol at this time. You cannot exit SR 2 E/B or W/B at Lloyd either. Please avoid the area and choose an alternate route so that Wickliffe Police/Fire can get the situation under control.

The power is out at Shoregate Shopping Center and the surrounding streets. At this time we do not know why only that CEI is aware and estimated the power to be restored by 1pm today. Please call CEI to report your outage 1-800-LIGHTSS.

We have already received some pretty awesome donations! December 4th is the day we will be taking the final collection. That is 30 days away. Please help the kids out if you can. Thank you :)

Don't forget to change the clocks back one hour tonight and change the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors!

With the holidays approaching and more consumer online shopping we have already taken reports of delivered packages being stolen from outside the home. The attached link is from November 2016 however the tips to help keep your packages safe are still good ones. #porchpackagethieves http://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/ne-ohio-residents-hit-by-thieves-stealing-packages-off-porches

A little change to our weekly news photo. This is 2 year old "Chase". He is a Willowick resident and his photo was sent to us by his human letting us know he was prepared for Halloween! Great photo and thanks for sharing :) 10/26/17 @ 1511 hrs/Suspicious Person Caller on Charles St. advised a male just walked up her driveway and went into her garage. The caller's husband spoke to the male who then got into a light blue Mustang. Officer located the male driver who advised he was looking for a house on James and mistakenly went to the wrong house. @ 1658 hrs/Suspicion Caller on Sylvan advised there was a silver Buick in the area that was suspected of being involved in drug activity. Officers on scene observed suspicious activity by the occupants. The vehicle and occupants were searched with negative results for any drugs. 10/27/17 @ 0212 hrs/Assist Other Agency Officers assisted Wickliffe PD with an MVA on Euclid Ave near E 305. The vehicle driver crashed into a utility pole which then caught on fire. Wickliffe Fire/Rescue handled the call and the driver was taken by Life Flight. @ 1357 hrs/Disturbance Caller was upset due to the fact that he could not get to his car at Willoughbeach Terrace as the paving crew had the driveway blocked. Caller reported that he and the crew members exchanged words over this. The caller was advised to contact the paving company with his complaint about the workers. 10/28/17 @ 1835 hrs/Theft/Petty Resident of E320 filed a report for a package that was delivered and then stolen from her residence. Report taken. @ 2049 hrs/Suspicion Resident of E324 advised someone keeps knocking on her door and running away. Officers located a teenage party close by. The teens denied knocking on her door but were advised of the complaint. 10/29/17 @ 0938 hrs/License Plate Theft Resident of E327 advised her temp tag was ripped off of her vehicle overnight. Report taken. @ 2308 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Bruce Dr. reported being awoken by a female screaming. Officers checked the area and after speaking with another resident it was determined that the noise may have come from a Halloween decoration that was then turned off. 10/30/17 @ 1000 hrs/Animal Complaint A report was received in reference to someone spotting a coyote on the football field at Royalview School. School officials were advised. Officers located the coyote which then left the area. @ 1755 hrs/Domestic Violence Resident of Shoregate Towers reported a couple fighting in an apartment on the 5th floor. Officers spoke to the couple who advised it was verbal only and the male half left for the evening. 10/31/17 @ 1807 hrs/Suspicious Vehicle Employee of the post office advised of an occupied silver vehicle at Aldi's with a male inside that appeared to be filming them. Officers spoke with the male who was a contractor for Aldi's and was waiting for equipment to be delivered. @ 2249 hrs/Criminal Damage Complainant advised her vehicle was parked on Forestgrove Rd. and had been egged chipping the paint off of her car. Report taken. 11/01/17 @ 1708 hrs/Stolen Property Resident of Wellner reported a bicycle was stolen from her backyard overnight. Officers located the bike at the neighbor's and a report was sent to Lake County Juvenile for possible charges on the juvenile neighbor. @ 1906 hrs/Fraud Resident on post to report that she was scammed today by a company posing as her internet provider. Advice given in reference to credit protection. 11/02/17 @ 1121 hrs/Theft from Mail Resident of the 28600 block of Lakeshore advised a package was placed inside her door by the mail person and someone had stolen it. Report taken. @ 1455 hrs/Suspicion Employee of Ace Hardware advised there was a male in the store that she felt was behaving suspiciously and that there was someone waiting outside in a vehicle for him. Officers on scene located the subject who apparently became scared and left the item inside the store. The male was advised he was no longer welcome back in the store and he would be arrested for trespassing if he did come back. @ 1528 hrs/Burglary Resident of E330 advised he was gone for an hour and a half and someone had broken into his home. Report taken.

11/03/17 @ 0403 hrs this MVA caused a telephone pole and wires to come down at Willowick Dr. near Auto Zone. Luckily there were no serious injuries. Alcohol/drugs were not believed to be a factor. The wires are telephone and cable which have been secured until repair arrives later this morning.

On 10/25/17 @ 1100 hrs our officer made a traffic stop E 315/Bayridge and arrested Mary Velic on a trespassing warrant. The vehicle was towed and Velic was transported back to the Willowick Jail where she posted bond and was given a date to appear in court.

We collected 100 lbs of old medications for National Drug Take Back Day! Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by.

