Germantown Police Department

  • Agency: Germantown Police Department
  • Address: 12102 State Rte 725 W, Germantown, 45327 OH
  • Chief: Roy W. McGill Jr. (Chief of Police)
Phone: 937-855-7215
Fax: 937-855-4897

Germantown Police Department is located at 12102 State Rte 725 W, Germantown, 45327 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Roy W. McGill Jr.. The Germantown Police Department phone number is 937-855-7215.

Germantown Police Department News

*************************************Update****************************************** Daisy has been located and returned to her home, happy and healthy. Thank you for all the help in getting Ms. Daisy back to her people. *************************************************************************************** Lost Dog Daisy - 10 month old female Basset hound (brown, black, and white coloring) - went missing from the 400 block of Farmersville Pike. Owners request any help in locating her. If you locate Daisy or know someone who found a dog matching this description please either contact the owner or contact the Germantown Police Department 937-855-6567.

***UPDATE*** Opie has been returned home. Thanks for the help! Found in the area of Circle Dr. on Saturday 4/14/18. Please help us locate the owner. Thank you!

Surveillance footage taken from April 8, 2018 from Kern Drive. Note that the suspect attempts to open two vehicles that happen to be locked before successfully entering an unlocked vehicle. If you have any information on this suspect, please contact Germantown Police at 937-855-6567. Again, we would like to reiterate that it is necessary for everyone to lock their vehicles.

We are seeing another surge in unlocked vehicles being trespassed into, and some of these vehicles have had items stolen from them. We are investigating and have upped our patrols in the areas effected. As of right now, we do not have any suspects. We encourage you to lock your car doors and close your garage doors especially at night. Locking up does deter theft.

THEFT SUSPECT - There have been recent thefts from unlocked vehicles in the city over the past week. Last night, The Reserves plat was the latest area targeted by the suspect(s). Below is a photo of an unknown white male attempting to open car doors on Kern Dr. at approximately 1:00am on 3/12/2018. If you know who this person may be, please contact the Germantown Police Department at 937-855-6567. Please remember to ALWAYS lock your car doors and take your personal belongings into your home. This does greatly help deter theft from happening.


ATTENTION: Police station’s toilet seat has been stolen..... .....We have nothing to go on.

🚨Please be advised The City of Germantown has a new warning siren. There will be city wide testing sometime between now and March 1st of all sirens. Please contact the Germantown Fire-EMS with any questions🚨 Please share with friends.

Honoring fallen Officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli of Westerville PD

The Germantown Police Department stands with Westerville PD as two of their heroes were killed in the line of duty today. Chief Morbitzer, know that we are with you all. "And maybe remind the few if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak."

***UPDATE*** The boys have been returned to their owner. Thanks for the help! These two good boys were found on Kathy Ct. Please help us locate their owner.

***UPDATE*** Both dogs were returned home. Thanks for the help! These two were found at the intersection of Butter St and Colonial Circle. Please help us find their owner.

***UPDATE*** She has been returned home. Thank you for your help! This beautiful little girl was on N. Main St. Please help us return her home.

Merry Christmas, Germantown. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

This little fella was found near the intersection of Gibraltar Dr and Butter St. Please help us locate his owner. We will keep him at the PD until Animal Resource Center (ARC) arrives to take care of him.

***Fraud Alert*** Germantown Police Dept. was just made aware that unknown person(s) are calling residents of the city and asking for them to donate money to the Germantown Fire Dept. and EMS. These subjects are calling from an unknown phone number and are asking for people to mail them a check, with minimum amount being $50. These unknown subjects are not authorized by the Germantown Fire Dept., EMS, or City of Germantown and will, most likely, not give the money they are asking for to the Germantown Fire Dept. If you feel you have been victim of this fraudulent scheme, please call the Germantown Police Department at 937-855-6567.

***UPDATE*** "Boomer" has been returned to his owner. Thanks for all the help! Please help us locate the owner of this big guy. He was found near S. Walnut St. & Sunset. He's very nice and just wants to go home.

Please be on the look out for "Zoe".

***UPDATE*** Owner found. Thank you! This little guy was found on Farmersville Pk. Please help us locate the owner. Thank You!

On 10/9/2017, Officer Brooks Thompson was sworn in as a Part-Time Officer and Officer Anthony Mountjoy was sworn in as an Auxiliary Officer. Officer Thompson is a graduate of the Greene Co. Criminal Justice Academy and a veteran of the US Army. Officer Mountjoy comes to us from Aberdeen PD, is also a graduate of the Greene Co. Criminal Justice Academy and is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. Congratulations to you both!

