Willowick Police Department

  • Agency: Willowick Police Department
  • Address: 30435 Lake Shore Blvd, Willowick, 44095 OH
  • Chief: Michael T Lazor (Chief of Police)

Willowick Police Department is located at 30435 Lake Shore Blvd, Willowick, 44095 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael T Lazor. The Willowick Police Department phone number is (440)585-1234.

Willowick Police Department News

There was a backpack found this morning in the dumpster at Erieside Church that contained girls volleyball apparel. If you are the owner or know the owner please make contact with the police department at 440-585-1234.

Update: Most of the municpal buildings in the city have been without phone service (City Hall, Service, etc). The problem is being worked on and the Police Department is still reachable for any police or fire related matters (911 for emergencies or 440-585-1234 for all other matters). You may be able to send an email to service (listed on Willowick's website). Please be advised the Police Department is having issues with our phone lines. As always if you have an emergency please dial 911. All other callers please dial 440-585-1234, if you do not get through the first time please try to call again. The problem is being addressed and we hope to have the issue repaired soon. Thanks for your patience.

At 0118 hours this morning, the Willowick Police Department received a call on our non-emergency line reporting someone had been shot at the Willowick Cafe, 28809 Lakeshore Blvd. Surveillance video shows the shooter, unknown race or gender, enter the Willowick Cafe through the rear side door. The shooter went directly up to the victim and shot him three times. Shooter immediately turns around and leaves the bar through the same door. Numerous other patrons that were in the vicinity of the shooting all fled the bar prior to officers arriving. It appears the victim was sought out by the shooter and there was no previous altercation or interaction between the shooter and the victim. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is assisting with processing the crime scene. Any and all video recordings are being retained as they are critical to the ongoing investigation. When more information becomes available, we will release it on our department Facebook page. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Willowick Police Department at 440-585-1234. All information can be referred to Detective Greg Spakes.

This is being hosted by the Lake County Prosecutor Victim Assistance Program and Eastlake Police Victim Advocates on Wednesday April 25th from noon to 1pm at Lakeland Community College.

Please make sure to read this article and talk with your kids about this app. We will keep everyone updated with more information as it becomes available.

Doesn't matter that this story is out of California because it can happen anywhere. Please read this.

Bruder, on the left, came to visit his brother K9 Jäger today at work 😊

03/31/18 @ 1425 hrs/Disturbance Employee of Giant Eagle advised there was a male and female in the back lobby fighting with one another and they have a baby with them. Officers spoke to both parties who were fighting over a cell phone. The female half agreed to have the male take the baby for the evening and they were on their way. @ 2059 hrs/Suspicious Person Caller requested an officer check on a male that was acting oddly near Speedway on Vine St. Officers located the male who was not doing anything wrong. He was however warned for jaywalking and sent on his way. 04/01/18 @ 0931 hrs/Disturbance Caller reported a male screaming at a female walking on Lakeshore near Cody Park. Officers spoke to both parties who were involved in a verbal argument over money. They both decided to walk home together. @ 1038 hrs/Shoplifter Caller reported a b/m walked out of Rite