West Carrollton Police Department

  • Agency: West Carrollton Police Department
  • Address: 300 E. Central Ave., West Carrollton, 45449 OH
  • Chief: Rick Barnhart (Chief of Police)

West Carrollton Police Department is located at 300 E. Central Ave., West Carrollton, 45449 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick Barnhart. The West Carrollton Police Department phone number is (937)859-3688.

West Carrollton Police Department News

***Police Officer Announcement***

West Carrollton Police Department joined Dayton Progress for their annual picnic on August 5, 2017. Thank you, Dayton Progress, for the invite! Here are a few photos from the event!

National Night Out was a lot of fun and a huge success! Thank you to our donors and volunteers: West Carrollton Parks and Recreation Wilson Park Pool Lifeguards West Carrollton Fire Department WCPD Explorers Post #433 Target Meijer Office Depot West Carrollton YMCA Ele Cake Co. Valor Martial Arts Southside Drive Thru Intestate Drive Thru Ameristop J&K Food Mart All State Donatos Dominos Marcos KFC Xandra Daigle A HUGE thank you to Scott Hall for providing music and entertainment!

Join us for National Night Out at Wilson Park Pool on August 1, 2017 from 6PM-8PM. Enjoy FREE food, swimming, music, games, face paint and giveaways! We look forward to seeing you there!

Join us for National Night Out at Wilson Park Pool on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 from 6PM-8PM. Join us for an evening of fun by enjoying FREE food, music, swimming, face painting, games and give aways!

We had a great time during the "Pizza with Police" event at the Centerville Park Apartments. We would like to say thank you to Centerville Park for hosting the event and to all the residents that came out to enjoy some good food and fun times with your police department.

Come join us for pizza and donuts at Centerville Park Apartments June 17th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. See you there!

Some great information concerning upcoming community events along with how to become West Carrollton Police Explorer. https://mvcc.viebit.com/player.php?hash=hLwpdAGmgsIl

The members of the entire West Carrollton Police Department would like to congratulate Officer Ron Jensen on his recent retirement. Ofc. Jensen served the citizens of West Carrollton for nearly 23 years. Prior to his service at the West Carrollton Police Department, Ofc. Jensen worked for the City of Sidney Police Department as well as for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Thank you for your time served and enjoy your retirement.

To honor the men and women who have given their lives for their communities, President John F. Kennedy declared the day of May 15th as National Police Memorial Day, and the week in which it falls to be recognized as National Police Week. In February of 1983, Officer Fred Beard of our department was killed in the line of duty as he attempted to apprehend two robbery and kidnapping suspects. In honor of Officer Beard, the men and women of our department placed a wreath next to his name on the wall at the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. Officer Beard’s sacrifice, along with all the others, will never be forgotten.

The West Carrollton Police Department is now accepting registration for the 2017 Citizens Police Academy. The academy is a ten week program that will meet on consecutive Thursday evenings beginning on August 24, 2017, and run through October 26, 2017. Participants will learn about many aspects of police work while also getting to know members of their local Police Department. Contact Sgt. Flynn at (937) 859-3688 or email aflynn@westcarrollton.org to register.

WANTED!!! Do you know someone that is interested in becoming a police officer? The West Carrollton Police Department is currently looking for dedicated young men and women to join their Explorer Program. West Carrollton Police Explorers work directly with officers of the West Carrollton Police Department during their daily duties. The Explorer Program is designed to educate and involve young men and women in police operations by giving them the opportunity to work closely with sworn police officers. Members must be between the ages of 14 and 20, with a good grade point average and a good discipline record in school. Explorers are given the opportunity to accompany police officers during duty hours by participating in ride-alongs. Each explorer receives orientation training and explorer uniforms. If you are interested in applying to become a member of the West Carrollton Police Department’s Explorer Program, contact the Post Commander, Officer Bobbie Selmon at (937) 859-3688 or email bselmon@westcarrollton.org.

Burglaries – how to avoid becoming a victim This post examines burglaries from two perspectives. The first part examines what might make your property appealing to the burglar. The second part of the post looks at the steps you can take to make your home less interesting to a burglar. In 2013, the University of North Carolina / Charlotte conducted research of 422 burglars to ascertain why they chose certain properties to burglarize. Here are some of their findings. Burglars look for/consider; - Locations where no one around, and there are few, if any, people in close proximity - Signs of an alarm system, dogs, cameras or other surveillance equipment - 83% said they would look for an alarm system prior to the burglary - 60 % said they would move on to some other location if they detected an alarm system - The majority enter open or unlocked doors or windows or force open doors or windows - 41% stated the burglary was not planned but a “spur of the moment” event Up to 88% of the burglars questioned stated that they committed the burglary in order to get money and/or money for drugs. How to make your property less of a target; - Burglars don't want to be seen or heard. They avoid breaking glass or a door to enter and they look for bushes or other foliage to prevent them from being seen. - Use high quality / high security door locks, especially dead bolt locks - Use or install keyed window locks - Consider an alarm / security system - Install good lighting systems - Get to know your neighbors and patterns of behavior - Have mail/newspaper stopped if away from the home for any length of time - Plants, bushes or trees should not obstruct windows or sight lines These are only a few of the reasons burglars select certain properties and how you can make your home less of a target. A member of the West Carrollton Police Department would be happy to provide a personal assessment of your home or business. If you would like an officer to assist you in this area just call Sgt. Mike Hanks at 937-859-3688.

