Troy Police Department

  • Agency: Troy Police Department
  • Address: 124 E. Main St., Troy, 45373 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 937-339-7525

Troy Police Department is located at 124 E. Main St., Troy, 45373 OH. The Troy Police Department phone number is 937-339-7525.

Troy Police Department News

STATE WIDE TORNADO TEST TODAY At 9:50 AM, there will be a state wide tornado test as a part of Severe Weather Awareness Week. Maybe a blizzard warning test might be more appropriate ❄️⛄🧥

TROY'S UPDATED CURFEW ORDINANCE The city recently reviewed and updated the curfew ordinance for minors. The new restrictions are more reflective of current practices and activities of minors and also reflects current Ohio motor vehicle laws. The new ordinance provides many exceptions for acceptable activities during curfew hours, including school, church, and employment-related activities. Minors under the age of 18: 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday - Thursday 12 a.m. to 6 a.m., Friday & Saturday

POLICE IN SCHOOLS IS A TOP DEFENSE! Lot's of unique ideas floating around (smoke cannons!) on how to keep our schools safe. But, one of the most effective, common sense measures is having well-trained, active duty police officers in the buildings to assist in training staff and students in active threat situations, to build relationships with staff and students to foresee and prevent potential threats and to immediately respond to active threats. The Troy Police Dept. provides three full-time police officers (SROs) to protect our schools, staff and students.

TROY PD PARTICIPATES IN WESTERVILLE FUNERAL The Troy Police Dept. sent four police cruisers and eight officers and joined with several other Miami Co. agencies to pay respect to the fallen Westerville officers. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of these brave officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their community. #westervillestrong

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people. -Maya Angelou Rest in peace, Heroes. #westervillestrong

CAN WE JUST KEEP WATCHING THIS HAPPEN? Another average school day, another school shooting, more kids and school staff dead. This won't stop until we get tired of seeing this happen and actually DO SOMETHING. We react to these shootings by keeping the families and all involved in our thoughts and prayers, which is appropriate. But, don't we ALSO have to DO SOMETHING MORE to try to prevent these mass killings? Looking for answers, if you have them.

SO CLOSE TO HOME...SO SENSELESS Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of fallen Westerville Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering and with the men and women in blue in Westerville. This senseless, evil act of violence is yet another reminder of the unthinkable dangers of our profession. RIP, Officers Morelli and Joering. We'll take it from here...

THANKS, JUMPY'S FUN ZONE! Jumpy's became the latest local business to donate to our Juvenile Education/DARE fund, which helps support our summer programs and outreach to the youth of our community. If your business would like to help the youth of our community and be recognized, consider donating today!

PROUD OF YOU, EDDIE! Our community has lost a kind and gentle soul. "Eddie" Doll was a fixture in our community for decades. Eddie could be found, at all times of the day and night, at his usual hangouts, Speedway on N. Market and Marsh Supermarket (now Needler's), among others. Nearly every officer has been greeted by Eddie, at one time or another, with a rousing greeting of "I'm proud of you!". Well, Eddie, the officers at Troy PD are proud to have known you and will miss you, buddy. Feel free to leave your memories of Eddie in the comments.

OFFICER GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND We received this "thank you" from a citizen and had to share. Our officers, and all law enforcement officers, all across our nation quietly serve their communities in these ways everyday, usually without much public attention. "I don't know the name of the police officer that was at Meijer this afternoon but wanted to say thank you for helping get my groceries out of my cart and in my car. I really appreciated the help. He also wanted to help with my wheelchair but I can load it as it goes on top of my car. Thanks for your help, your service and please stay safe."

WANT TO LOOK UP LOCAL CRIME DATA? Here's a comprehensive tool to look up crime data locally or anywhere in the United States. Go to the Community Crime Map website and follow these steps: Menu (side): #1 Search Address: enter city/state or zip code #2 Date Range: enter the time period to search #3 Event: select which crime/offense to search #4 Analytic Layer: select Density Map to display highest concentrations of the selected crime/offense Tabs (top): #5 Data Grid: specific crime/offense cases, date/time, address & agency #6 Analytics: data graphs/charts

HOUSE OF WORSHIP SAFETY SEMINAR The Troy Police Department in partnership with the Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association (MVCPA) is excited to announce a free safety seminar for Houses of Worship. The training is on Saturday, March 10th, 2018, from 1pm-3pm at The Crystal Room in Troy, 845 W Market St. This will be a general overview about critical incidents in Houses of Worship meant to encourage the thought process of where your organization is and where it may need to be regarding church security during critical incidents. This training is great for pastors, church staff, ushers, church leadership, etc. Class size is limited and, in the event capacity is reached, another class can be held to accommodate at a later date. See the attached flyer and register at For more information, contact Ptl. Misirian at 937-339-7525 ext. 1423.

IT'S CRIME TIME! On Friday, Jan. 19, at 10:38 PM, a business on N. Market St. was broken into. The male suspect appears to be in his teens or early 20's and wears dark-framed, round glasses and a camouflage coat. If you recognize the suspect or have any information, please private message us here. Thanks!

JURY DUTY PHONE SCAM HITS TROY You: "Hello?" Scammer: "Hi. This is Sgt. Jones with the Miami County courts. You missed jury duty and will be arrested if you don't send us pre-paid credit cards in the amount of $xxx to satisfy your fine." The jury duty phone scam has been around for years but has been making a come-back recently. A Troy resident recently received a call similar to the above. With today's technology, the scammer can even "spoof" the caller ID to appear to be coming from a legitimate source, such as the courthouse. If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately. You can call 937-440-9911 to report the call.

NEW TROY PD SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER PAGE We have created a page for our school resource officers (SROs) to bring information, current events and conversation relevant to our schools, students and families. Please LIKE and FOLLOW our page!

WANT TO BE A TROY POLICE OFFICER? If you want to make a difference in your community and have a great career, become a Troy Police Officer. Application packets are now available and need to be returned completed by Friday, February 9, at 5 PM.

BOIL ADVISORY- See below for locations in Troy.

DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE ON MONDAY, JAN. 22! Find out what it means to be a bicycle-friendly community by joining Bike Miami Valley for an evening of great discussion. Ask experts your questions about riding a bike or driving a car next to someone on a bike. Staff from Bike Miami Valley will do a short presentation at 6 pm. The program runs from 6-8 pm at First Place Christian Center, 16 W. Franklin Street. All are welcome. Free giveaways while supplies last.

REMEMBERING THE LIFE AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. TODAY Bundle up and come out to the events this morning in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Be cautious if out driving. The march starts at 9 AM and travels from the SW quadrant of the square (Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company) to the police department. A 10 AM gathering at First United Methodist Church, 110 W. Franklin St., will follow.

THANK YOU, TROY CARSTAR! Troy CARSTAR was the first local business of 2018 to make a very generous donation to our DARE/Juvenile Education program. The donations from local businesses and residents help fund our summer youth programs, such as Safe-T-Town, Be a Better Biker Camp and Crime Scene Camp, and enable us to provide these programs to the youth of our community for free.