We have had some concerns regarding the Germantown PD Speed Trailer not working properly. The speed trailer battery is solar powered. Unfortunately, in the recent week, there has been too much rain, and cloud cover which has caused the battery to run dead. The solar panel couldn’t recharge the battery as quickly as the power was being used. This is a common side effect of using solar arrays to charge batteries, and charging is always a slow process. Once the battery has been fully charged again, the unit will be turned back on and will be fully functional again.

Congratulations to Officer Randy DeVilbiss being awarded the title of Patrolman First Class (PFC.). PFC. Devilbiss has served our Dept since December 2010 as an Auxiliary Police Officer, and since 9/25/14 (almost 3 years to the day) as a Part Time Patrolman! PFC. Devilbiss has shown exemplary performance in his duties as Court Transport Officer. **Pictured are Chief McGill and PFC. Devilbiss.**

Crime tip to avoid Identity Theft: Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. It affects about one in four people. Question: How many people shred all mail that comes into your home before placing it in the trash? If you don’t shred your mail, you provide identity thieves with key information to steal your identity, such as: Your full name – including your middle initial, which is extremely important to thieves. It makes it much easier to track down who you are. Think about the information that you throw away: Medical bills have tons of personal identifiers. Bank statements – these provide account numbers and balances, which makes the thief sound legitimate when they’re obtaining credit in your name; Privacy statements from your banks or credit cards – now the identity thief knows where you bank; Discarded checks - contain your bank information and checking account number. The ultimate find for identity thieves! Discarded utility bills Identity thieves, especially meth users are notorious for foraging through peoples discarded trash in order to locate your personal identifiers. INVEST IN A GOOD SHREDDER!

The City of Germantown Police Department recently awarded several officers with the following medals: Distinguished Volunteer Service Medal 1. OFC. AJ Peter 2. OFC. Matthew Portner 3. OFC. Joseph McGough 4. OFC. Tyler Smith 5. OFC. Joshua Gierek Police Shield Medal & Police Commendation Medal 1. PFC. Ryan Wright - for work in TCSU task force Police Commendation Medal 1. PFC. Lawrin Demo - Recovered a stolen car 2. PFC. Michael Hammond - Recovered a stolen trailer & riding mower Lighting Arrest Medal 1. PFC. Michael Hammond - Arrest of a man with a nationwide drug warrant Police Achievement Medal 1. Sgt. Nathan Wale Auxiliary Officer of the Month for Summer 2017 1. OFC. Ben Knipp - July 2017 2. OFC. Brooks Thompson - August 2017 Commander's Challenge Coin 1. PFC. Lawrin Demo - Large Heroin drug seizure Police Shield Medal 1. Major Matt Burns - Robbery investigation and prosecution 2. Det. Ryan Sarver - Robbery investigation and prosecution 3. Det. Bob Johnson - Robbery investigation and prosecution Patrolman First Class Award 1. PFC. Lawrin Demo 2. PFC. Michael Hammond Life Saving Medal - (This includes 8 incidents involving the below 15 officers at 8 different locations) 1. PFC. John Rieder (Narcan used) 2. Sgt. Nathan Wale (Rescue CPR) 3. PFC. Ryan Wright (Narcan used) 4. PFC. Ryan Wright (Narcan used) 5. PFC. Michael Hammond (Rescue CPR) 6. Cpl. Jason Mowery (Rescue CPR & Narcan used) 7. PFC. Lawrin Demo ( Rescue CPR) 8. PFC. Brian Stewart ( Narcan used) 9. PFC. Ryan Wright (Narcan used) 10. PFC. Lawrin Demo (Narcan used) 11. Major Matt Burns (Narcan used) 12. PFC. Brian Stewart (Narcan used) 13. PFC. Matt Portner (Narcan used) 14. Sgt. Nathan Wale (Rescue CPR) 15. PFC. Ryan Wright (Narcan used)

On behalf of the City of Germantown Police Department (Ohio), I offer our deepest sympathy & heartfelt prayers for the family and fellow Officers of this fine young Police Officer Brittany Frazier, of the Mt. Juliet TN Police Department. May she be always & forever with The Good LORD and in HIS loving care. -Chief Roy W. McGill Jr., Germantown PD, (Ohio)