On March 28, 2017, two officers, as well as two citizens were honored before city council. Ofc. Stomps was sworn in as the newest member of the West Carrollton Police Department after successfully completing a vigorous, several month field training program. Ofc. Stomps began his career with the West Carrollton Police Department in September of 2016 and after completing his training, has been assigned to dayshift. Ofc. Harper received recognition as the department's Employee of the Year for the year 2016. The Employee of the Year is recommended by the members of the department for an act, achievement or series of events in the previous year. Lisa Staam received a Citizen Recognition Award for her act in helping to save a male's life who was unconscious and unresponsive while in a vehicle, and appeared to be in need of medical attention. Lisa performed CPR on the male until help arrived on scene. It was found the male was suffering from a heroin overdose and her actions were responsible in helping to save the man's life. Carl Sucummel received a Citizen Recognition Award for his years of service with the Miami Valley Communications Council. Carl has spent an undetermined amount of hours preparing videos, Powerpoint presentations and training sessions for not only the City of West Carrollton, but for numerous other cities in the area. We are honored to recognize Ofc. Stomps, Ofc. Harper as well as Lisa and Carl. Congratulations! You may see the entire ceremony video by clicking the link below: https://mvcc.viebit.com/player.php?hash=G48AiYvfysDM

February 16, 2017 marked 34 years since the death of Ofc. Fredrick J. Beard. Ofc. Beard was a patrolman with the West Carrollton Police Department who was killed in the line of duty while responding to a robbery type call. Ofc. Beard will always be remembered.

***SHARE THIS POST*** “Can You Hear Me Okay” Phone Scam One of the more popular telephone scams is the one in which the caller simply asks you if you can hear them clearly. The caller, pretending to be from a multitude of businesses or government entities, quickly identifies themselves and in the same sentence asks you if you can hear them satisfactorily. The call is usually a recording in which the scammers are only interested in your one word response of “YES”. The scammers will record you as you tell them yes and then use that to try and convince others that they are acting as a third party on your behalf. They do this in hopes of gaining access to a myriad of your financial or credit information. These calls can come from any location however, one such call that was placed on January 31st originated from the Columbus, Ohio area and the listed number was 614-369-3680. We recommend that you do not answer any calls that involve any number you do not recognize. The best thing to do if you answer such a call is to not say anything and hang up. Call your local police department and/or the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office to advise them of the call.


Several members of the police department participated in "No Shave November" this year for a cause. The members who chose to participate were allowed to grow a beard, goatee or mustache with a money donation that would later be given to a local charity. The money raised this year was given to the non profit organization called Pirate Packs, who are affiliated with the West Carrollton Schools. The donation was presented this morning at the police department.

As Winter quickly approaches and the mornings become frost bitten, the police department would like to caution all citizens from starting and or leaving their vehicles running and unattended. Doing so, opens up the opportunity to become a victim of theft or other type of property crimes.

WEST CARROLLTON POLICE DEPARTMENT K-9 INDUCTED INTO THE OHIO POLICE K-9 MEMORIAL Nero, West Carrollton Police Departments former K-9 will be inducted into the Ohio Police K-9 Memorial this winter. Nero began serving as the department’s K-9 from 1991 and retired 1995. During this time Nero made numerous apprehensions of individuals as well as recovering a multitude of items of evidence. One of Nero’s most noteworthy apprehensions was of an individual that had escaped custody from a local hospital who had been arrested for domestic violence. Nero apprehended the escapee after having tracked him for several miles, traveling through highly populated neighborhoods and heavily traveled roadways. Nero was also responsible for recovering tens of thousands of dollars of stolen items over the course of his career. Many people still remember Nero for the demonstrations that he performed for local groups or organizations. The Ohio Police K-9 Memorial is currently under construction and will be located in the Village of Amelia, which is close to Cincinnati. The memorial will honor the K-9’s who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, as well as those who have retired, passed away or who are currently serving their communities. You can find the Ohio Police K-9 Memorial at: ohiopolicek9memorial.com