Crooksville Police Department

  • Agency: Crooksville Police Department
  • Address: 98 South Buckeye Street, Crooksville, 43731 OH
  • Chief: Robin Zinn (Chief of Police)
Phone: 740-982-2666
Fax: 740-982-2945

Crooksville Police Department is located at 98 South Buckeye Street, Crooksville, 43731 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Robin Zinn. The Crooksville Police Department phone number is 740-982-2666.

Crooksville Police Department News

Great job guys!

Crooksville Police would like to thank Bill Dennis for the amazing donations of bicycle' s for the Crooksville Easter Egg Hunt. It is amazing to see all the people who come together to help support events like this for our youth

Don't miss out

There is a Flood Watch for our area until Sunday at 7 a.m. Please keep your eye's open for ponding on the roadways and do not drive through the flood water.

1-13-18 was contacted my circle k in Crooksville. While the kids were out making there winter snow money shoveling sidewalks they located a hypodermic needle in the parking lot. I Ofc Carr was able to get it secured before anyone got stuck.

We are at a level 2 stay off the roads if you can. Ice is bad out.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, let's make 2018 the best year we ever had. TOGETHER Thanks you,, CROOKSVILLE POLICE

Thank you Crooksville Street Department for all your hard work cleaning snow off streets. Everyone be careful it is slick outside. Drive safe. Crooksville Pd.

At 6am this morning while on Patrol, Ptl. Bell and I were doing business checks in Crooksville and Roseville and noticed a car sitting beside the Roseville Library. The tags were expired and the female in the driver's seat was suspended and had a warrant. Female was arrested and car was handed over to proper owner.

So when I Ofc. Carr got off duty in Crooksville today, I got to witness a true gift. A resident who wishes to remain anonymous asked me to drive him around Crooksville to help random people with Christmas. Once we found people we thought could just use some help for the holidays, this resident gave them all 50.00 bills. What a great person. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

What a great group of guys. I Joey Carr am so proud to get to serve with these guys. Thank you Crooksville and Roseville for all you let me talk you into

2017 Sgt. Alexander helping with Trunk or treat

Roseville and Crooksville Police Department 2017 shooting qualification

Roseville and Crooksville Police Department training together

What a fun day in Crooksville, our police were able to get out and visit with some of our local businesses. We had some great conversations.

Today Sgt. Alexander and Court Clerk Tracy Payton delivered several full thanksgiving dinners to people within the Village of Crooksville. These dinner were paid for with donations from Tanners Towing and Perry Scrap. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving