Lorain Police Department

  • Agency: Lorain Police Department
  • Address: 100 W Erie Ave, Lorain, 44052 OH
  • Chief: Cel Rivera (Chief of Police)
Phone: 440-204-2103
Fax: 440-204-2519

Lorain Police Department is located at 100 W Erie Ave, Lorain, 44052 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Cel Rivera. The Lorain Police Department phone number is 440-204-2103.

Lorain Police Department News

The Lorain Police Department, along with nearly all other law enforcement agencies in Lorain County, offers "Transaction Safe Zones" for the public to meet and exchange property during local sales transactions that are arranged through online services such as OfferUp, LetGo, Craigslist, or the numerous Facebook Yard Sale groups. Our lobbies are safe, secure, and video recorded. There have been multiple robberies reported recently that were set up on such online services. Some robberies occur through bogus listings where the item really isn't for sale while others occur when a legitimate seller is robbed by a fraudulent buyer. Please consider meeting in our lobby when you engage in such online sales transactions. A reasonable person should have no objection to meeting you in our lobby. If you request to meet at the police station and they refuse, you may want to avoid that transaction. If you choose not to meet in our lobby, please use common sense and caution for your own safety during these transactions. Items that sound too good to be true (i.e. priced extremely low) very well may be too good to be true. Buyers or sellers who insist that they can only meet during hours of darkness in questionable locations should be avoided. If you are member of online "yard sale" groups here on Facebook, please share this post with those groups to spread the word. Information on our Transaction Safe Zone can be found at the included link.

Thanks for the shout out, Tonaya! We are happy to help 😎

REMEMBER: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. Don't blindly trust anyone who demands payment in random gift cards!

Look who made the cover of CLE DOG magazine. This month's edition of the magazine has a story on our very own humane officer, Officer R. Broz. Great job, Doc!

Thanks to the JC Crew from First Community Church of God for visiting us this weekend!

Several of our officers got together with a group of youngsters at Lost Nation Sports Park on Friday for the kickoff event of the PATHWAYS program. The Police Awareness Through Health Wellness and Youth Sports program is a community collaboration between the Lorain Police Department, Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority, and Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County which aims to form lasting, meaningful relationships with the youth of our city by engaging in regular, healthy and FUN activities.

Lorain PD School Resource Officer Dave Kuzsnir met with students at St. Peter’s School to talk about the dangers of inappropriate cyber behavior and bullying.

Eight of our officers had the opportunity to volunteer their off-duty time last night to participate in the kickoff event for the "Bigs in Blue" program sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lorain County . We had a blast, thanks for the invite!

Over the past few months, a group of students from the Amherst Steele High School Steele New Live program have been working hard making a project on community/police relations. They embedded a team of students with several local police departments, including our own, to produce this feature. We are very proud to share the final product of their work and we thank them for caring enough to draw attention to a very important subject. Great job!

The emergency snow ban is canceled today (1/13/18) at 3PM.

EMERGENCY SNOW BAN TO BE PLACED IN EFFECT LORAIN, OH: In anticipation of the extreme amount of snowfall being forecasted for the City of Lorain on Friday evening and into Saturday of this week, advance notice of a citywide emergency snow ban that will be placed effective Noon, Thursday, January 11, 2018 is being provided. Per Ordinance 02-15, Chapter 357(a) parking is not permitted on any city street, avenue, boulevard, parkway or highway within City limits, with the exceptions of addresses that do not have a dedicated driveway. Violators may be ticketed or towed. As always, motorists are reminded to use extra caution when driving during winter weather conditions, and are encouraged to stay off the roads if possible. This snow ban will remain in effect until further notice. For further information please contact the City of Lorain Street Department at 440.244-4294 or 440.258.3510.

A big "thank you" goes out to Dave Smith and the Lorain City School District Culinary Arts Class from Lorain High for breakfast yesterday morning! They hosted an event down at the Black River Landing serving local residents walking, jogging, or working in the downtown area.

We'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to our friend, Rita! Lieutenant Les Palmer stopped by Subway today and shared a minute with Rita as she enjoyed her lunch on her 90th BIRTHDAY!

A rash of thefts from motor vehicles and vehicle trespasses occurred in the depicted neighborhood yesterday. The vehicles were all unlocked. As with most, these thefts from motor vehicles occurred overnight. We ask any residents who live in this area that have security cameras to review their video footage for the early morning hours on 9/21/2017 to see if any suspicious persons were in the area. These thefts are a continuing trend of increasing thefts from motor vehicles throughout THE ENTIRE CITY. As we continue to try and identify and apprehend the various criminals committing these thefts, we ask your help to reduce the occurrence of these types of thefts. We ask residents of the entire city of Lorain to take the following protective measures to deny these criminals the opportunity to commit these thefts and to profit from your hard work: 1. LOCK YOUR CARS AT ALL TIMES 2. Remove all valuables from your cars. Do not leave portable electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS, laptops, iPods, tablets, or anything else of value that can be quickly sold or pawned inside your cars. 3. Do not leave money in your cars. 4. Do not leave purses, wallets, backpacks, or any other luggage in your cars. 5. If you must leave the items in your car, do not leave them in view. Secure them in your trunk or glove compartment or hide them under your car seats. 6. If you have a garage, consider parking your car inside of it (and locking the garage doors). It is very important that you protect yourselves from these thieves. Removing all valuables from your cars is the surest way to do so. Even if you lock the door, these criminals will smash your car windows to get in if they see items of value to them when they look through the window. Again, we are making every effort to identify and arrest the criminals who are committing these thefts. Please make yourselves less of an attractive target and secure your valuables. Don’t give these criminals the opportunity to make a quick buck at your expense. Please repost and share this information. Please talk to your friends and neighbors who live in the city and advise them to protect themselves.

Traffic on Oberlin Ave and Washington Ave can resume as normal. Both roads are now open at the railroad tracks.

The railroad crossings at Oberlin Ave and Washington Ave near W 14th Street are currently closed due to a traffic investigation. Please use alternate routes until further notice.

Who says that only firemen can rescue cats from trees? LPD K9 Officer J. Ball just made a new furry feline friend!

We'd like to give another welcome to LPD Citizen's Police Academy class 2017-03. Last week, Detective J. Morris and Officer C. Franco gave the class an orientation of the Lorain Police Department and a patrol equipment demonstration. We look forward getting to know one another and hope you find your time with us exciting!

Good luck to all of the candidates that took our civil service test this week!