Utica Police Department

  • Agency: Utica Police Department
  • Address: 39 Spring St, Utica, 43080 OH
  • Chief: Clifford Bigler (Chief of Police)
Phone: 740-892-2211
Fax: (740) 892-3433

Utica Police Department is located at 39 Spring St, Utica, 43080 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Clifford Bigler. The Utica Police Department phone number is 740-892-2211.

Utica Police Department News

Fall event and FREE for the kids.

1st Day on duty and this new recruit kept us all safe last night. We enjoyed all the great kids, parents and costumes.

Trick or Treat Oct. 26th !!! Some Safety tips; 1. Decorate costumes/bags with safety tape or stickers. 2. Have fun with face paint instead of masks (better vision) 3. Kids under 12 should have some adult supervision. 4. Walk in groups and never run into the street. 5. Last stop a cop, they will have candy! Be safe everyone and enjoy.

Utica's Cops and Kids fall event. More details coming soon.

Utica's awesome kindergarteners! Blaze and Blitz got to surprise them and tell them thanks for that wonderful poster they made the police department. You kids are the best!

Trick or Treat is the 26th. 6p-7:30p

Thoughts and prayers for the victims, family, friends and all involved in Vegas.

ALERT- officers on foot patrol! I've been asked why am I walking around town. Simple answer. I'm asking the officers to take some time here and there to take a walk through the community and be seen and talk with everyone. Blaze and I did this a lot and it's a great way to meet everyone. This is just a start to our new "community policing" concept.

Another high heat index today. Police report on Homecoming; For the most part went very well. No actual police emergencies. Enjoyed meeting all the new people and thank you for all of the support, congratulations and conversation. AS ALWAYS, the people in this town are awesome! Did anyone see the Officer on the bike? It seemed to be a great hit. But I only let him go out after the sun went down.

Happy Monday. ALERT.. High Heat index today. Please watch yourself today and stay hydrated. Please let us know if there is anyone in town especially the elderly we should check on that doesn't have air conditioning. Thanks!

Nothing better than to start my day seeing this. you kids are AWESOME!

As always, Thank you Utica! The people here are GREAT! You have given Krystal, Blaze and myself a great welcome and it's a privledge to work here. I am excited and look forward in being your new Chief of Police. It's a true honor.

Get er Done!

Homecoming Festival starts next week! Sept. 20-23. Everyone enjoy and lets remember to slow down and watch out for all of the foot traffic.

Half time.... Utica 21 Fredricktown 13

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