Aurora Police Department

  • Agency: Aurora Police Department
  • Address: 100 South Aurora Road, Aurora, 44202 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 330-562-8181
Fax: 330-995-6343

Aurora Police Department is located at 100 South Aurora Road, Aurora, 44202 OH. The Aurora Police Department phone number is 330-562-8181.

Aurora Police Department News

It's here. Be careful out there.

We have taken several reports of counterfeit currency being passed at local businesses. Please be watchful for fakes. Take a minute to learn about the security features that are present in authentic currency at the link below. If you suspect you have received counterfeit currency, call us 330-562-8181.

Over the next few days we are expected to experience unusually low temperatures throughout the region. Please take the time to check on friends and neighbors and DO NOT leave pets outside. The coldest wind chills are expected late tonight through Friday morning and Friday night through Saturday morning, with wind chill values from -15F to -24F. Below is a list of warming shelters in the event of a power loss. In the event of a power loss and transportation to a warming shelter becomes an issue, contact your local police department for further advice. Residents can report and get updates on power outages in the following ways: • Call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877). • Text STAT to 544487 for the latest information about an outage you've reported.

This little gem was found roaming near the Lakes of Aurora development and turned into the Aurora Police Department tonight. Please help us find the owner. We can be reached at 330-562-8181

Public Notice The Aurora Police Department is in charge of issuing and revoking solicitor’s permits. Unfortunately, there are certain types of solicitations that do not require an entity to register, nor obtain a permit. These include educational, charitable, religious, or civic organizations. Often times we have entities that solicit donations by going door to door. We can only verify that the entity is a 501(c)(3) organization. We have no way of confirming where your donation goes. Always ask for a receipt. If you feel uncomfortable, we recommend you donate locally to a charity of your choosing. Please share this post with your friends and neighbors


You will be missed, Your Honor.

Thank you for your service!

All of State Route 82 is now open!

State Route 82 is now open near Craddock School.

ROAD CLOSURES UPDATE State Route 306 is open! State Route 82 east of 306 remains closed - there are crews on scene now and we are expecting to have 82 in front of the school open this evening. State Route 82 between Eggleston Road and Townline Road is open only to local traffic due to low hanging wires at Greenview Drive. South Bissell between Walden Drive North and Walden Drive South remains closed.

If you have not already registered to receive notifications, here is link to sign up and receive our emergency notifications via telephone, text, or email.