Aid and he possibly had stolen something. Officers located the male behind Aldi's. He did not have any Rite Aid property on him however he did have a warrant with Eastlake PD for theft. The male was turned over to Eastlake PD. @ 1948 hrs/Disturbance Caller reported he was involved in a road rage incident at Bayridge/N.Marginal and another male had threatened him with a gun. Officers on scene spoke with both parties. Neither male had a gun nor was there mention of one during the incident. Both parties were sent on their way. 04/02/18 @ 1916 hrs/Shoplifting Dollar General employee reported two b/m's just exited the store and the sensors went off. Officers located the men in their vehicle on Lakeshore near Vine St. The driver had several warrants and no valid drivers license. Both the driver and passenger were arrested for theft and transported to the jail. 04/03/18 @ 1456 hrs/Fraud-Identity Theft Resident of E300 on post to report someone had stolen her information and opened an account in her name. Report taken. 04/04/18 @ 1304 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Royalview was advised by his neighbor that there was glass in his driveway and the front door appeared to be damaged. Officers advised the front door was not secured causing the wind to catch it and break the glass. The house was all locked up. @ 2135 hrs/Traffic Complaint Caller advised there was a disabled vehicle on Bayridge at Willowick Dr with the lights off and the door open. Officer spoke to the male with the vehicle who was replacing his battery and would be on his way. 04/05/18 @ 1745 hrs/Suspicious Person Resident of High Tee advised there was a male in his backyard video taping his and his neighbor's yards. Officer spoke to a male who was jogging in the area and thought the house was still vacant. 04/06/18 @ 1919 hrs/Disturbance Employee of Sally's Beauty advised there was a female inside the store who was intoxicated and being belligerent. Officer on scene advised the female had left the store and gotten onto the bus. 04/07/18 @ 2038 hrs/Disturbance Caller reported a fight inside Kate's Bar & Grill. Officers on scene advised the individual who was causing the problem left prior to their arrival. Report taken. @ 2223 hrs/Suspicious Vehicle Report of an occupied vehicle Oakdale/E302 with a loud radio. Officer advised the vehicle was gone prior to his arrival. 04/08/18 @ 0835 hrs/Animal Complaint Caller advised there was a male walking two dogs Bayridge and E317 and one dog was not on a leash. Officer was unable to locate the male. @ 1826 hrs/Welfare Check Caller reported in the parking lot of Aldi's there was a female passed out in her vehicle. The caller advised the female did lift her head but seemed disoriented. Officer spoke to the female who was just taking a nap. 04/09/18 @ 1438 hrs/Driving Under Suspension Officer on a traffic stop on Cresthaven with a male driver who did not have a valid drivers license. The male also had in his possession a 9mm handgun. The vehicle was towed and the male was arrested for driving under suspension and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. @ 1734 hrs/MVA-Hit Skip Female on post reporting that while her vehicle was parked on Daniel another vehicle hit it and left the scene. Report taken. @ 2320 hrs/Driving Under the Influence Officer attempting to stop a vehicle SR 2 E/B doing 110mph. The vehicle pulled over at the bottom of the entrance ramp to E306 in Mentor. The female driver was arrested for OVI, Assault on a PO, Resisting Arrest, Improper Handling of a Firearm in a MV, Weapons While Intoxicated and several other traffic violations. She was arraigned and posted a $10,000.00 cash/surety bond. ****************************************************** Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience. ******************************************************

