Put-In-Bay Police Department

  • Agency: Put-In-Bay Police Department
  • Address: 431 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, 43456 OH
  • Chief: Ric Lampela (Chief of Police)
Phone: 419-285-4121
Fax: 419-285-2515

Put-In-Bay Police Department is located at 431 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, 43456 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Ric Lampela. The Put-In-Bay Police Department phone number is 419-285-4121.

Put-In-Bay Police Department News

The Put-In-Bay police department needs your help in locating the owner of this friendly dog. This dog was discovered walking near Airline Dr by a good citizen. If you know the owner of this dog please contact the Put-in-Bay police department @ (419)285-4121.

The 9th annual cardboard boat race. What a great time watching cardboard boats race to the finish.

If anyone knows (shirtless) Billy's phone number please let him know we have Jerry again.

Coffee with a Cop event

The Put-in-Bay Police Department is now hiring certified police officers and dispatchers for the 2017 summer season. Officers will start at $14.00 per hour and dispatchers at $11.00 per hour. If you or someone you know is interested please fill out an application on out website put-in-baypolice.org under the employment tab and email it to myself at dondress@pibpolice.com or SGT. Mariano at 907mariano@pibpolice.com

On this day in 1983 Dispatcher Michael Sweeney (Put-in-Bay Police), Sergeant Robert Rigoni (Port Clinton Police), Deputy Bruce Mettler (Ottawa County Sheriff's Office), and EMT/Firefighter Duane Dress(PIBPFD) were killed when the plane they were riding in crashed into Lake Erie. The officers were traveling to assist a police chief on a neighboring island who was suffering a heart attack. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.


Congratulations former Put-in-Bay Police Officer Cruz. We are so proud of you.

If Anybody Is Missing a dog, we have it.

Letter From the chief thanking everyone that helped out during Christmas in July. If we forgot anyone we are truly sorry and thank you for all that you did.

On this, the busiest weekend of the summer, The Put-in-Bay Police Department asks that visitors to our beautiful island remember that people do live here and it is their home. In other words if you wouldn’t do it a home, don’t do it here. We ask that you remember the local and state laws while you are here, particularly open containers, and open containers in a motor vehicle. It is illegal in the state of Ohio and on Put-in-Bay to have an open container, it is also illegal to have and open container of alcohol in a vehicle (this includes golf carts). Open containers, Open containers in a motor vehicle, driving drunk, public drunkenness, public urination and possession/consumption of drugs will not be tolerated. On Put-in-Bay golf carts are motor vehicles, and all traffic laws apply. This includes OVI’S you can and will be arrested for driving a golf cart or car under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There will be a lot of extra law enforcement on the island this weekend including The Ohio State Highway Patrol, The Ottawa County Sheriffs Office, Federal Park Officers, State Park Officers, Ohio State Fire Marshals, Border Patrol, United States Coast Guard, and Air and Marine will be patrolling the harbor and docks We hope you enjoy your weekend on Put-in-Bay. We understand you are here to have a good time but we are also here to do our jobs and keep you safe. Stay safe this weekend and we hope you have a good time safely. Call us at 419-285-4121 if you need any assistance.


We are so sad to hear OCSO K9 Nero passed today RIP.

Please be safe out there, on this Holiday weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGaiYaHQwEo

If anyone is missing this dog, please call the Police station 419-285-4121 update: dog has been returned to its rightful owner. Thank you everyone for the help.

Anytime E's Golf Carts. That is what we are here for.

Both Phone lines are now working

If you need to call the police station please use the 419 285 4121 number. The other line is down for the time being.

Attention all residents and visitors to the Village of Put-in-Bay/South Bass Island. Look out for the villages new signs that will be going up in the near future. These signs were made in an effort to help educate people who might not know these laws and ordinances exist on Put in Bay. The Police department will be enforcing the laws of the state of Ohio and ordinances of the village of put in bay as it always has. If these signs help keep 5 people a day in the summer from getting tickets and keeping the alcohol and noise inside the bars we would deem that a success.

The Put-in-Bay Police Department in conjunction with the Put-in-Bay Chamber of commerce will be holding a series of forums for local business owners, managers and employees. The Chief would like to meet with each group to discuss Put in Bay Police Department and island business involvement addressing our most pressing issues, specifically open containers, noise, and golf cart safety. These Forums will be held in the town hall council chambers May 3rd,4th,and 5th 10am-12pm. Tuesday May 3rd 10AM-12PM will be for Taverns, Restaurants and Retail shop Owners, Managers, and Employees. Wednesday May 4th 10AM-12PM Will be for Motels and B&B owners, Managers and employees Thursdays May 5th 10AM-12PM Will be for all mass transportation Owners, Managers, and Employees

This is why we do the job. Happy Easter From PIBPD

Special thanks to DC Moto in North Ridgeville for outfitting our new Police Cruiser https://www.facebook.com/DCmotobike/