Cardington Police Department

  • Agency: Cardington Police Department
  • Address: 215 Park St, Cardington, 43315 OH
  • Chief: Robert Huston (Acting Chief of Police)

Cardington Police Department is located at 215 Park St, Cardington, 43315 OH. The Acting Chief of Police of the department is Robert Huston. The Cardington Police Department phone number is 419-864-8888.

Cardington Police Department News

April 28, 2018

Our thoughts are with the Westerville PD , family, friends, and the community that's been impacted.

I want to reach out to everyone in the community and say "Thank You" for all the support I have received from local residents and local businesses with the summer program for the kids this past year. Throughout the recent months, I have received donations in the form of gift cards and cash totaling $1000. After my shift was over this morning, I went to Meijer in Marion and used those donations to purchase toys which was then donated to Suz-E-Q's to be made available to local families in Cardington and the surrounding area for the holidays. Only with the support I received from you, was this made possible!! Officer Jason Kiefer Please 'like' and 'share so we can let as many people as possible know of all the good that has happened here throughout this past year.

We had another GREAT turn out with the kids yesterday. I want to give a shout out to Anchor Preservations, Troy Ruehrmund and his crew on putting together a great and fun time for the kids. They filled themselves up on hamburgers, hotdogs, Gatorade and enjoyed the sidewalk chalk, bingo and corn hole!! (I know I did!!) Thanks again guys!!

The Police Department received another $50 donation from a resident to help with our kids activities!!! Thank you Cardington!!! Officer Jason Kiefer

Great turn out this week for the kids at the park! Special thank you to Pirates Cove for providing the food!!!

Cardington Market will be sponsoring the meal for the kids in the park event tomorrow. They will be providing the kids with bagged lunches. All kids are invited to come at 6:00 pm and enjoy the food and games!!!!

I walked into our office yesterday and found all of this sports gear setting on our desk. Everything you see here was donated to us to help support our activities with the neighborhood kids. Thank you so much to the St. John Lutheran Windfall Church for getting my day off to a great start!!!!

I was on vacation last week and I came back to find that a local church and an individual made a $100 donation each to help support the kids activities. What a great thing to come back to work to!!! Also, this weeks meal will be supplied by the Pizza Barn at 6:00 pm. All local kids are welcome to show up and enjoy!!!

We had another great turnout yesterday at the park for the kids!! 20 kids showed up for food and fun. Next week, Subway will be sponsoring the event and providing the food.

Reminder: This coming Wednesday June 7 at 6:00-7:00 pm we will again be having food and activities in the park for the kids. All kids are welcome.

I would like to thank the local resident who went out and purchased this tub full of toys for the kids to enjoy during our Wednesday activities. It was a great surprise to find when i came in!!!!!! Officer Jason Kiefer

May 31st will be the first Wednesday that we will be having activities in the park for the kids. A local resident will be providing the food. We will be having shredded pork sandwiches, popcorn, cookies, bananas and a juice box for the kids to enjoy. All kids taking part, will need to get a ticket when they show up for a meal!!

The Police Department has received another $50 donation from the Cardington Athletic Boosters to help support our kids activities!!!!

The Cardington Police Department would like to send condolences to the Kirkersville Police Deparment and Family of Chief S. Eric Disario. All of you are in our hearts and prayers.

The Cardington Police Department received yet another donation of $50! Everyone's support is appreciated!!!! Officer Jason Kiefer

On Tuesday May 2, The Cardington Police Department received a $100 donation from a Morrow County resident to help support our kid activities this summer! Officer Jason Kiefer

The Cardington Police Department is reaching out to the community asking for any information regarding a recent crime. On March 29, 2017 between the hours of 10:30pm - 11:00pm, a female was a victim of a forceful sexual assault. The suspect approached the female from behind, forced her to the ground and assualted her. He was last seen running northbound towards the Heimlick park area. He was wearing a dark colored zip up jacket with a hood and basketball style pants. Anyone having any information regarding the suspect is asked to get in touch with Officer Jason Kiefer at 419-864-8888 or by email at You will not be asked for your name. Chief James Wallace

The Cardington Family Dental approached the Police Department Wednesday with a generous donation of $175 dollars in Subway gift cards for our kids program!!!!! Big Smiles from the Police Department!! Officer Jason Kiefer

The Cardington Police Department recently received an amazing donation from Cardington Yutaka Technologies in support of our simmer kids program. I received $300 dollars in Meijer's gift cards to be put towards our activates!!! Thank You CYT!!! Officer Jason Kiefer

A big shout out to the Cardington resident who made a $100.00 donation to the Police Department to help fund the activities for the kids this summer!!! Thanks so much!!! Officer Jason Kiefer

Again this year, the Cardington Police Department will be working with local businesses and churches to furnish meals and other fun activities on every Wednesday this summer for the local kids in the Village. The first activities will be on May 31, 2017 starting at 6:00 pm in the park shelter next to the Municipal Building with the last day being in October. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring on the Wednesday events can sign up at the Cardington Police Department starting Monday May 8th at 3:00pm. Anyone who would like to support this venture in another way can also make a donation. Sport gear donations for the kids would be great. Or if you would like to set up games or other activities for the kids on these days that too would be appreciated. The Police Department also has a Subway card that is kept at our local Subway. Monies added to the card would be used to feed the kids throughout the year. Anyone having questions can contact Officer Jason Kiefer at the Police Department through the week or by emailing him at Thank You Chief J. Wallace