We have some great dispatchers in our area and all over the country. They get their own week to be acknowledged and these men and women certainly deserve it! 😊💛

A little shout out to our first, first responders! Thank you to all of our dispatchers for their unseen dedication to our communities! 💛

Willowick's finest! Very proud of all of the officers 💙


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These dogs were found on Blissfield Dr @ Willowick Dr. If anyone knows who the owner is contact the Willowick Police Dept. 440-585-1234 Thank You

03/21/18 @ 1801 hrs/Juvenile Complaint Manager of McDonald's reported several juveniles in the restaurant that have been asked to leave and they have refused. Officers spoke to six juveniles who were all advised they were no longer welcome in McDonald's. @ 2313 hrs/Welfare Check Caller advised a male and female were walking near E293/Lakeshore and they appeared to be arguing. Officers on scene advised the two were having a verbal argument. Officers gave the female a courtesy transport home and the male was sent on his way. 03/22/18 @ 0839 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Green Dr. advised while she was in the shower she heard knocking at the door. When the caller got out of the shower she found a man standing in her kitchen. The male claimed to be looking for someone named Mary and advised she had given him this address. The resident told the male no one by the name of Mary lived there and told the male to leave. The male did leave and the resident contacted the police. The resident advised she did have an unlocked door that the male entered through. ****Please keep your home secure even when you are home**** @ 1321 hrs/Suspicious Person Resident on Dickerson advised she was walking outside to get a package that had been delivered from Amazon and a w/m in a tan jacket and jeans was walking up her drive. When the male saw her he turned around and walked back down the drive. An officer checked the area and was unable to locate the male. @ 1755 hrs/Shoplifter Employee of Sally's Beauty advised there were two w/f 's that just left the store with stolen items and got into a silver vehicle. Officers located the females and placed both into custody for theft. They were transported to the Willowick Jail. @ 2337 hrs/Unwanted Guest Bartender from the Willowick Cafe advised they had an unwanted patron in the bar. The male was unable to locate his keys and an officer gave him a courtesy transport to Willowick Towers. The male was also advised he was no longer welcome inside the bar. 03/23/18 @ 1220 hrs/Shoplifter Manager of Dollar General advised there were two w/f's that had stolen items from the store. They got into a silver SUV. Officers located the vehicle and determined one female had paid for her items and the other female had not. The manager advised they would accept payment in lieu of prosecution for the items taken. Both females were advised that should they return to the store they would be arrested for trespassing. @1918 hrs/Soliciting Caller reported two b/m's outside of Marc's asking for donations to an organization that sounded fictitious. When the caller asked them if they had a permit they advised they did however could not produce the paperwork. Officers located the males in their vehicle who stated they were with "Young Leaders" out of Collinwood. They were advised to obtain a permit through city hall. 03/24/18 @ 0106 hrs/Suspicious Person Resident of Arlington Circle advised while she was in her driveway she was approached by a w/f asking to speak with her. The resident advised she went into her home and called the police. Officers did locate a female possibly matching the description however determined that it was not the same female. The resident was advised to call the PD if she saw the female again. @ 1202 hrs/Improperly Handling of a Firearm in a MV While on patrol in Shoregate Shopping Center an officer observed an unoccupied vehicle with the hazards on parked in the fire lane at Dollar General. While the officer was preparing to write a parking ticket a male exited Dollar General and started loading items into the vehicle. When the officer approached the male about the illegal parking he advised he was in a hurry that is why he parked in the fire lane. Upon identifying the male it was determined that he had a suspended driver's license and also two outstanding warrants. The male was taken into custody for his warrants. While the officer was inventorying the vehicle prior to the tow arriving a fully loaded semi-automatic pistol was located inside a book bag. The male was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. 03/25/18 @ 0713 hrs/Stolen Vehicle Resident of E 328 St reported her vehicle was stolen out of her driveway. Report taken. @ 0802 hrs the vehicle was recovered in Maple Hts. @ 0934 hrs/Disturbance Caller reported a male and female arguing in a driveway on E305 near Shoregate. Officers spoke with both parties who were involved in a traffic altercation. They were sent on their way. @ 2038 hrs/Suspicion Resident of Charles advised she heard a noise in her backyard and thought she saw someone run through it. She also noticed the gate open and heard someone knock at the door. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate anyone. @ 2206 the female called back and advised her and her nephew were outside and observed a person dressed all in black crouched down near a vehicle. The male then left toward Daniel. Officers checked the area again with no results. 03/26/18 @ 1628 hrs/Disturbance 911 transfer call from Onstar, caller reporting she was behind a maroon Chevy Malibu and the passenger was beating on the driver. Officer located the vehicle and the occupants advised they were in a verbal argument and neither wished to pursue any charges. @ 1704 hrs/Domestic Violence Caller advised there is a young couple walking at E293/Lakeshore pushing a stroller and the male pushed the female down. Officers spoke to both parties who advised they only were having a verbal argument over the contents in a bookbag. 03/27/18 @ 1409 hrs/Suspicious Person Caller advised there was a male in the parking lot in the rear of Giant Eagle and it appears he was trying to get into cars. The male then got into another vehicle and left. An officer located the vehicle and the male was a business owner who was only waiting for a ride. 03/28/18 @ 2332 hrs/Trespassing Officer located an occupied vehicle on the deck of Shoregate Towers with two people sleeping in it. Officers spoke with a male and female who advised they were from Painesville and thought they could sleep in the parking lot. They were advised that they could not and were sent on their way. 03/29/18 @ 0814 hrs/Stolen Vehicle Resident of E324 reported his truck stolen from his driveway overnight. Report taken. @ 1113 hrs/Criminal Damage Resident of Densmore advised their front picture window was damaged by a BB gun pellet. Report taken. ************************************************************************ "Smile it will bring serenity to the most stressful situations". Garnet Hill *************************************