This was dropped off today to our officers working the drug take back. A big thank you to one of our favorite residents for always thinking of us :)

We will be accepting donations until Dec 4, 2017. Please help the kids out if you can. Thank you :)

Rain or shine our officers will be collecting old prescription medications today from 10am-2pm at the police station for National Drug Take Back. Please pull into the parking lot and follow the cones and you won't even have to get out of your car! :)

Some good news this morning!!

These four photos are suspects involved in thefts at Ace Hardware, 30130 Lakeshore Blvd. If you can identify any of these males or provide any information at all please contact Det. Spakes or Det. Guerrieri at 440-585-1235. Thank you.

10/19/17 @ 2243 hrs/Burglary Resident of E326 advised he just arrived home to find his home broken into and his TV missing. Report taken. 10/20/17 @ 1158 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Arlington Circle advised she saw a b/m in a small white car park in front of her house and then proceed to walk up her driveway. The male then turned around got back into his car and drove over by where there was a green van and blue car parked. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the male or the vehicle. @ 1528 hrs/Criminal Damage Resident of E314 advised sometime overnight someone ripped of the rear wiper blade on his vehicle. Report taken. 10/21/17 @ 1402 hrs/Burglary Resident of Dickerson advised he returned home and his house had been broken into with several items stolen. Report taken. @ 1609 hrs/Burglary Resident of E317 advised his home was broken into but it did not appear that anything had been taken. Report taken. 10/22/17 @ 2330 hrs/Noise Complaint Caller advised it sounded like a riot was going on at Shoregate Towers East building. Officers located a disturbance on the 5th floor. This was a female arguing with her cousin and the female left for the night. 10/23/17 @ 1756 hrs/Driving Under the Influence Caller observed a two car MVA on Lakeshore and one vehicle was leaving the scene. Officers located both vehicles in front of Shoregate Shopping Center. Officers determined the accident happened at Lloyd & Lakeshore in Euclid. Euclid PD contacted to take a hit skip report and one male was placed into custody for OVI and transported to the Willowick Jail. @ 2102 hrs/Attempted Theft Resident of E305 advised someone had attempted to steal her inflatable lawn ornament from her yard. Extra patrol checks requested. 10/24/17 @ 1711 hrs/Theft/Petty Employee of Aldi's reported a w/m had stolen a frying pan and was now attempting to return it. Officers located the male inside the store and placed him under arrest. Report taken. @ 1807 hrs/Stolen Vehicle Resident of E315 reported that sometime during the day someone had stolen a minibike from inside her open garage. Report taken. 10/25/17 @ 1407 hrs/Suspicion Resident of E305 reported that she believed her bathroom window had been tampered with as there were several handprints on it. Officer on scene advised the caller's husband had attempted to get in through the window as he had locked himself out. @ 1542 hrs/Criminal Damage Resident of Clarmont reported his vehicle had been keyed. Report taken. @ 1544 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Harrison advised he returned home and his front door was wide open. Officer on scene checked the house and it was determined the door was left open accidentally.

Ptl. Slapnicker along with the DEA and Summit County Sheriff's Office spent some time at Royalview Elementary on October 23 & 24 speaking with the kids about Red Ribbon Week, *****Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States***** The 2017 Red Ribbon Theme: Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free.

Here is a list of Trick-Or-Treat times for the surrounding area. Willowick is 6pm-8pm on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. https://www.tripsavvy.com/trick-or-treat-northeast-ohio-752802 Also please share these safety tips with your kids. https://www.safekids.org/sites/default/files/documents/halloween_safety_tips.pdf

Coming up this Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 10am-2pm.

********10/25/17 Confirmed by Beechwood Police this juvenile has been located********

***********UPDATE OWNER AND DOG HAVE BEEN REUNITED********** This sweet boy was found near Pendley and Densmore around 10am. He has an orange collar with no tags and is about 40 lbs. He is at the service department kennel. Please call us if he is yours or you know who he belongs too. Thank you 440-585-1234.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Girard Police Department and Officer Leo's friends and family. RIP Sir and thank you for your service. EOW 10/21/17

This holiday season our department will be collecting items for the UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. The link attached is a "High Priority Holiday Wish List for 2017" of most needed items for the children that will be spending the holidays in the hospital. There are certain items that cannot be accepted. Please make sure you read the attached list this is very important. If you are making a donation the items/toys should not be wrapped and MUST be brand new. Please bring your donations to the Willowick Police Department, 30435 Lakeshore Bl anytime between now and Monday December 4, 2017 and place them under the tree in our secured lobby. We will deliver all donations to Rainbow Babies & Children's on Saturday December 9, 2017. www.uhhospitals.org/~/media/UH/documents/services/holiday-wish-list.pdf

On 10/19/17 @ 0905 hrs our department received a call from a complainant at Shoregate Methodist Church 30500 Bayridge Bl who advised his gray Saturn Ion had just been stolen. Due to the quick response of Willowick and Wickliffe Officers, with no pursuit taking place, the stolen vehicle was located on Lakeland Bl near the Euclid border where it had gone left of center striking a truck, a fire hydrant and telephone pole. There were no injuries and the driver of the stolen vehicle was identified as Joseph A.Valente. He was taken into custody for Grand Theft, arraigned at Willoughby Municipal Court and transported to the Lake County Jail under a $50,000 cash/surety bond.