Somerset Police Department

  • Agency: Somerset Police Department
  • Address: 100 Public Square, Somerset, 43783 OH
  • Chief: Jeremy VanDermark (Chief of Police)
Phone: 740-743-1803
Fax: 740-743-1105

Somerset Police Department is located at 100 Public Square, Somerset, 43783 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeremy VanDermark. The Somerset Police Department phone number is 740-743-1803.

Somerset Police Department News

Recently Dave McGaughey's home was broken into. Mr. MaGaughey has asked that we post a request that he has written about the incident. The request is as follows: "I am offering a reward for any information which would lead to the arrest of those who burglarized my home the week of Thanksgiving this year. They not only stole cash they also took family mementos. My family has lived and had businesses in he Somerset community for sixty years. Over that period, we have had numerous break-ins at our business where cash and products were stolen. This is the first time I've had my home robbed. It is one thing when money is stolen, but it is something else when family treasures are taken. I lost my wife, Ruth, on April 6, 2017. I was upset when I found the money missing, but when I found that they had taken her wedding rings and other family treasures that went back years in our family I became heartbroken and angry. It is one thing to steal from someone's pockets, it is another thing when you steal from someone's heart. I will pay one thousand dollars ($1,000) cash to anyone who gives me information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of those who committed this crime. You will remain anonymous. I will not disclose your identity. The theft included several hundred $10 rolls of quarters, and over a thousand dollars of the Susan B. Anthony and Presidential dollar coins. The dollar coins were in rolls of $25. You can reach me at 740-743-1837. Thank you, Dave McGaughey" We thank the community in trying to assist Mr. McGaughey in this matter.

The Somerset Police Department would like to recognize Officer Skinner (pictured far left) and Sgt A. May (pictured middle) for their actions on October 16, 2017. Sgt. May and Officer Skinner took it upon themselves to respond to a squad run that they received via EMS text alert. They were not dispatched to the call but decided to see if their assistance was needed. Upon arriving at the scene they responded to an individual with life threatening lacerations to his arm. Officer Skinner and Sgt May applied a makeshift tourniquet made from their ASP Baton and some cloth. They were credited by the Somerset Reading Township Medics for stopping the blood loss and saving the individuals life. Officer Skinner and Sgt A. May were awarded with the Somerset Police Department’s Life Saving Award on November 7, 2017. The Somerset Police Department thanks Officer Skinner and Sgt A. May for their service and dedication to the Village of Somerset.

Does anyone know who this dog belongs to? He was brought to the police department by a concerned citizen. He will be at Masterson's Veterinary Clinic in Somerset. If you have any information contact them at 740-743-1426. Thank you and be safe.

There is a pair of Mastiff-looking dogs wandering up twp rd 37 - up from the high school for the past couple days. The female looks like she had a litter of puppies recently. These are not strays - they look well cared for like somebody's pets. No collars that I could see.

The Somerset Police Department and K9 Dolly would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate her birthday. We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations of school supplies for our local schools.