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03/12/18 @ 1940 hrs/Theft of License Plate Complainant advised his license plate was stolen off of his car while it was parked at Savers Thrift store, 30604 Lakeshore Blvd. Report taken. 03/13/18 @ 1344 hrs/Shoplifting Employee of Giant Eagle advised they had a B/M shoplifter running out the front door and then toward Pet Supplies. The male got into a silver vehicle and attempted to leave on E305. Officers were able to stop the vehicle and arrested the male passenger for theft and criminal tools. The male also had multiple warrants with several other cities. The female driver was arrested for complicity. @ 1653 hrs/Shoplifting Employee of Dollar General advised there were two B/F's that just ran out of the store with stolen items and left in a small silver vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Report taken. 03/14/18 @ 0120 hrs/Suspicious Person Employee of Giant Eagle advised there was a male that is asleep on the toilet and needed to leave. Officers out with the male who was charged with criminal trespass. Report taken. @ 1918 hrs/Suspicious Person Resident on E324 advised the house directly behind her on E323, she could see a male trying to get into a back window. Officers spoke to the male who just moved in. Checks ok. 03/15/18 @ 0911/Unwanted Guest Employee of Dollar General advised there were two B/F's inside the store changing price tags. The females left in a small silver vehicle. The employee was advised to call back if the females returned. 03/16/18 @ 0817 hrs/Stolen Vehicle Caller reported his Ford Ranger had been stolen from the parking lot of Shoregate Towers. After further investigation it was determined the truck had been repossessed overnight. @ 1340 hrs/Disturbance Employee of Subway advised he had just gotten into a fight with another employee. Officers determined this was a verbal argument that turned physical. After an officer investigated the issue both parties were issued minor misdemeanor citations for disorderly conduct. @ 2120 hrs/Attempt Burglary Resident of Daniels advised a young B/M was attempting to break into the neighbor's house. The caller yelled at the male and the male took off running. The caller attempted to chase the male but lost him as the male ran into Eastlake. Officers were unable to locate the male. Report taken. 03/17/18 @ 0857 hrs/Suspicious Person Resident on E330 reported a W/M with a green hoodie and tan pants going door to door but not leaving any literature in the mailboxes. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate the male. @ 1836 hrs/Shoplifting Employee of Sally's Beauty advised 3-4 B/F's shoplifted from the store and left in a green SUV. Investigation continuing. Report taken. 03/18/18 @ 1403 hrs/Suspicion Party on post reported there was a female in a vehicle in the parking lot of the park that appears to be sleeping but she was concerned that it may be a medical issue. Officer checked on the female and she was just sleeping. @ 2324 hrs/Disturbance Caller from Willowick Towers reported screaming and things being thrown in an apartment on the fifth floor. Officers advised this was a verbal argument between mother and son and the son left for the night. 03/19/18 @ 1744 hrs/Unauthorized Use of MV Female on post advising her vehicle was stolen. Officer advised the female had loaned her vehicle to a friend in January and it has not been returned. Female was advised to obtain vehicle ownership information and return to the station. 03/20/18 @ 1414 hrs/Fraud Resident on post to report he had given personal and credit card information out to an individual claiming to be from the bank. Report taken. @ 1843 hrs/Fraud Resident advised she received a call from her bank that someone had gotten her social security number and was using it fraudulently. Report taken. @ 2337 hrs/Trespassing Resident on E305 advised there was someone under his back deck as he could hear them and could see a light from what was possibly a cell phone. Officers located a male who had a warrant with Eastlake. He was transported to Eastlake PD and was also issued a minor misdemeanor citation for trespassing. ************************************************************************ The purpose of our lives is to be happy! Dalai Lama ************************************************************************

What a great video done by the Red Cross. Take a minute to watch it :)

03/21/18 @ 1103 hrs. We have been informed the owner has been located and is handling the situation. 03/21/18 @ 0712 hrs. Please message or call the department if you know who the owner of this dog is. Thank you. 440-585-1234.

Happy first day of Spring Willowick! 😊⚘🌷🌹🥀

As always we recommend that you have a sober driver if you are out celebrating today and tonight. Call a friend or driving service. Please utilize them and don't drink and drive! We want everyone to enjoy themselves and be safe. Below is a little history we thought you might like. ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘ Irish In America – Police, Firemen and a History of Service In the 1840s, close to 2 million immigrants from Ireland made their way to America. For many, the only work they could find was dangerous, low paying “service work” with fire and police departments. The Irish gladly took these positions, as it provided a means of income and acceptance into American society. Once they began having families, their children (and their children) would follow in their steps. In a lot of large cities like New York and Boston, you’ll still find these departments dominated by Irish members even until present day. Irish traditions in service Because of the rich Irish history in these service jobs, almost every police or fire department maintains aspects of Irish culture and tradition, including a bagpipe marching band. Bagpipes are an important part of Irish culture and an Irish funeral. Police and fire work in the 1800s was especially dangerous, and it wasn’t uncommon to lose several members of a force at one event. When these servicemen would have traditional Irish funerals, the sound of bagpipes quickly became associated in this country with a police or fire department member’s funeral. That’s why you’ll still find bagpipes at almost any fire, police or military funeral. In the early 1950s, the Fire Department of New York formed the first “Emerald Society” to help honor the Irish spirit and heritage of its members. Now, you’ll find an Emerald Society honoring American police officers or fire fighters of Irish heritage in almost every major city. Badge of honor Many historians say that Irish were at the forefront of organized fire and police departments, and that those services wouldn’t be in existence today if not for the Irish. The Irish have a proud tradition in the military, police and fire departments all across America. While they initially took these dangerous positions because they were the only work to be had, it quickly became a badge of honor to serve their new country. Since most departments do make an effort to honor this heritage, the bond between the Irish and police and fire departments is one Americans can always be proud of.

Two of Willowick's finest! It is a great honor to have them with us 😊

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***As of 0800 this morning, 03/13/18, no one has claimed this little dog. The dog warden will be contacted to pick him/her up. He/she is very scared in the kennel and we were hoping to find the owner overnight but did not have any luck. Thank you for all of the shares!*** This sweet little dog was found and is currently in the kennel at the service dept. Please contact us if you are the owner or know the owner 440-585-1234.